Looking for the best Hulu movies? Hulu features a great compilation of television shows, movies, and documentaries. Viewers are treated to a collection of great popular movies as well at unknown movies. A high speed internet connection offers any Hulu user the chance to watch their favorite Hulu movies online. These are some of the best Hulu movies.

  1. "The Sign of Four" This choice for the best Hulu movie was released in 1932. It is an installation in the classic Sherlock Holmes story. "The Sign of Four" features Arthur Wontner, Ian Hunter, and Isla Bevan. In this movie Sherlock Holmes must save a kidnapped woman from a killer.

  2. "The Doctor" This excellent Hulu movie was released in 1991. It features William Hurt as Dr. Jack MacKee, Christine Lahti as Anne MacKee, and Elizabeth Perkins as June Ellis. William Hurt plays a doctor who learns what his patients are experiencing following an illness. He ultimately becomes a better person from the experience.

  3. "Under Suspicion" This steamy suspense stars superstars Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman as well as Monica Belluci. Hackman plays a lawyer who is accused of murdering women. Monica Belluci plays his murderous wife. Morgan Freeman plays the suspicious Captain who does the interrogation.

  4. "Showdown" This Hulu movie is another classic. Starring Iconic Dean Martin and Rock Hudson, this western movie is a great choice when watching Hulu movies. This movie features the classic story of two friends. One becomes a sheriff while the other becomes an outlaw. Rock Hudson plays the sheriff who must chase down his outlaw friend, played by Dean Martin.

  5. "Trading Mom" This fun family Hulu movie stars the amazing Sissy Spacek. Released in 1994 this movie chronicles children who are desperate to replace their single mom with a new model. They soon learn that the grass it not always greener.

  6. "Bloodlock" This horror flick features Ashley Gallo as Christine and Dominic Koulianos as her husband Barry. A vampire is unwittingly unleashed by Christine’s husband and his would-be lover Lisa. Throughout the movie the vampire kills character after character. Eventually it is discovered that it was all a hallucination. 

  7. "The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery" This Hulu movie features a younger Brooke Shields as Cyndee. It also co-stars Dylan Walsh as her boyfriend. Shields play a greedy young woman who plots with her boyfriend to rob the bank where she works. They spend the movie attempting to get away with their robbery.

  8. "Blood for Blood" Lorenzo Llamas stars in this violent movie in which he is a husband and father trying desperately to protect his family from a hired hitman and gang violence. Released in 1994, this movie keeps viewers mesmerized right until the ending. This movie is a great example of one of the best Hulu movies.

  9. "In the Electric Mist" Tommy Lee Jones shines in this movie. He plays a detective who investigates a serial murderer. This movie was shot in Louisiana and features a dark undertone. John Goodman plays an excellent mobster in this movie.

  10. "The Sex Monster" The final great Hulu movie stars Mike Binder as a husband who pressures his wife into a threesome. His wife played by Mariel Hemingway becomes obsessed with having sex with women and seduces every woman she meets. Released in 1999 this hilarious movie is a great choice for the best Hulu movie.

-Brandy Willingham