Whether fans of anime or not, the best anime movies for guys are enjoyable by all. Unlike classic American cartoons, anime often feature well-planned characters, a diverse cast, plenty of action and conflict, and in many cases a good ending. Occasionally, a great anime will end with a tragedy, but most have completed storylines and end on a positive note. Psychological thrillers are also popular anime themes in Japan and can be equally popular anime movies for guys in the west as well.

  1. "Akira" Created in 1988, Akira tells of a boy who was secretly experimented on in the 1980's which led to him developing powers. He lost control of the powers which resulted in the destruction of Tokyo in 1988. Three decades later, another boy is discovered with similar powers and this boy, Tetsuo, learns that Akira was cryogenically frozen and is tucked away beneath Neo-Tokyo. The movie is widely available, in Japanese or dubbed in English, and Akira is considered one of the greatest anime movies of all time.

  2. "Ghost in the Shell 2 –Innocence" The anime movie Ghost in the Shell 2 takes place in the future in 2032. The storyline follows a cyborg-detective with a specialized unit of public security who is working on a case involving the a female robot, a gynoid, who slaughtered her owner. The gynoids were created purely for sexual pleasure. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence was featured in the 2004 Cannes Film Festival making it the 6thanimated film to be featured at Cannes.

  3. "Ninja Scroll" Ninja Scroll is set in feudal Japan as a ninja, Jubei, finds himself forced to confront his nemesis. The nemesis, Genma, leads a group of demons and is setting up a coup d’état against the government. The releases of Ninja Scroll outside Japan caused some problems with censorship and the U.S. release was left “unrated” while in Canada it received an R18+ rating. The UK release had nearly a minute cut by the BBFC, but the full version was released in 2004.  Along with Ghost in the Shell 2 and Akira, Ninja Scroll is one of the best anime movies for guys.

  4. "Vampire Hunter D" Set thousands of years in the future, Vampire Hunter D shows the earth’s bleak future, common to many Japanese anime films with science-fiction aspects. Vampires control the planet and humans struggle simply to survive. The film follows a vampire hunter who is asked to kill a specific vampire in order to save a girl from becoming one herself. Though an older film, Vampire Hunter D is a highly-recommended anime movie for guys.

  5. "Perfect Blue" Perfect Blue is a thriller following a retired J-Pop idol (pop singer) who wishes to become an actress. Don’t be fooled by the female-lead in this anime movie! The pop singer-turned-actress, Mima, has a stalker and many of her fans are upset about the career change. Mima comes across a website called “Mima’s Room” that seems to be a diary of sorts and it seems quite familiar to Mima. She is told to ignore it by her manager and she turns her attention to getting a bigger role in the film she’s starting in. She gets her chance, playing a rape victim which leads to difficulty separating reality from the acting role. The psychological aspects of this anime movie make it quite grown up and an excellent anime movie for guys who like thrillers.