Believe It Or Not: Weekly World News Sitcom In The Works
Friday, November 12 by

Fox is developing a sitcom based off Weekly World News. No word yet when they plan to abruptly cancel it.

If Weekly World News Went Hollywood
Wednesday, October 14 by

Just yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that super-agency CAA had signed Weekly World News to its impressive roster of clients. The theory was that the now-defunct fake tabloid publication has a bevy of untapped properties, of which poster boy "Bat Boy" is just one… and that its characters could "give Marvel a run for its money." That remains to be seen.  But will Hollywood greet Weekly World News's freak show with a hearty handshake (artist's rendering above)? Or will WWN be booted out of Tinseltown's glitzy gates faster than you can say "We're stripping Bat Boy of his co-EP credit…"? So, WWN, we're going to do you a favor. Here are our suggestions for spinning the raw materials you already have into box office GOLD! 

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