There are a lot of "Bakugan" episodes available for fans to watch today, with the first one having been created in Japan in 2007. The English version of these episodes first began appearing on Cartoon Network in 2008. "Bakugan" can be best broken down into the following episodes:

  1. New Vestoria episodes. This "Bakugan" series was released in March 2009. It consists of 26 episodes. While this series was officially launched in April on Canada’s network Teletoon, in May it made it onto The Cartoon Network in the United States. The Cartoon Network actually went on to create a special synopsis of all 26 episodes entitled “Marxus Unleashed.” In March 2010, this series was finally unleashed in Japan.

  2. Gundalian Invaders episodes.  This is actually the third in a series done by Spin Master. It premiered in Canada on May 23, 2010 and in the United States on May 29, 2010. The Japanese premiere is scheduled for April 3, 2011. This "Bakugan" series is tied into the online game “Bakugan Dimensions” thanks to the special heat-revealed DNA codes that can be found on the Gundalian Invaders Bakugans.

  3. Mechtanium Surge episodes. This "Bakugan" series launched on February 13, 2011 but wasn’t seen in either Canada or the United States until March 5, 2011. It is the fourth season of "Bakugan." Not much is known about this "Bakugan" episode yet since it is still in production, so viewers will have to wait and see how it unrolls in front of them throughout the 2011 season.

- Brenda Hoffman