Even though the movie debuted back in 1985, don’t take your eye off of the “Back to the Future” cast. Not only did most the movie’s top actors return for the sequels, but they also went on to pursue various television roles. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas Wilson and Lea Thompson are four actors whose careers received a boost thanks to the famous time-traveling series.

  1.  Michael J. Fox. Fox joined the “Back the Future” cast as Marty McFly, the young protagonist who demonstrated resourcefulness, bravery and a dislike for the word “chicken.” Before his time-traveling days, Fox starred on the television show “Family Ties.” Despite his battle with Parkinson’s disease, Fox lends his voice to animated films such as “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.”

  2. Christopher Lloyd. “Great Scott!” Lloyd was also part of the “Back to the Future” cast, starring as Dr. Emmitt Brown. Without the Doc, the movie series would have lack that extra hint of eccentricity. Since his days on the “Back to the Future” cast, he has appeared in movies such as “The Pagemaster,” “Angels in the Outfield” and “My Favorite Martian.” He has also worked as an actor and voice actor for various television shows.”

  3. Lea Thompson. Thompson played Lorraine Baines, Marty McFly’s mother. While in the first movie, McFly helps the past versions of his parents find an interest in each other, in the second movie, Lorraine is unhappily married to Biff Tannen. Beyond the “Back to the Future” trilogy, Thompson starred in “Exit Speed,” “California Dreaming” and “10 Tricks.” 

  4. Thomas F. Wilson. As a member of the “Back to the Future” cast, Wilson played Biff Tannen, the brutish but occasionally cowardly antagonist. In the sequel, he plays a more prominent role as Biff appears more villainous. Wilson appeared in movies such as “Mr. Right” and “That Darn Cat.” Like the other major members of the “Back to the Future” cast, he has also worked as a voice actor for animated television shows.

-Sheldon Reid