If you are a follower of the arts and film, then keeping up to speed on the historical event, Austin Film Festival, is on the top of your to-do list. Arts and film are forever ingrained in American culture, and other cultures all over the world mirrors reflecting history: past, present, and future. If there is a story to be told, filmmakers, screenwriters, or artists will find a way to put it on a screen. One of the most popular venues for creative story telling in the public arena is the famous Austin Film Festival.

The history of this film festival dates back to 1994, when the film festival began to support and inspire young on unknown up-and-coming talent in the film producing world. It holds competitions, provides a platform for networking, scouts for agents, and provides knowledge about the business. It is a film festival for any artist trying to get their foot in the door.

It is set in the city of Austin, Texas. The event boasts of fine entertainment, music, food, and people. It is a celebration for the art of writing, film, and the industry of combining them together in an unforgettable way. Many advanced screenings and independent movies are shown during the festival. Plan on getting tickets for the entire week or stay for a few days. The schedule of events is spectacular every year. If you are a writer and want to be recognized for your work, this is the place to be seen and heard.

Many of the events are open to the public. Film is a priceless art. Artists propel it further by celebrating art and film at events like the Austin Film Festival, and allow us as an audience to continue enjoying the art of film making. 

- Desiree Baughman