"Arrested Development" quotes are popular even though the show only lasted three seasons. Fans still love the off-beat humor that the short-lived series offered, making it a one of a kind in the sit-com world. Off all the quotable lines of the show, ten have been picked as the "Ten Bes Arrested Development Quotes." Get ready to relive your favorite "Arrested Development" moments.

  1. "Hey Brother!" This "Arrested Development" quote comes from the Bluth family's youngest son, Buster. He's known for his strange obsession with his mother, and having that distinctive soft voice. Buster greets Michael with a mysterious "Hey Brother!" during the first season and the greeting stuck, making it a quintessential Buster quote.

  2. "Marry Me!" Tobias and Lindsay Funke's mischievous daughter, Maybe, accidentally lands a hot Hollywood producer job. When asked about her age, as she was only 15 at the time, she would sidestep the issue by playfully shouting, "Marry me!" The joke ran through almost half of the second season, earning it a lasting place in "Arrested Development" quote history.

  3. "I was once voted the worst audience participant 'Cirque du Soleil' ever had." Wayne Jarvis, a Bluth family lawyer is responsible for this "Arrested Development" quote, in an effort to show just how "serious" he can be.

  4. "Pop-pop gets a 'Grisham?" George Bluth Sr. was couped up in the family attic to avoid arrest, and in his boredom brought us this "Arrested Development" quote while pleading with his son to find him some entertainment.

  5. "The world's first analrapist!" This "Arrested Development" quote comes from Tobias's awkward nature as he attempts to explain his title for the world's first analyst and therapist combined.

  6. "No touching!" During George Sr.'s first stint in jail, his family made regular visits which were serenaded by prison guards' constant shouts when George's visitors would accidently brush him. "No Touching" has become a regular "Arrested Development" quote for fans worldwide.

  7. "Annyong!" In an attempt to aggravate George Sr., Lucille adopts a Korean child and mistakenly names him "Annyong" which actually is the Korean greeting for "Hello." This "Arrested Development" quote leads to some confusion when "Annyong" believes family members are constantly greeting him.

  8. "I'm a monster!" In another Buster Bluth "Arrested Development" quote, Buster proclaimed his feelings after being disfigured by a seal, hungry for human flesh. The seal bites off his hand, so he is forced to use a hook, which makes everyone uncomfortable. 

  9. "I've made a huge mistake." Oldest brother, Gob Bluth, begins what is a running joke through many episodes. During his ins and outs with his fiance, Marta, Gob utters one of the most significant "Arrested Development" quotes, which is then repeated by characters throughout the series after they have made a serious misstep.

  10. "There's always money in the Banana Stand!" After all the Bluth assets have been seized, and the family's only remaining income revolves around a tiny frozen banana stand, Michael Bluth and his son burn it down as a protest against the family and its greed. When Michael finally shares what he did with his father, George Sr. informs them that not only was there money to be made by the Banana Stand, but $200,000 in cash lined the walls of the Banana Stand.