American Revolution films tell the tales of how America fought and won its freedom from British rule. These American Revolution films show the hardships of life, the resolve on the American patriot, and the sacrifices made in the name of Freedom.

  1. Drums Along the Mohawk.” During the American Revolution Gilbert Martin (Henry Fonda) brings his bride Lana (Claudette Colbert) to his rugged wilderness farm in the Mohawk River Valley. After the Indians burn the Martin farm, Gilbert joins the local militia to fight the evil forces who leads the Indians against the settlers.

  2. The Howards of Virginia.” An epic story that follows Matt Howard (Cary Grant) through the events leading up to the Revolutionary war, the outbreak of war, his friendship with Thomas Jefferson (Richard Carlson), and Howard’s involvement with the war that effects his family.

  3. The Scarlet Coat.” Major John Boulton (Cornel Wilde) become an witness to intrigue when he intercepts a coded message that leads to the discovery of General Benedict Arnold (Robert Douglas) and his treason. Costars Anne Francis as Sally Cameron and George Sanders as Dr. Jonathan Odell.

  4. “Johnny Tremain.” Based on the 1943 novel of the same name by Esther Forbes, a young Bostonian silversmith’s apprentice Johnny Tremain (Hal Stalmaster) gets pulled into the American Revolution and learns about sacrifice, human rights, and experiences courtship.

  5. Joh Paul Jones.” This Hollywood somewhat factual account of Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones (Robert Stack) beginning with his youth in Scotland, through the American Revolution, and his relationship with Empress Catherine the Great (Bette Davis). Charles Coburn is a wonderful Benjamin Franklin.

  6. 1776.” A very different look at the American Revolution in the days before the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence in the film version of the Broadway musical comedy. Starring William Daniels as John Adams, Howard Da Silva as Benjamin Franklin, Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson, and Blythe Danner as Martha Jefferson.

  7. Revolution.” Ned Dobb (Dexter Fletcher) is drafted into the Army by the iniquitous Sergeant Major Peasy (Donald Sutherland). Tom Dobb (Al Pacino) searches for his son Ned and comes face to face with the realities of American Revolution. The story follows Tom through his experiences with the war. Nastassja Kinski plays Daisy McConnahay. Factually flawed.

  8. The Crossing.Jeff Daniels stars a George Washington at a time in the Revolutionary war where he had lost every single battle and was facing defeat. Washington led his ill equipped tired Army across the Delaware River to Trenton to face the British Army. It was a turning point in the war. Told with great suspense.

  9. The Patriot.” Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), a widower raising his children on a farm in South Carolina, enters the war to avenge the murder of his son Thomas (Gregory Smith) at the hand of the treacherous Colonel William Tavington (Jason Isaacs) and to save his eldest son Gabriel (Heath Ledger). Not factually accurate but is a great look at colonial life and costume.

  10. Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor.” General Washington (Kelsey Grammar) and General Benedict Arnold (Aidan Quinn) are followed through the American Revolution. Washington struggles with victory and Arnold struggles with loyalties and his love for an English woman Peggy Shippen (Flora Montgomery).