The 5 Most Gruesome Deaths In Cinema
Wednesday, April 25 by Steve Silverman

  Murderous, gruesome and horrible deaths are a staple of the movie industry. Some of the most brutal and graphic deaths will stay with movie goers for years after they…

American History X Quotes
Monday, July 25 by Travis Petersen

"American History X" is a powerful film about hate, racism, and redemption, and there are many memorable American History X quotes that illustrate the film's power. The story of an…

Handheld ‘American History X’ Game Will Smash Your Mind
Thursday, May 13 by

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8 R-Rated Movies as Kids Books
Friday, October 16 by

Where the Wild Things Are opens this weekend, and a lot of early reviews are saying that the film is too mature for young audiences… that they've somehow made a children's story into an adult film, thereby alienating the intended audience.Of course, none of this would be a problem if we just exposed our children to R-Rated topics at an early age. We suggest Hollywood partner with children's book publishers to help introduce kids to R-Rated fare as early as the kids can read. Here's our list of required reading:     

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