5 Real World Fails That Need a Movie
Friday, October 23 by

A quick trip over to Rotten Tomatoes will show you that Amelia, which opens this weekend, has a favorable rating of about 20%. For those of you who don’t know, that percentage means the movie sucks on a collective level. But you probably didn‘t need some Tomatometer, scientific as it is, to tell you that. After all, does the real life story of the first woman to not fly around the world sound exciting? Christ, why didn’t they just make a movie about my grandma? She didn’t fly around the world either, but unlike Amelia Earhart, she didn’t have a butch haircut. Plus, my grandma made some delicious pierogi.  All Amelia made was a wrong turn.*My point is this: if for some reason you are going to make a movie about someone who didn’t do something, there are a lot more impressive failures to choose from.  Here are five of them.Marv Levy and the Buffalo Bills – Not Winning Super Bowls

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