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  This Friday, Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell emerges from the depths and into theaters everywhere.  Its star, Alison Lohman, plays Chris, a submissive bank employee who has to grow a pair when a curse is put on her and a particularly douche-y demon tries to… yes, you know… drag her to Hell. Raimi is known for his male muses, particularly Bruce Campbell, but can Lohman become the female Ash?  We've seen the film, and she's got the comic chops, if not the chin. ALISON LOHMAN TALKS DRAG ME TO HELL – Watch more Movie Trailers Where else you've seen her: Lohman got her big break as Angela, Nic Cage's long lost daughter, in Matchstick Men.  She quickly followed that up as a young Sandra Templeton Bloom in Tim Burton's Big Fish, and was the spitting image of a young Jessica Lange, who played the older Sandra.  Look for Alison in the upcoming Neveldine/Taylor-helmed Gamer, with Gerard Butler. Random Quote: The only thing I care about is that I have a strong sense of the character I'm playing. Check out the photos of Alison after the jump.

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