Marley Shelton, Eric Knudson, and Adam Brody Join ‘Scream 4′
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Some new faces have joined the list of characters who may be the recipients or deliverers of stabbings in Scream 4. Adam Brody and Eric Knudson have joined the cast as a cop obsessed with "CSI" and an teenaged expert on horror cliches, much like Jamie Kennedy's character from the earlier films.These additions come with a few subtractions. Lauren Graham and Lake Bell have both left the production. Marley Shelton is stepping into the cop role vacated by Bell. Bell tweeted earlier in the week that she's sad to leave due to schedule conflicts, and that she knows the identity of the killer. I say we hold her down until she tells us. Or just hold her down in general. I nominate me for the job. (THR)

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JENNIFERS BODY SFW Trailer – Watch more Movie TrailersOn Monday, we posted ShockTilYouDrop's Red Band trailer for Jennifer's Body, and today, the theatrical trailer was released online.  This one's noticeably tamer and free of Diablo Cody's trademark "Diablogue" like the soon-to-be-meme, "Smells like Thai food in here. Were you guys f**king?" We're guessing if Fox had allowed a permutation of that line in thisSFW version, it would go something like, "Smells like Thai food in here. Were you guys cooking Thai food?Here are today's top links that make you feel like you do while you're smelling Thai Food:Amanda Pogrell In Scant Clothing (Gorillamask) A Brief History Of Ruined Photos And Photo Bombs (Holytaco) Ricky Gervais Makes Fun Of Ralph Fiennes (Filmdrunk) 20 Freakishly Large Animals (Manofest) A Totally Awesome R2D2 Trashcan (Walyou) Classic Trailer Appreciation: Dodgeball (Pajiba) 7 Classic Star Wars Characters That Totally Dropped The Ball (Cracked) I Guess Creepy Dudes Like Ruining Photos In Japan (Sickpigs) What To Do If You Win The Lottery (Coedmagazine) Miley Cyrus Is Trying To Get You Arrested (Celebjihad) Worst Cars For Picking Up Chicks (Mademan) A Guide To Helping You Win Money From UFC 100 (Cagepotato) What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Moved To Oklaholma (Unreality) 3 Videogame Movies Hollywood Is Going To Eff Up (Asylum) Erin Andrews Takes Ball Off Chin (Bustedcoverage) 15 Awesome Pictures Of A Very Young Beatles Group (Uncoached) Elevator Episode: "Scars" (Elevator) 5 Landmarks In The Evolution Of Animated Porn (Regretfulmorning) Grilly Goat Proves To Be Useful Grilling Accessory (Bachelorguy) Photos Of Denise Milani Never Get Old (Moondogsports)

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