Sex and Violence In ‘The A-Team’ Shocked Mr. T’s Eyelids
Tuesday, June 8 by

Joe Carnahan's directing style (blowing things up punctuated by a character saying, "BOOM!," punctuated by boobs) has foolishly drawn the pity of Mr. T. The original B.A. Baracus saw an advance screening of The A-Team remake and was shocked by how graphic it is. T angrily yelled into a WENN reporter's tape recorder:"People die in the film and there's plenty of sex but when we did it, no one got hurt and it was all played for fun and family entertainment. These seem to be elements nobody is interested in anymore. It was too graphic for me. I've no doubt it will do big business at the box office but it's nothing like the show we turned out every week." Haha. I don't know about you but that quote just sold me on seeing the movie. Mr. T is a natural born salesman whether he tries to be or not. **eats a heaping spoonful of stale Mr. T cereal from 1986**

Actor Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Says That Acting is Gay
Tuesday, June 1 by

Acting is gay, unlike MMA fighting. Nope, nothing gay about MMA.In an interview with the L.A. Times, thespian Quinton "Rampage" Jackson came out of the closet, admitting that "acting is kind of gay." The MMA fighter turned actor went on to say that some experiences while filming The A-Team were a waste of time and ended up sapping his manhood. "Acting is kind of gay. It makes you soft. You got all these people combing your hair and putting a coat over your shoulders when you're cold. I don't want a coat over my shoulders! I'm a tough-ass motherf*cker!" Now, if we read into Jackson's comments, he's basically calling Mr. T, the actor who originally played B.A. Baracus, a homosexual. While we're sure Mr. T is OK with gay, I pitty the fool who claims the T would lie with another man as one lies with a woman. If I were Rampage, I would quit my jibber-jabber before it's too late. (JoBlo)

First Video Glimpse of New ‘A-Team’
Thursday, October 22 by

Typical "Entertainment Tonight" puff piece here, but something worth checking out at the 1:30 mark. Is it just us, or does District 9's Sharlto Copley, who's been cast as Howlin' Mad Murdock, look a whole helluvalot like Dirk Benedict's version of Face from the original "A-Team" series? 

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