The spark of love is kindled in the "Weird" Al Yankovic section.
7 Terrible Movies To See On A Date
Thursday, September 29 by

Nothing kills the mood like misery, violence, and Jennifer Aniston.

‘500 Days of Summer: The Thriller’
Thursday, May 27 by

I Like Scott Productions recut 500 Days of Summer to make it seem as if J. Gor-Lev wants to wear Zoey Deschanel's skin as a suit. When you replace the hipster music with a dramatic score and play it wall-to-wall underneath Levitt's dead-eye stares it does give the film a very Obsessed vibe. The movie with Ali Larter and Beyoncé. Whatever, YOU don't know good cinema.

Monday, August 3 by

It’s been several days now, and I can’t quite get this movie out of my head.  (500) DAYS OF SUMMER is one of those rare films that actually speaks to…

(500) Days of Summer
Wednesday, June 10 by

Director: Marc WebbCast: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Zooey DeschanelSynopsis: Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) grows up thinking that he won’t be truly happy until he finds his true love.¬† Summer (Zooey Deschanel) thinks the opposite. She doesn’t believe in love. However,they both meet each other ,and they do get along quite nicely. But this isn’t a story about love as they do break up eventually. He then tells the story of their 500 day relationship starting from day 1.

Wednesday, June 10 by
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