Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy posing together.
The Melissa McCarthy/Jason Statham Film ‘Spy’ Will Also Star 50 Cent
Wednesday, April 2 by

Talkin’ bout money, homey? He ain’t concerned.

"Fitty! You hot!"
50 Cent Will Produce A Drama On Starz
Tuesday, December 4 by

HInt: It’s not the one with Kelsey Grammer, though that would be fun.

"Alaskan bitches better have my money."
50 Cent To Play An Alaskan P-I-M-P In ‘Frozen Ground’
Wednesday, September 21 by

Somehow Val Kilmer isn’t in this movie.

Whiplash watches a lot of G4
Casting Round-Up: Olivia Munn, Allison Pill, Topher Grace, 50 Cent
Wednesday, May 18 by

Two of these actors will walk and talk for Aaron Sorkin, one will go blind and the other will flow ‘Gently Down The Stream’.

Casting Round-Up: Akerman, Ziering, 50 Cent, Bruce Willis
Wednesday, May 4 by


50 Cent
Robert De Niro To Get Acting Tips From 50 Cent
Saturday, March 26 by

Hopefully this means De Niro will finally learn a thing or two about acting.

50 Cent And Bruce Willis Are In A Movie Together (For Some Reason)
Wednesday, March 23 by

I can’t tell you what rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is doing sharing the screen with famous and reasonably talented actor Bruce Willis, but I know this: it ain’t dancin’.

Try Not To Laugh During The Trailer For 50 Cent’s Cancer Drama ‘Things Fall Apart’
Wednesday, March 9 by

Whoa, Ray Liotta looks thin!

Randy Couture Will Beat Up 50 Cent
Friday, January 7 by

The success of The Expendables has convinced Hollywood that Randy Couture’s ear isn’t too off-putting. In fact, he’s lined up two new gigs.

’13’ Trailer Isn’t Very Mind-Blowing
Wednesday, November 17 by

Here we have a trailer for a film starring Jason Statham, Ray Winstone, Mickey Rourke, and 50 Cent. Surprisingly, it’s not titled Tough Guys Mumbling.

Bruce Willis Has to Work With 50 Cent and Paul Walker In ‘Set-Up’
Monday, November 8 by

Bruce Willis’s steady transition into Vin Diesel is nearly complete. He’s now signed on to star opposite Paul Walker and a rapper in a heist movie. If he surfs on a missile during the next full-eclipse, the transformation will be complete.

50 Cent and John Lithgow to Finally Work Together In ‘Lives of the Saints’
Thursday, October 21 by

We're finally going to get the chance to see master thespians John Lithgow and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson engage in some on-screen tete-a-tete. The two actors have joined Lives of the Saints, along with Meg Ryan, Kat Dennings, and Joe Anderson. The film "tells the intertwining stories of a group of Angelenos seeking redemption for past mistakes, only to find that forgiveness comes from unlikely places."
They were originally considering the title Crash 2 but quickly realized it would be better to trick the audience into thinking this was a totally different concept. My fingers are crossed for a more Cliffhanger Lithgow than a Harry and the Hendersons Lithgow. He won't stand a chance against Fity without his infamous furrowing of the brow. That move stops hearts beating. (Variety)

50 Cent Will Get Thin Or Die Tryin’
Wednesday, May 26 by

The skeleton monster you see in the picture above is the fragile whisp that used to be 50 Cent. The rapper has dropped fitty pounds to play a cancer-stricken football player in the upcoming Things Fall Apart. The film, directed by Mario Van Peebles and written by 50 Cent tells the stor– what? I wouldn't drop $12 let alone a quarter of my body weight for a Mario Van Peebles / 50 Cent collabo.50 Cent lost a lot of weight for his upcoming movie 'Things Fall Apart.' In the movie 50 Cent plays a football player diagnosed with cancer. He dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks.That's weird. Russell Crowe's liquid diet didn't help him lose any weight. Then again, that liquid was cake batter. (This Is 50)

Jones and Statham Opening a ‘Snatch’ Bar
Thursday, February 4 by

Professional big British dude Vinnie Jones is interested in opening a chain of British pubs with fellow Redcoat Jason Statham. In fact, they've been talking about it for some time but their schedules have never let them a lot of time to dig in. Says Jones with rounded vowels:Jay has been working so much and so have I. The pubs will happen. We had a great spot right opposite the pier in Santa Monica. They just wanted too much rent. Me and Jay went to look at it and we had three other investors, all Brits. The mates discussed calling their chain "The Snatch Bar," which would be a decidedly disappointing place to hold a bachelor party. Rather than naked skanks and coeds, the place would be crawling with Australians. **slide whistle sound as erection deflates**This news will undoubtedly be a let down for 50 Cent, who has approached Jones about opening their own chain of English pubs. Jones however, was not interested. Either he felt it would work better in British hands or he and Fitty couldn't see eye-to-eye on the name "In Da Pub." (WENN)

50 Cent’s Got the ‘Before I Self Destruct’ Trailer on Lockdown
Tuesday, October 27 by

Before I Self Destruct Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos  50 Cent can now rightfully don an askew director's cap as he has just released the trailer for his directorial debut Before I Self Destruct. Curtis Jackson aka Fitty aka Mr. Ferrari also stars in the low budget flick where he shows off his acting range (For instance, in some scenes he holds a gun and in others he does not). Beyond that it just seems like inaudible mumbling. And if 50 Cent's albums are any indication, inaudible mumbling sells like hotcakes. The cops is at your Nana's house. Hide out with these links…  10 People That Will Definitely Be On Your Next Flight (HolyTaco) 20 Gruesome Sports Injuries (TotalProSports) Where The Wild Things Are Girl Revealed! (TheChive) Pulp Fiction Sound FX Mashup Is Legit (FilmDrunk) 10 Great Movies You'll Never Watch Again (Pajiba) Amy Winehouse Needs To Mind Her New Breasts (CelebJihad) 15 Zombie Road Signs (Unreality) How To Make Your Own Beer Pong Table (Asylum) Proof That MLS Fans Are Pussies (BustedCoverage) Tribute To Girls In Referee Outfits (RegretfulMorning) Is She Playing Hard To Get? (MadeMan) Win $200 In NASCAR Halloween Costume Contest (AllLeftTurns)

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