Marriage is a complicated ordeal. It is impossible to know whether you have made either the greatest decision of your life, or quite possibly the worst. Of course there are the infamous matrimonies of Hollywood alumni like Elizabeth Taylor and Rudolph Valentino, whose popularity amongst the press allowed the public to perceive them in an almost mythical status. But in cinema there have been some pretty short nuptials too. Here are five movie marriages that are shorter than Kim Kardashian's and should make her feel better.

"A Walk To Remember."

Mandy Moore and Shane West are the unlikely couple who fall in love as teenagers in this 2002 romantic coming of age movie. But when Mandy's character is diagnosed with cancer which ultimately becomes terminable they decide to marry before she dies at the films conclusion.

"The Heartbreak Kid."

Ben Stiller plays Eddie, a man desperate to fall in love, get married and settle down. In his haste, he marries Malin Ackerman's Lila before figuring out on their honeymoon that they are not compatible. Eddie falls in love with someone else and pursues her, ultimately resulting in the failure of his and Lila's matrimony.

"Private Lives."

Noel Coward's famous play from the 1920s was made for film in 1931 and although it is probably best watched on stage, the film highlights how easy it is to rush into a marriage that was doomed to failure from the start. And if you are meant to be with someone, you will end up with them.

"Along Came Polly."

Ben Stiller's second film on the list, but this time he is the man who is left broken hearted when his wife of a few days decides to cheat on him with a beefy scuba instructor played by Hank Azaria. Apparently, she couldn't stand Stiller, much like so many movie-goers who are weary of his "Focker" schtick.

"On Her Majesty's Secret Service."

James Bond has never struggled with the ladies, but in George Lazenby's only attempt at a 007 we actually see Jimmy get hitched. His unfortunate wife is soon murdered by a dastardly villain, leaving James with blood smeared all over his hands.