The 5 Worst Movies of 2010
Friday, November 18 by Joshua Wade
Sequels, Remakes, And Inception: The Summer Movies 2010
Tuesday, October 11 by Andrew Jett

There is something for everyone in summer movies from 2010. The noteworthy actors in these films provide for a wide range of tastes. Whether it is a kid-friendly cartoon, a teen-themed romance…

10 Funny Comedy Movies 2010
Monday, March 14 by Layla Sinclair

These ten funny comedy movies of 2010 provide plenty of laughs. The movies below include buddy comedies, raunchy humor films and romantic comedies that are guy-friendly. If you need a…

10 Best Young Actors 2010
Thursday, March 10 by Sheldon Reid

The best young actors of 2010 are Hollywood’s rising stars, armed with enough talent to command the big-screen. Keep an eye on them as they continue their roads to cinema…

Top 10 Crime Movies 2010
Sunday, February 6 by sameerah blue

Get gritty and sometimes have a few laughs with the top ten crime movies of 2010. The movies that made our list of the top ten crime movies of 2010…

10 Best Action Adventure Movies 2010
Sunday, January 23 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best action adventure movies of 2010 borrowed from other source material, including comic books, novels and classic films. Many older action stars returned, including Sylvester Stallone, while unlikely…

5 Movies With Best Sex Scenes 2010
Friday, January 21 by Mason Kaho

The list of 5 movies with best sex scenes 2010 includes some of the hottest actors and actresses in Hollywood today. Movies are fun and sexy. Movies are even more…

10 Best Movies Released On DVD 2010
Wednesday, January 19 by Jennifer Wright

Great movies are released every year and we await the arrival of their release on DVD, but which movies are the best movies released on DVD in 2010? If a…

5 Best Killers Movies 2010
Sunday, December 5 by William Gish

Though it wasn’t a stellar year for horror films, the 5 best killers movies of 2010 are genuinely good films. From the smokey noir of Australia’s “Daybreakers” to the sweltering…

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