‘Game Of Thrones’ Pulls A ‘Xena’ With 1995 Opening Credits
Wednesday, March 13 by


‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Run Through The Crappy 90’s TV Filter
Friday, March 8 by

This. Is. Awesome.

‘Breaking Bad’ Gets The 1995 Treatment
Thursday, March 7 by

Stay tuned after 7th Heaven for Breaking Bad, a hilarious new family series from the future-writer of Home Fries. Only on the WB.

Funny Movie Titles From The 90’s
Wednesday, March 30 by Nicole Jackman

This list of funny movie titles from the 90's is laugh out loud good. Of course what one person finds funny isn’t always what someone else finds funny. It is…

10 Best 90’s Action Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Tom Gordon

The 10 best 90's action movies are all pretty high-octane stories with plenty of gunfire, explosions, car chases, plane crashes and crazy stunts to go around. All the great 90s…

10 Highest Rated Movies Of The 1990’s
Sunday, February 27 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 highest rated movies of the 1990's includes some of the best films ever made. The 90’s saw an explosion in high-quality animated films, some well-executed…

10 Most Popular Movies In The 90’s
Sunday, February 27 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 most popular movies in the 90's includes some of the most beloved films ever made. This list has everything from animated movies to a horror…

10 Great Adventure Movies From The 90’s
Saturday, February 26 by Sheldon Reid

The 10 great adventures movies of the 90's took viewers on journeys across land, space, and time. In some cases, the protagonists even left the planet behind as they traveled…

10 Best Action Movie Quotes Of The 90’s
Friday, January 28 by Tony Dayton

The 1990's was one of the best decades for action films; therefore, there is a wide range to choose from when compiling a list of the 10 best action movie…

10 Best Action Thriller Movies Of The 90’s
Monday, January 24 by George Root

The 10 best action thriller movies of the 90's became classics that will be watched for many years to come. The 90's was a great decade for movies as the…

10 Best 90’s Movies
Wednesday, November 17 by Yvonne Glasgow

The 10 best 90's movies were a time of grunge rock, and they were the time of cult classics. Many movies from the 90's have achieved the title of cult…

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