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Episode 25

Which TV Character Should Join The Cast Of Fast & Furious 9?

1. @evanbarbarian: Pitch a new animal-human buddy cop TV show. 2. @raulvaderrdz: What 60s or 70s sitcom could be...

0 mins 26 minutes ago

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Which TV Character Should Join The Cast Of Fast & Furious 9?

1. @evanbarbarian: Pitch a new animal-human buddy cop TV show. 2. @raulvaderrdz: What 60s or 70s sitcom could be rebooted for today's...

0min | Aired on 04/25/17


Which TV Character Would Make The Best Jedi Knight?

1. @summoner2100 asks: Which show should get an off Broadway musical? 2. @msinasays: What TV show would be improved by adding time...

81min | Aired on 04/18/17


Which Standup Comedian Needs Their Own TV Show?!

1. What Director/Actor should re-team for a TV show? 2. Which standup comic needs their own scripted TV show (not a stand up special)?...

76min | Aired on 04/11/17


Pitch Us How Jason Blossom Died on Riverdale!

1. @Oreo_Overlord: Which famous TV home would you like to live in? 2. @WoahWowWhy: What show best uses the breaking of the 4th wall? 3....

108min | Aired on 04/04/17


Who Is The Greatest WWE Superstar Of All Time? - Wrestling Fights!

1. @iamthemiggles: What is the most controversial wrestling angle/storyline ever? 2. @WWEJTH1: What is the all time best wrestling...

107min | Aired on 03/28/17


What Is The Worst Comic Book TV Show On The Air?

1. Pitch a show based on an annoying trend 2. What is the best non-American produced TV show? 3. What is the worst comic book show that...

88min | Aired on 03/21/17


What TV Show Has The Best Fake Death?

1. @Oreo_Overlord: What show has the best fake death? 2. Pitch an episode of any TV with a mostly silent episode 3.What TV character...

97min | Aired on 03/14/17


What Celebrity Should Be On The Next Season of DWTS?

1. @mattmolina91: Which episode of The Simpsons should Billy Business watch first to get him hooked? 2. @DaxGlomwell: What is the most...

75min | Aired on 03/07/17


Which TV Character Would Make The Best Bachelor? - BACHELOR FIGHTS!

1. What is the most shocking Bachelor/Bachelorette moment in the show's history? 2. Which TV character would make the best Bachelor? 3....

107min | Aired on 02/28/17


Which X-Men Character Should Get A TV Spinoff?

1. What show should get a LEGO themed episode? 2. Which X-Men character should get a TV spinoff? 3. What show would benefit the most...

90min | Aired on 02/21/17


TV's Best Valentine's Day Episode?

1. @mmkoch200: If you had to pull of a bank robbery , what TV character would you most want as your accomplice? 2. Pick an African...

86min | Aired on 02/14/17


TV Fights Championship Part II: What Was The Biggest TV Betrayal?

1. @mmkoch200: In honor of what happened last week , What is the most controversial ending to a TV show episode of all time ? 2....

96min | Aired on 02/07/17


Who Is The Best TV Character Of All Time? (PART 1)

1. Who is the best TV trash-talker of all time? 2. In honor of the champ throwdown Whats the best rivalry in all of TV history? 3. Who is...

82min | Aired on 01/31/17


What Is The Best Netflix Original Series?

1. Netflix is enjoying success with A Series of Unfortunate Events.What movie should next Netflix turn into a TV series ? 2. What...

101min | Aired on 01/24/17


What Was The Worst Sitcom Of The 90's?

1. What show that takes place on Earth should have a season set in outer space? 2. What show would benefit from using a "24" style season...

82min | Aired on 01/17/17


What TV Character Would Have The Best Standup Comedy Special?

1. What current TV show should be completely rebooted? 2. Who is TV's most misunderstood villain? 3. What TV character would have the...

81min | Aired on 01/10/17


Which TV Character Would Make The Best Babysitter?

1. Who was the best TV villain of 2016? 2. What is the best show that was filmed/broadcast in black and white? 3. Who is the best...

67min | Aired on 01/03/17


What Was The Best Episode of TV in 2016?

1. What is the best New Years episode of a TV show? 2. Which show has the most ridiculous use of "Fake science"? 3. What was the best...

78min | Aired on 12/27/16


Which TV Character Would Make The Worst Mall Santa?

1. @chendango1: Which TV character would decorate the best tree on a budget? 2. What TV Character would make the worst mall Santa? 3....

63min | Aired on 12/20/16


Which Star Wars Character Should Host SNL?

1. @randommagilla: Take a finished series and one that is on now and Pitch your ideal crossover episode. 2. Which Star Wars character...

81min | Aired on 12/13/16


What TV Show Would Make The Best VR Experience?

1. Sons of Anarchy is getting a spinoff pilot ("Mayans MC") at FX! Which supporting character from any Drama should get a spin off? 2....

76min | Aired on 12/06/16


Best TV Grandparent Of All Time?

1. @the_joelster: Best TV grandparent of all time? 2. @reffingmovies: who would be the worst character to sit next to on a 9 hour flight?...

77min | Aired on 11/29/16


Which TV Character Would You Want To Marry?

1. REMATCH: What is the best Thanksgiving episode of any TV show? 2. Pitch a TV series based around a famous musician/band 3. If you had...

85min | Aired on 11/22/16


What is the Best Disney Show of All Time?

1. @Jrspipboy2008: What TV show has the best sex scenes? 2. @geometroid: What dark R-rated movie should be made into a sitcom? 3. What...

77min | Aired on 11/15/16


Which TV Character Would Make the Best POTUS?

1. Who is TV's most endearing underdog? 2. Which TV character would make the best President of the United States? 3.Pitch a gritty HBO...

89min | Aired on 11/08/16