Weeds Season 4 Finale Smokes

Tuesday, September 16 by

Recap: Season 4 Episode 13, "If You Work for a Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?" Nancy screwed up big time and leaves us all a little worried for her safety. She ratted out the Mexican crime boss she loves and got the gay partner of a DEA agent killed. Plus, she forgot to get Silas a birthday gift. But hey, at least she showed her boobs some more.

Cleavage Makes Movie Posters Better

Monday, September 15 by

We think we may have found a revolutionary new way to make any movie poster just that much more eye-catching. Come see for yourself.

Release Date Set For Dakota Fanning Rape Film

Monday, September 15 by

It’s really hard to make a movie where a child star is defiled. So hard it took filmmaker Deborah Kampmeier many years to finally get a release for her Southern Gothic tale Hounddog. Amid boos at press screenings and horrible reviews, the movie hits a few theatres Sept. 19. Here’s a little more info about the controversy surrounding the project.

Bonus Features: Monday Afternoon Link Brigade

Monday, September 15 by

Tonight is the season four finale of Weeds and I am extremely excited. This has been the best season in a while and reports are that Mary Louise Parker gets more naked than ever tonight. 10 PM can't come soon enough.

Monday Mashup: Must Love Jaws

Monday, September 15 by

It's Monday afternoon, so that means it's time for our weekly trailer mashup. This one is amazing, and really shows what a little music, voice over, and re-cutting can do to change the entire feel of a movie. I’ll never look at Jaws the same. Feel free to send us your favorite mashups to

Monday Mashup: Glen And Gary And Glen And Ross

Monday, September 15 by

What if Glen and Gary and Glen and Ross were all illiterates with Tourette's syndrome? It would take the love on one man to teach them to read. This one is just genius, gents, genius. 

Eva Longoria Might Be In The Avengers Movie

Monday, September 15 by

There's a lot of speculation going around today about this photo of Eva Longoria leaving the Marvel offices with a business card and a bunch of comics. It all seems a little too convenient for me, but many people are saying that she might end up playing The Wasp in the upcoming Avengers flick.

New XXX Movie in The Works

Monday, September 15 by

A lot of movies have tried to blend extreme sports with traditional Hollywood shoot-em-ups. But few have been successful. To be fair, the original XXX was a totally absurd movie. But it was also pretty awesome to watch for one reason: Vin Diesel is a badass. And it looks like he's back as Xander Cage once again.

Review: Burn After Reading Doesn’t Ignite

Monday, September 15 by

I really believe that the Coen brothers have to make movies to stay alive. They hatched a deal with the devil sometime around 1979. They have created some of the best film characters of all time whose quirky qualities gain traction with viewers and endear audiences. They can also do exactly the opposite.

True Blood: “The First Taste” Has Blood And Sex

Monday, September 15 by

It’s Louisiana, so everybody has to have a problem. If you’re black you’re also gay. If you work in a Walmart you have a rapier wit and are too smart for your surroundings. If you’re captain of the football team, you’re also a sex addict with a penchant for rough rolls in the swamp. If you’re a trailer park blonde, you’re also telepathic.

The Simpsons Take On Peanuts, Transformers for Treehouse of Horror

Monday, September 15 by

You've all laughed hysterically at the Peanuts vs. Goodfellas mash-up, but according to an interview with executive producer, Al Jean, this year's Simpsons Halloween show will poke fun at The Great Pumpkin as well as the Transformers.

Mad Men: “A Night To Remember” Toasts Heineken

Monday, September 15 by

Marriage is like much like the Cold War. I know, I’m married, and I bought a genuine piece of the former Berlin Wall, fashioned into a key chain, at a gas station in Calais when I was on a French exchange program in high school.

Entourage: “Unlike a Virgin” Sees the Return of Justine

Monday, September 15 by

Recap: Season 5, Episode 2. The Entourage world has been turned upside-down. Drama is still famous and Vince is actually working hard for the first time in his career, only to find out that no one is interested in his services.

My Best Friend’s Girl

Monday, September 15 by

There's nothing more excruciating than knowing your best friend is getting it on with the girl you should be hitting the sheets with, especially if your best friend happens to be Dane Cook. In this anti-rom com, Cook plays a guy who losers pay to treat the girls they love so badly, that they come running back into the pathetic arms.

Review: Righteous Kill Is No Mutt

Sunday, September 14 by

When you're looking for two guys to star in a crooked cop movie, you couldn't really ask for a better pair than Pacino and De Niro. I mean, maybe if you were to land Jesus and Rowdy Roddy Piper it would be close. Does all that star power add up to the best movie ever? No. But, Righteous Kill definitely doesn’t suck. Rating: B-