FNL Recap: The Giving Tree

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Bravo Coach Taylor. Our Panthers won the second playoff game after an eventful week in Dillon, Texas. Many relationship dynamics changed this week, as Julie and Matt were caught in bed together, JD McCoy was caught sneaking out, and Landry finally realized how one-sided his relationship with Tyra was. Lyla’s relationship with Buddy took a turn for the worse as well, after Buddy’s investment of her college fund went sour. It was a great episode of Friday Night Lights, answering some questions while posing a few of its own.

Breaking Bad Recap: Bit By a Dead Bee

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The promise of brief nudity comes to fruition before the opening credits even role when Walter is seen walking around naked in a grocery store. In shock and in the hospital, Walter’s family is relieved to find their cancer stricken patriarch. Walter then takes to lying, giving a bogus story about where he was and covering up his knowledge of Hank’s bloodletting of Tuco from Episode 2. Meanwhile Hank reveals to his superiors that he was busy searching for Walter when he ran into Tuco. This leads his superiors to question Walter and Jesse’s past as high school student and teacher. At Jesse’s house, Jesse and his friend Badger frantically clear out his entire crystal kitchen into the notorious Winnebago. And poof, Badger’s cousin tows away the notorious camper and Jesse thinks he is clean of that part of his life.

BSG Recap: Daybreak, Part 2

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I’ve got a theory, which is mine, and I own it, and my theory is this: no TV show should ever go more than 5 or 6 seasons.   Even the greatest shows begin to lose something after that many seasons, and often start tarnishing what made them great in the first place.  Which is a roundabout way of saying that while Battlestar Galactica has turned out to be my current All-Time Favorite TV Show Ever, I’m still very glad that it’s leaving the airwaves.  I’d rather have 4.5 (or whatever) great seasons than 10 seasons, where the last five were shite.  So while I’m sad that Battlestar Galactica is ending, I’m also happy that they’re leaving while firing on all cylinders.  Of course, “firing on all cylinders,” is just my opinion.  Lotsa folks out there think that this Series Finale was either a misfire, or a case of firing on too many cylinders. I’ve got a theory for that, which is mine, and I own it, and my theory is:  there are three main reasons that people think that a particular Series Finale sucks:


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So, after originally reporting that thespian-rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson would be playing the role of Hale Caesar in Stallone's upcoming star-studded The Expendables, Ain't It Cool News now reports that former San Diego Chargers linebacker and funnyman Terry Crews will be taking on the role. I like this choice, and not just because I know that Terry's unafraid to commit himself to a project, as he's proved by posing nude on a fur rug with only an NBA-endorsed basketball covering his unmentionables.  I also like it because Terry's performance as the President of the United States of America ("President Camacho") in Mike Judge's Idiocracy was the stuff of beauty.  Imagine President Obama channeling Camacho's words:


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Columbia Pictures just released a new set of promotional photos for Terminator: Salvation.  This is looking more and more like Mad Max meets Cyberdyne, and I like it.  More photos for you to click and make all nice n' big (like the handsome one of the blow'd up T-800 exoskeleton one above) after the jump…


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  The first trailer for Sorority Row, the remake of 1981’s The House on Sorority Row, is up and running…for… its… life.  Check it out, and then check out our photo gallery of all the sorority sisters after the jump.  No pressure or anything. 


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I take issue with the word "Bromance."  But I guess it’s better than Brotonic Brolationship. I Love You, Man is a "bromantic comedy."  That’s it.  And I am fine with…


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Cinematical's Elisabeth Rappe just announced that David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will forego the regular DVD release period that normal films get before being deemed a classic, in order to go straight to the gilded library of high society that is the Criterion Collection.  Don't worry, peasants.  The regular release will be available on your primitive studio-released DVD and Blu-Ray, too.  But you'll be missing out on the Two-Disc Criterion's following features:

We’ll Miss You BSG Weekend TV Preview

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While the series finale of Battlestar Galacica may not come with such a hullabaloo as did with the Seinfeld finale, ScreenJunkies can whole heartedly gurantee you it will be a 100x more satisfying send-off. Is BSG one of the best shows in TV history? So get all your nerdlinger buddies over and throw a big viewing party with Battlestar Bento and Battlestar Cocktails and get Battlestar Drunk. BE WARNED–If you have to record it on your DVR, remember that the finale is 2 HRS and 11 MINUTES LONG. All your other favorites on schedule too (FNL, T:TSCC, BB), but dammit, if you have to watch anything this weekend, make sure it's Battlestar. Your preview after the break.

30 Rock Recap: The Bubble

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This newest episode of 30 Rock begins with Liz Lemon telling Kenneth she is ducking up town to have lunch with her boyfriend, Drew. Initially, Kenneth is confused; Liz Lemon doesn’t normally have many boyfriends. But yes, to Liz’s delight, she is still dating Drew. Tracy tells Kenneth he wants jerk chicken and pictures of pregnant women in their bikinis. Kenneth already has these items ready, he always knows what Tracy likes. Jack asks Liz how Tracy’s mood seemed. Jack is negotiating Tracy’s new contract and is a little nervous. Liz walks down the street with her boyfriend. Everyone they pass compliments Drew, including Calvin Klein, who wants Drew to be the next underwear model.


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Knowing, opening today, is a compelling film that walks the line between horror and science fiction – a genre blend right up the alley of director Alex Proyas, who probably gained the biggest notoriety from the cult fave Dark City.  Unlike Dark City, Knowing takes place in the very real world – Melbourne, Australia doubling amazingly as Massachusetts and NYC – and its story drums up a question that’s come to all our minds at some point: does Earthly life have a purpose, or does “sh*t just happen?” 


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By Mark L. Lester, D.G.A.


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In a article on the future of 3-D filmmaking, Josh Quittner – lucky sum'bitch that he is – got to check out some footage of James Cameron's Avatar, due in December.  According to Quittner, "[Avatar] could be the thing that forces theaters to convert to digital."   WETA's VFX is creating an entire world from digital scratch, and Quittner apparently had trouble separating pixels from reality.  Cameron theorized that 3-D viewing "is so close to a real experience that it actually triggers memory creation in a way that 2-D viewing doesn't."  Spielberg predicts it will be the biggest 3-D live-action film ever.  I think that's like saying Louisville has a chance of beating Morehead State in the NCAA Tourney today.Here now, the rest of the news…Tara Reid Starring in The Fields (Dread Central) Little Fockers Likely Gets Smart Director (Variety) New Terminator: Salvation Poster (/Film) Sorority Row Trailer Goes Up (Pajiba)Hanks-produced Agent ZigZag Finds a Writer (Variety)

The Unmanageable Manager

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The new boss for the northeastern branches, successor to Jan and Ryan, comes into the office so Michael can introduce him to his branch to get to know it better, while Jim has to suffer because he wore a tux to work that day to mess with Dwight for being strict about the dress code.  The new boss is none too lenient, though, and starts cracking down on office spending while several office women eye his good looks.  Michael doesn’t like the new boss too much, and pesters David about him.  It’s the shot in the arm this Office season needs, and it’s right after the jump.