A Fanboy Rants: Why Star Trek Will Be Amazing

Tuesday, November 18 by

So now that Abrams and company have finally seen it fit to bestow upon the world the long-awaited Star Trek trailer, we already have complaints sprouting up like little weeds all around the web.

Rose McGowan Is Red Sonja

Monday, November 17 by

Robert Rodriguez is producing Red Sonja and Rose McGowan is going to play the lead. Wait, why is Rose McGowan playing Red Sonja? Oh right, her boyfriend is producing the movie. It’s way easier to land a role if you’re already nailing the person in charge of casting.

Star Trek (2009)

Monday, November 17 by

Studio: Paramount PicturesRating: N/ARelease Date: 5/8/09

Monday Mashup: The Incredibles of Solace

Monday, November 17 by

The Incredibles was the first Pixar movie I saw. It's still in my top 20.

Star Trek Trailer Has High Five

Monday, November 17 by

This is not the same Star Trek that I use to fall asleep during on Saturday nights when I was a young chap. I’m predicting that the world will fight a third war that will be started by autograph hungry Twilight fans and incredibly pissed off Trekkies rioting in the streets. Video after the More.

True Blood ‘To Love Is To Bury’

Monday, November 17 by

Last episode was a tornado of guts and guilt…literally.  Bill was forced into turning an innocent girl into a vampire.  Jason’s vampire buddy was killed by his psycho girlfriend right before his eyes and Sookie was attacked and almost killed by the predator that we can only assumed killed her grandmother and the two other girls, Dawn and Mardette.

Review: Quantum Of Solace

Monday, November 17 by

Face it.  Bond movies aren't high art. They're movie fast food.  You know what you're paying for.  It's huge, loud, and sandwiched in meat.  So to speak.  Remember the 1980s Big Mac? The hot side stays hot, the cold side stays cold.  Well, Quantum was brilliant junk food.  The girls were hot-ass skinbombs; the guys were cold-ass.  It's not Fellini, Wells, or even Scorsese: it's junk food.  So pull up to the second window and get some extra fries. Here's are your grades, class

Mickey Rourke Comeback Continues

Monday, November 17 by

Killshot is the second movie that will feature previously dead actor Mickey Rourke. People are already talking Oscar for his role in The Wrestler. Although you'll have to wait until Jan 16th to see it, Joblo has a new poster.

Entourage ‘Play’n With Fire’

Sunday, November 16 by

 Schadenfreude is a noun meaning satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune. Every time you watch TMZ, or a dumb kid on the internet falling off his skateboard, or your jerk of a boss getting subpoenaed for sexual harrassment–that little smirk you get in all of those situations qualifies for that very German word.

Olga Kurylenko Throws Off Her Bonds

Friday, November 14 by

Quantum of Solace opens today and its expected to smash the weekend box office.  In that case I might just stay home tonight and watch this video of Olga Kurylenko's Maxim magazine photo shoot over and over again and wait for the lines to die down. Check it out.

10 Craziest Elisabeth Hasselbeck Moments

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30 Rock ‘The One With The Cast Of Night Court’

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Hot New Watchmen Theatrical Trailer

Friday, November 14 by

Call me CRAZY, but I’m going to mix things up a little bit and start the day off with a trailer. Everyone is excited about this one. And not without good reason. Watch, and you shall see.

SNL Adds 2 To The Cast

Thursday, November 13 by

Abby Elliott and Michaela Watkins have been added to the SNL cast. Elliot is the daughter of Chris Elliot, making her a second generation SNL performer. I gotta be honest, she doesn’t seem that funny. Video evidence after the MORE button.

Joaquin Phoenix Op Ed

Thursday, November 13 by

The enigmatic Joaquin Phoenix clears up some common misconceptions about his recent decision to quit acting, as well as his career in general.