True Blood ‘I Don’t Want To Know’

Monday, November 10 by

  With only two episodes left, things just seem to get more complicated for Sookie and the people in her life.  I honestly can’t figure out how they are going to end this first season…probably with some lame cliffhanger that will piss everyone off. 

Monday Mashup: Pulp Muppets

Monday, November 10 by

I’m probably late to the party for this one. And even though it’s more like a recut, it’s damn funny.

A Fanboy Rants: The Wachowski Brothers

Monday, November 10 by

Speed Racer is 2008’s biggest box office bomb so far, and as a result, many people have been quick to label it the worst film of the year. Some are even calling it the worst film of all time.  Similarly, we all know that the two Matrix sequels did nothing but disappoint fans.

Beyonce To Play Wonder Woman?

Monday, November 10 by

Riding on the wave of total racial reconciliation that has finally swept our fine country, Beyonce is putting her bid in to the world’s first Black Wonder Woman. It’s going to be a tough fight for the part.

Entourage ‘Revenge of the Seth’

Sunday, November 9 by

  Sometimes, every man has to swallow his pride like so many bitter and stale pumpkin beers left as wounded soldiers after a Halloween party. You probably did that last weekend, but at least you didn't have to deal with Seth Green biting at your ankles while you did it.

New Mexico’s Next Wingman?

Friday, November 7 by

Whaaaa? Val Kilmer is pondering the idea of running for the office of governor in New Mexico. Hopefully my prayers will be answered and shirtless volley ball becomes recognized as the official state sport. Oh to dream!  Until then, here's some links.

Australia Feature Trailer

Friday, November 7 by

I saw this trailer while watching the election returns on MSNBC the other night. I noticed two things about it. One, the music is dope. Two, it is quite possible that this movie is actually a remake of The Gods Must Be Crazy.  Irrefutable video proof after the jump.

Point Counter Point: Four Christmases

Friday, November 7 by

Whatever your stance on the acting abilities of V. Vaughn may be, few can deny the contentious, often violent debate that erupts surrounding his Yule-timed movies. We’re giving two ardent, impassioned readers of Screenjunkies a chance to have their opinions heard. We hope you enjoy. Yours Truly. Max Powers, Editor At Large.

30 Rock “Believe In The Stars”

Friday, November 7 by

Tranquilizers, Freaky Friday, Olympic Tetherball, and Oprah Winfrey. Liz tells Jack that she has to fly to Chicago for jury duty. Convinced that it won’t take long to not be selected as one of the jurors, thanks to her Princess Leia costume, she tells him that she will return in no time.  This is fortunate for him because he has found himself in the middle of an Olympic controversy worse than doping.

Milla Jovovich to Play Alcoholic Stripper

Friday, November 7 by

That's crazy, because I'm pretty sure I dreamed this last night.

The Office “Customer Survey”

Friday, November 7 by

False alarm bells ring when Michael decides to lie to everybody him and Holly being married while Kelly is suspected of tampering with the customer service reports that make both Jim and Dwight look bad.  The Pam/Jim thing continues as they get the latest technological device to stay in touch even longer, and Andy is on the trail of the perfect wedding location.

Morning News Roundup

Friday, November 7 by

Spielberg, Smith in talks for Oldboy (Variety)

Courteney Cox Does ‘Cougar Town’

Thursday, November 6 by

 Ever since I saw her in Masters of the Universe when I was a kid I always imaged Courteney Cox as being the girl next door.  One thing is for damn sure I never imaged how much of a cougar she would turn out to be. MEOW / ROAR! Hopefully this new neighbor needs a lawn boy!

Awesome Movie Poster Mashups

Thursday, November 6 by

FROM HOLY TACO: These are amazing. They continue a long line of fun with movie posters, really a limitless realm of parody. Enjoy.

New Yes Man Trailer

Thursday, November 6 by

Call me names if you want. But this trailer made me giggle.  Out loud.