Hot Goemon Teaser Vid

Tuesday, December 16 by

Director Kaz Kiriya offers his take on the Japanese legend of Goemon, a Robin Hood-like figure who robbed to the rich and gave to the poor before… well, why spoil the movie? Here's a teaser Vid:Check out the Break Trailer Page for More Hot Vids. Director: Kaz Kiriya Cast: Yosuke Eguchi, Takao Osawa, Ryoko Hirosue, Jun Kaname, Gori Genre: Action

The Quest To Destroy The Formula Continues

Tuesday, December 16 by

Sylar traps  Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela inside Primatech and Level 5 apparently to just play Jigsaw with them, some more sibling rivalry ensues as Peter and Nathan clash on their views of how the powers should be handled, and Ando’s new power helps Daphne, Hiro, and Matt continue their quest to find and destroy the formula. Here's our recap of last night's Heroes.

What Doesn’t Kill You Trailer

Tuesday, December 16 by

Two childhood friends from South Boston turn to crime as a way to get by, ultimately causing a strain in their personal lives and their friendship. While that official synopsis does not sound mind blowing, I'm a big fan of Mark Ruffalo. I would also like to challenge Amanda Peet to a staring contest. I would lose, but that does not change the fact that she is very, very pretty. 

Randy Couture Joins Cast of Stallone’s “The Expendables”

Tuesday, December 16 by

From CAGE POTATO. We reported last week on Dolph joining an all star ass kicking team in Stallone's The Expendables. Now Randy Couture has joined the party.  This addition to the cast has officially put them in the running for an Oscar in the categories of broken arms, one punch knock outs, roundhouses, and maybe even spinning pile drivers.  Click on the image above for the full story from our MMA expert friends at

Aliens, Suicide, and a Robot Daddy

Tuesday, December 16 by

I have to admit I had high expectations coming into the mid-season finale. Every week there's a bomb explosion, gun fire and robot to robot combat, so what could they possibly do this week to make it stand out and leave me in anticipation for the hiatus to be over.

A Double Personality Cure?

Tuesday, December 16 by

Edward sees hope as he realizes he may have found a way to make Henry quit popping up at inconvenient times during missions, Raymond’s life gets Tom in trouble with his wife (again), and a terrorist has stolen a nuclear warhead and is intending to use it in a school. Peep our recap of My Own Worst Enemy.

Carla Gugino To Play A Porn Star

Tuesday, December 16 by

It seems like more women in Hollywood are getting into roles as either porn stars or strippers. I guess times are tough. Last week it was Jessica Biel playing an artsy stripper. This week its Carla Gugino prepping to act our her the best fake DVDA scene that the Groundlings Acting Academy could ever prep you for.  According to Empire, "The film's a sequel to Women in Trouble, an ensemble comedy about a day in the lives of 10 LA women." HA! See! That proves my long held suspicion: One out of ten women in Los Angeles are in fact porn stars.  Carla Gugino to play a porn star (Empire) 

Link Dump

Monday, December 15 by

Jack Black to guest star on The Office (Comingsoon)Clint Eastwood in The Growler (Funnyordie)Brain-Numb-A-Thon (CHUD)Brad Pitt, Wes An

Monday Mashup: Milk The Wrestler

Monday, December 15 by

Milk The Wrestler. The story of America’s first openly gay WWE wrestler. He pinned his opponents inside the ring and married them outside. Except in California.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer 1

Monday, December 15 by

Anyone who saw The Day The Earth Stood Still this weekend caught this trailer. I thought that every single episode of the X-Men series was dope. I know X-3 has it's detractors. But I am not one of them. Sign me up for this one.

President To Face Monster Demon Attack

Monday, December 15 by

Every once in a while you see a real news report that looks like it's explaining a scene from a movie. I always thought it would be awesome to devote an entire night of news to covering the carnage that occurs in one film. Live Free or Die Hard would be a good one. It would take five full hours of uninterrupted coverage to detail the destroyed buildings, cabs launched into helicopters, and dead bystanders. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Been Busy

Monday, December 15 by

According to the Hollywood Reporter, JLH has been busy. Among other projects, her newly bolstered production company has  been developing the Untitled Odessa Project, a movie for Lifetime based on a Texas Monthly article titled She Had Brains, a Body, and the Ability to Make Men Love Her. It recounts the true story of a 22-year-old housewife and former homecoming queen in Odessa who became one of the city's most popular hookers. She is also has a 10-book graphic novel series in the works with IDW comics entitled Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box. That, among other items, may be found in our morning industry news.

Warm Yourself By the TV Tonight

Sunday, December 14 by

  It's a night for Heroes and Sarah Connor Chronicles. And Bravo stops airing programs aimed at menopausal women and shows Heat.  Prime Time TV   Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles- Monday 8/7c, on FOX

REVIEW 2: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Sunday, December 14 by

(Editors Note: Sometime's two people from the massive staff of Screenjunkies review the same movie, and the best review wins. This is one of those occassions. Here's Thomas Anderson's. Max Power's review can be found here.) I have a confession to make: I’m a sucker for any good old fashioned sci-fi trip, even if said sci-fi trip involves some overused clichés and a plot that doesn’t entirely make sense.  These flaws can be forgiven if the rest of the show gives enough thrills, special-events driven destruction, and Keanu Reeves. 

REVIEW: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Saturday, December 13 by

I was listening to an episode of This American Life where they break down step-by-step what has happened in the financial markets over the past few months that has made hoards of analysts and traders literally shit their pants. Check it out, it’s mind blowing. The idea that our markets would just freeze up and stop working is something that trusted names in economics are saying is a reality.  The consequences would be disastrous. Companies would stop making stuff. Millions of people would lose their jobs.  Industrial food production would grind to a halt. We could potentially see a mini-apocalypse as chaos spread around the globe.  And what brought on end of days? Terrorists? Nuclear mutual annihilation? Plague? Nope: friggin home loans.