Mark Walberg Talks To Animals RESPONSE

Sunday, October 19 by

The original sketch that this is referencing was damn funny. You can peep it here. And seriously, say hi to your mother for me.

Something Completely Different: China is Crowded

Saturday, October 18 by

When I see something so awesome that has nothing to do with Movies or TV, I’m just going to post it anyway.  This is reason number 4,563 to stay the hell away from China. “What do you do for a living?” “Oh, you know those dudes that cram people into trains? I’m one of those guys. My father did it. That's how I got the job.”

Ed Harris Screaming

Friday, October 17 by

 We do these lists of craziest moments of stars.  Last week I really wanted to do one on Ed Harris. But after digging around for the better part of a day I could only find about four good ones. That’s not enough for a list. But yesterday Mr. Appaloosa came strutting into the Coffee Bean in Burbank where I was standing in line so he could get his daily ice blended fix.

13 Greatest Movie Quests For Tail

Friday, October 17 by

Since time immemorial, the Male Species has gone to heroic lengths in order to secure something as vital as air, food, water, and a good piece of tail.  For some, the quest has been of the mind and spirit. For others, it has taken them on a journey of immense distance and hardship.  Whatever the scenario, we salute such a valiant quest. Here are 13 of the best that show just how far some go to seal the deal.  

Watch a Guy Almost Die on the Today Show

Friday, October 17 by

Since I work from home like a shady pot dealer, I could watch The Today Show if I wanted to, but, like most people who aren't 60-year-old women, I think it's boring. But, this clip shows a guy doing a tight rope act with no net on live TV. Plus, it was in Newark, NJ, which makes it about 30-times more dangerous.

Push Trailer

Friday, October 17 by

Ah yes, the old psychic people with special powers getting taken by the government to be used as weapons story. This looks like the Bourne Identity crossed with X-Men crossed with Scanners crossed with Dakota Fanning.

You Have To Smile With Your Eyes

Friday, October 17 by

Tyra has a point. John needs to learn how to project success, otherwise that Barack fellow might win the president contest. You’re a tiger McCain, a ferocious tiger. Grrrrrrrr.

Will Ferrell Brings Bush to Broadway

Friday, October 17 by

First W. gets his own Oliver Stone movie and now we find out that Will Ferrell will be playing him on Broadway. The show, You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George Bush will debut on inauguration day, January 20th and will be helmed by Ferrell's brother from another mother, Adam McKay. I wonder if W.

It’s Always Sunny Gang Pulls a Kidnapping

Friday, October 17 by

Season 4, Episode 8 "Paddy’s Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia” Kidnappings, Two man dick handling, and a diabetic cat. These are what you’re in for in this episode.

Recap: The Office Is Full of Mean Girls

Friday, October 17 by

Season 5, Episode 3 "Baby Shower" We expect Jan and Angela to be total bitches, but we expect more from you, Pam. Michael, Jan and Holly:

Bonus Features: Thursday’s Colorful Links

Thursday, October 16 by

Sony has made some awesome commercials for their Bravia TVs, but of course we never get to see them here in the States. This one has to do with some big ass dominoes falling all over the place.

IMDB Is A Racist Computer

Thursday, October 16 by

IMDB sorts movies with plot-based keywords. Some of them are a little strange, like ‘Vomit Scene’ or ‘Stabbed in Throat’ or ‘Run Our of Gas.’  But this one has to be the best. Here’s a list of the movies that have the subheading 'The Black Guy Dies.'

Do We Really Need All Of This Potty Talk?

Thursday, October 16 by

I dunno, of all the ways to go, killer boobies might not be that bad.

Little Bill O’Reilly Obliterates Spin

Thursday, October 16 by

Sometimes I do this job from public. Right now is one of those times. I’m sitting in a coffee shop and I’m laughing really hard and people around me are scooting away from me because they think I’m an insane homeless guy with a laptop.

Watch First 11 Minutes of Sex Drive

Thursday, October 16 by

As part of my never-ending efforts to steal resources from your places of work, I'm presenting you with the first ten minutes of the movie Sex Drive. Be warned, it definitely earns its R-rating with bad words, an implied BJ and some full-on man ass footage. It's very funny.