Flu Shot

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This week's newest installment begins with Liz Lemon arriving at the NBC studio all jazzed up, and ready to get through work so she can take her beloved vacation to the island of St. Barnobies. Her happiness is quickly stifled when she runs into Kenneth, who is sick with the flu. Liz explains to Kenneth that he can't come near her. She fears that she will catch his flu, ruining her vacation. Liz turns away from Kenneth and runs into her ditsy assistant Cerie. Cerie tells Liz not to worry about the vacation, because the vacation spot was all booked up.

George W: It’s Been Real

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  Dear Mr. President, My Name is Max Powers. I watch a lot of TV. Tonight you are going to be on TV. This is the last time that you are going to be on the TV (like all official as the president) and you will be giving your farewell goodbye-bye talk. I hope nobody throws shoes. They probably will not because you are giving the talk in America and not Durka-Durakastan. Do you ever watch The Office? Now that is a funny show. So is 30 Rock. They will also be on TV with you. Not with you, but like also on tonight. Sincerely, Max Powers. PS, Don't let the door hit you in your ass on the way out.

George: It’s Been Real

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Dear Mr. President,

Next Day Air Trailer

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This is basically the "urban" version of RocknRolla. With the dude from Scrubs. And Mos Def. Synopsis: When a UPS driver delivers a package containing bricks of cocaine to the wrong address, it sets into motion a battle of wills and wits between the dealer, the intended recipients, and the people who have the drugs and plan to sell them off.Obvious Question: What? UPS delivers packages containing bricks of Cocaine? Jesus that would have made my life WAY simpler, and my colon way less stretched. 

‘UFC Primetime’ Episode 1 Recap

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FROM CAGE POTATO: We open with the hair-raising voice of punk-legend/TV host Henry Rollins: "They are bitter rivals from different worlds. A stone-cold champion from the frigid streets of Montreal, and a hot-blooded challenger from the black sands of Hilo Bay…" So begins the first episode of UFC Primetime, the "St Pierre vs. Penn 2" promotional mini-series that reportedly cost $1.7 million to produce, with each episode being completed just hours before it airs. Check out the full recap at Cage Potato.

Craziest Robert Downey Jr. Moments

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In 1996 RDJ was arrested in LA for possession of 97 different types of drugs and a handgun. The cops nailed him driving down Sunset, totally hammered, and totally naked. The man has done 16 months in jail and plenty of time in rehab. In 1999 he told a judge “It’s like I have a loaded gun in my mouth and my finger’s on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gunmetal.” It is because of quotes like that and his incredible ability as an actor that we think he's the shit. In celebration of his recent comeback here is a look at some of the craziest Robert Downey Jr. moments.

Well Then What The F Do I Do With My Laserdisc Collection Morning News

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Jesus I want that bike and those shorts and that shirt and that TV.

Wednesday Night TV Preview With Extra Volcanoes

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Take a breather, there's nothin' new tonight (except Knight Rider, where a bomb placed inside KITT will explode if he goes under a certain speed–Dennis Hopper's prob behind it). On the other hand, there's a rerun of the 2hr season 4 finale of Lost to get you super psyched for the return of the show, a top 10 countdown of the dangers associated with volcanic eruptions (#1 is skinny girls burn faster than fat ones), and a showing of Napoleon Dynamite. Dont worry, there's an eruption of TV premieres coming up (The Office, Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, House, Lost).

Fast And Furious Full Trailer

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That's right bitch, try to run from me and I'm going to BODY CHECK YOU THROUGH A CHAIN LINK FENCE. Then I'm going to fly tackle you off a roof, smash a car, and put a gun in your face. ITS HARD TO TALK WITH A GUN IN YOUR MOUTH, ISN'T IT? HUH!?? SEE, YOU CAN'T EVEN SAY YES. Fast and Furious = BADASS.

My Happy Place

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Elliot and J.D. are hanging out again, Janitor has returned to get his job back, and Kelso is still sitting in the cafeteria eating free muffins.  Dr. Cox reveals his distrust of all surgeons, and constantly belittles Turk… even in front of his patients.

Morning links with humping T-800′s

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Here's your morning news links from our trusted, if not somewhat perverted friends.CASTING HUNTER S. THOMPSON’S RUM DIARY (Filmdrunk)R.I.P. Prison Break (Pajiba)McG responds to Bay’s bitchin’(Filmonic)Crank 2 and Outlander Movie Posters (/Film)Fresh Prince Of Bell Air To Venture 20,000 Leagues Under Sea (Joblo)Karate Kid Remake Just Got A Dose Of Retarded Awesome (Playlist) 

Episode 153: My Saving Grace

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J.D., Elliot, and Dr. Cox are fed up with Sacred Heart's new chief of medicine, Dr. Maddox, whose tyrannical nature makes it impossible for them to provide genuine care for their patients.  Dr. Cox leads the others against Maddox and an unlikely alliance is made to oust this common enemy. The Good Doctor This episode begins with a bearded J.D. complaining about how the new chief of medicine, Dr. Maddox, goes around policing everyone.  Clips reveal that it is impossible for J.D. to perform any procedure on his patients without Maddox barking orders over his shoulder.  J.D.'s complaints are interrupted by Dr. Cox, who never misses an opportunity, such as this one, to tell J.D. that he is better than him.  Dr. Cox, according to himself, still manages to bend the rules without Maddox' knowledge, and can therefore provide better care for his patients.  "I am a much, much better doctor than you," he tells J.D. Speak of the Devil


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Scrubs focuses on the lives of several people working at Sacred Heart, a teaching hospital. It features fast-paced dialogue, slapstick, and surreal vignettes presented mostly as the daydreams of the central character, Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian. The name is a play on surgical scrubs and “scrubs” as slang for the new and inexperienced.Airs: Tuesday, 9/8cStation: ABC

Friday Night Lights

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A series detailing events surrounding the Dillon Panthers, a high school football team based in fictional Dillon, Texas, with particular focus given to the team's coach, Eric Taylor and his family. The show uses this small-town backdrop to address many issues facing contemporary Middle America.Airs: Friday, 9/8cStation: NBCBabes: Connie Britton, Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, Aimee Teegarden

Battlestar Plot Refresher

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Welcome to Earth. Please ignore the radiation.  Please ignore the fact that you are standing amongst the ruins of a great civilization. Please ignore the fact that getting to Earth was your goal since the fleet was cobbled together in the wake of the Cylon sneak attack.  Please ignore the fact that Earth was a made-up lie by one William Adama just to give you some kind of hope until, suddenly, it wasn't a lie any more.  Welcome to Earth, the legendary Thirteenth Colony.  How was your journey?