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Director: Guy RitchieCast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark StrongSynopsis: Detective Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr.) and his stalwart partner Watson (Law) engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England


10 Classic Topless Scenes

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In an effort to earn a PG-13 rating and rake in larger box office returns, director McG rocked perverts the world over with the announcement that he had removed Moon Bloodgood’s topless scene from Terminator: Salvation. Once a very vocal supporter of the chesty inclusion, he backpedaled, citing that it felt “gratuitous” and he “didn’t want to convolute the story or the characters.” It was a normal day like any other when I heard the sad news. But once I caught wind I just sat down on the sidewalk and began to weep whilst a city full of heartless boob-haters rushed to and fro all around me. But it taught me to appreciate the great nudity that did survive the editing room. Below are ten topless scenes that have had a great impact on us all, as a people.


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Magnet Releasing, the genre film-oriented division of Magnolia Pictures, has acquired the rights to release the Jet Li film Warlords.  The historical action melodrama was a critical and commercial success in China, and also stars Andy Lau (the dude who played the dude Matt Damon’s character in The Departed was based off of from the original Infernal Affairs) and Takeshi Kaneshiro (for fans of the now-ancient Playstation 2, he was the guy they modeled the main character after in the feudal zombie action game Onimusha). Check out the trailer and and everything you ever wanted to know about Warlords after the jump.  Or just post what we failed to mention in the comments section, smartass.


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Director: Peter Ho-Sun Chan Cast: Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro Synopsis: A Chinese army general (Li) joins with two bandits (Lau, Kaneshiro) to defend a hapless village from the horrors of war.  They become blood brothers, but their loyalty is tested when politics and a love triangle come into play. Genre: Historical Action Release Date: Summer 2009 (North America)

Fox Fall 2009 TV Lineup Includes ‘Family Guy’ Spinoff ‘The Cleveland Show’

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Fox is the first of the big networks to announce its 2009-2010 lineup.  There are some promising new comedies on the slate, starting with "The Cleveland Show," which follows the Griffins' neighbor as he and his son move in with Cleveland's old high school sweetheart and her kids in Virginia. Also includes is  "Glee," the new high school-based comedy from Ryan Murphy ("Nip/Tuck"), starring Jane Lynch (Role Models).  You can check out a preview of the show on Tuesday, May 19th @ 9PM ET/PT.  Promo for Glee on Fox – Watch more Movie TrailersAnd rounding out the comedies will be "Brothers," starring Darryl "Chill" Mitchell and… ex-New York Giant Michael Strahan!!!  It's about a former NFL star who returns to live with his family in his mother's house, so he can get his life back on track.  No word on whether or not Strahan will be portraying a quirkier, huskier Michael Vick.  Read the full press release – including the list of new and returning dramas, like the Jackie Earle Haley-starring "Human Target" and Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" – after the jump.


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Sometimes seeing the wrong movie at too young an age can really stick with you.  Say you saw Child's Play or Nightmare on Elm Street before age twelve.  You might have had a hard time getting to sleep or looking at your stuffed animals in the same way after. But what about the movies you're supposed to see, the general interest flicks constantly rerunning on cable that Mom and Dad wouldn't bat at an eye at if they walked by and saw you watching?  Often, it is only later that the truly disturbing stuff really shows its face. Sure, it's scary in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure when Large Marge's eyes jump out of their sockets, but what about the movies we saw as kids that are filled with the real?  I’m talking about stuff like abortion, suicide, etc. – the kinds of things that can actually happen, things that are so serious they went over your head at the time. Or didn't. Screenjunkies presents… 7 Dark Moments in Popcorn Flicks…  


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Got a great idea for an animated holiday special? Well, Fox is seeking your submissions. From Reuters, the network has announced a contest where animators can submit holiday-inspired short films for cash prizes. The winner will receive a deal with the network that could lead to a show getting on the air. Here's my idea. Nobody steal it, okay?Here are more of your morning headlines…. Teri Hatcher regularly attacked by bees. (Cinema Blend) Porn Star Riley Steele in 3-D!!!! (Dread Central) V remake gets picked up. (io9)Dollhouse RENEWED (The Hollywood Reporter) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles CANCELED (EW)

Trailer For ‘The Road’ Starring Viggo Mortensen And Charlize Theron

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Head over to The Playlist to read the track listing for Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds soundtrack.  It's got more Morricone music than a Spaghetti Western marathon.  BUT!  None of the Oscar-winner's tracks were recorded for Basterds. Sounds like Quentin's pulling another Kill Bill with this record and finding places to fit classical Morricone cues into a brand new film.  Worked well enough for me the last time around; I've still got the Kill Bill soundtracks in heavy rotation.  Except for the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Sound effects.  Those don't go over too well at house parties. Let's see… what else?  Oh yeah:Patricia Silveira Is A Hottie (SickPigs)Kevin Smith And The Bong Of Tears (FilmDrunk)Rachel Nichols Is Sexy (Manofest)Cowabunga! (Pajiba)Jenna Brooke Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)This Is The Coolest Tombstone You'll Ever See (IAmBored)5 Junk Piles That Actually Were Something (Cracked)Trailer for Looking For Eric (Filmofilia)DVD Art For The Mutant Chronicles (DreadCentral)10 Letters From Satan (Holytaco)Ben Dover To Comment On Financial News (BustedCoverage)A Girl Named Aerin Is Smoking Hot (Uncoached)THe Road Trailer (Unreality)


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I loved Rian Johnson's first film, Brick* – the neo-hard boiled detective story set amongst high school social circles.  It was the one with a bespectacled Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the anachronistic dialogue and the fantastic score by Johnson's brother.  I saw it three times in the theaters.  Even bought it on DVD.  But as I sat down for my screening of Rian Johnson's followup, The Brothers Bloom, a wave of doubt washed over me.  No way he can do it again, I thought.  Besides, the trailers made it seem like a hodgepodge of styles culled from Johnson's contemporaries.  It was Hudson Hawk through the off-kilter lens of Wes Anderson.  Not necessarily a bad thing (I'm one of the few with fond memories of Hawk), but it wasn't promising to be a revelation like Brick…


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By Afrim, sole member of the Albanian Guard


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The IESB has posted three behind-the-scenes clips from Disney-Pixar's Up.  In total, it's 15 minutes of straight up, fly-on-the-wall making-of goodness, with none of the gloss one might expect from a Disney promo. Yeah that's right.  It's 15-minutes of watching a dude sitting in front of a computer while it renders seven frames of the movie.  There's also this part where Pete Docter orders a cheese sandwich from the cafeteria.I kid, I kid.  It's pretty cool.  Watch the other clips after the jump.


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Re-cap:This episode begins in the same way that all Southland episodes to date have begun, which is to say that it begins in the middle of what’s going on.  Officer Sherman is lying in bed with his arm wrapped around a woman.  Our narrator cuts in to inform us that it is a violation of policy for an officer to get involved with a victim.  Sherman knows this, but does it anyway.  We learn quickly how the girl ended up being a victim, and gradually how she ended up in Sherman’s bed…