FRINGE RECAP: Bishop’s Shop of Horrors

Wednesday, February 4 by

I have been watching Fringe for a while. I know that something tragic will happen in the first two minutes of the show and I prepare myself for it, but honestly this is sick. Seeing a grown man turn into a monster sized porcupine makes me think that the world is running out of ideas. It also makes you think how far television has come. This makes "The Fly" look like cute. But before I get ahead of myself, lets start at the beginning, directly after the jump.

Tuesday Night Preview

Tuesday, February 3 by

Roddy has stunk up the great state of Illinois, the American political system, and now he has the nerve to stink up TV by trying to regain any last shreds of dignity on shows like The View and Larry King Live. Tonight, he visits Letterman, who has bashed him consistently since being arrested 2 months ago. 1 hour of Scrubs and a new airborne virally infected Fringe preserve TV's good name. Enjoy. Ps, Blagojevich.

Star Trek Super Bowl Spot

Tuesday, February 3 by

The last trailer for the new Star Trek made it look like The OC…IN SPACE! The Super Bowl spot has convinced a lot of people that it could quite possibly be much, much more. Like maybe even Dawson's Creek…IN SPACE!Title: Star Trek : Super Bowl SpotDirector: J.J. Abrams Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana, Simon Pegg, John Cho Synopsis: A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members. Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Release Date: May 8, 2009 


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The big news today is obviously Christian Bale blowing out his o-ring on the set of Terminator. I get it, the dude was acting, someone screwed up, got his eye-line. People yell in Hollywood EVERY day. In fact, people yell in every industry every day. The ones with the power usually do the yelling. Why? Because they can. Plus, Christian Bale is a Mom-Beater. Here are your links, screamy. Christian Bale Screamgate…REMIXED (Filmdrunk)This Whole Arizona Porn Clip Thing Ain't Nothin New (Sound&Vision)Terminator 4 Concept Art Looks Transformery (Unreality)Yes, Even The Most Successfull Olympians Take The Pot (Pajiba)

Heroes on the Run

Tuesday, February 3 by

Two months after the events of “Villains,” Heroes is back with some serious bang.  Forget last season.  As all the TV spots proudly proclaim, this is a fresh start, and it’s a welcome one.  Nathan is setting his plan into motion to round up the heroes.  Peter’s working as a paramedic, still saving lives, Claire decides to leave her mother to go do something about what’s happening, Noah and Angela are still working together, Hiro sets up a headquarters for his and Ando’s superhero work, Sylar’s on the hunt for his dad, Mohinder’s a plain old taxi cab driver, and Parkman and Daphne are living together in an apartment when Parkman gets a visit from an old African friend.  It’s all in a supercharged Heroes, after the jump.

House Recapage: The Greater Good

Monday, February 2 by

Wow, the 100th episode of House. How far we have come. Who would have thought a show about a wise-crakin doctor played by Hugh Laurie would have lasted this long? Let me think…. ME, that’s who. The first time I saw this show I knew it was destined for greatness.  I remember the first episode I saw like it was yesterday. Sitting in my freshman college dorm room, trying to ignore my roommate’s sickening lovey-dovey chat with his girlfriend. I sat and watched House instead of writing a two-page paper for English 131. And I am better for it. Had I not watched that first episode, I would never have been able to bring you these insightful recaps every week. Well, had I written my paper instead I could have gained crucial knowledge on how to improve my writing skills, but that is neither here nor there.


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Sean and Janis are hot on the case of hacking into the interface and hopefully finding out where Dubaku is targeting his next attack, and tracking the van that took the Matobos. Sean questions Larry Moss' ability to further lead this investigation, after his crush Agent Walker was apparently murdered.Bauer and his team successfully follow the van and find out Dubaku's evil lair. They get the blueprints for the building, and Bauer asks Agent Walker for her help. Meanwhile Ule Matobo and his wife are brought into Dubaku's lair. They talk about the rightful leader of Sangala, and Dubaku insists that Matobo tell him all of his political friends so that he can dispose of them."i'm inside approaching the front desk…" Agent Walker walkies Bauer as she walks into Dubaku's building. Bauer, Almeida, and Buchanan are on the roof, in an apparent death from above technique. Walker opens the door for the team. They begin their infiltration of the lair. The team hops into a crawl space above Dubaku and the captive Matobos.

Punxsutawney Phil’s TV Preview

Monday, February 2 by

Heyz to you all. I waz jest eating mah carrat thingies for breakfast when old crayzee eyez got a hold on meh and launched me into da skies. Ok, enough of that. Heroes is back on. Here's your nightly roundup. 

Stress Relief

Monday, February 2 by

The post-Super Bowl hour long episode of The Office starts off with a disgruntled Dwight starting a fire to teach the workers how to deal with fire, the hard way. "Everybody calm the !@#$ down!" Says Michael. The whole place goes into chaotic fury– Michael tries to break a window, Oscar climbs up into the ceiling (only to fall out), Kevin loots the vending machine, Jim rams the Xerox into the door to try and get it open, etc. Dwight sounds his air horn, and tells the employees that it was merely a simulation. Stanley has a heart attack, with Michael set on giving him mouth to mouth. Things are off to an awesome start.

The 17 Best Super Bowl Ads

Monday, February 2 by

When the economy tanks so do the ads. Whether companies are wanting to spend less on high-budget spots or they're trying to be more in tune with the popularity of viral videos this year, most of the ads were stripped-down compared to years past. There  were a few very entertaining ones (but nothing on the level of Cat Herders).  The game was good and here are our favorites.Doritos- Free Doritos Free Doritos Ad-Superbowl 2009 – Watch more Free Videos

How’s Your News: Laughing With or Laughing At?

Monday, February 2 by

I have no idea how this steered clear of my radar for so long. It's a show, financed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, airing on MTV, about a team of traveling news reporters who all have disabilities. It's being touted as an "inspiring" story. Here's some background that I found on the website and the video preview.

Even Babies Can Lose Their Money By Day Trading.

Monday, February 2 by

These are "outtakes" from the eTrade talking babies campaign. I think it's kind of awesome that giant corporations are now in an ad world where they are not beholden to FCC regulations. They can do way more risky things and end up getting way more intentional views of their spots just by having them online. The PETA thing is a perfect example, even though they are a traditional business. They were banned from being aired during the game so the blogosphere basically distributed the video for them. As more and more companies realize that the traditional 'make a multi-million dollar commercial and then pay a pile of money on a 30 second spot' is not the way to go, it's going to shake things up. Which is why I'm stockpiling ammunition, canned food, and bottled water.


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Decepticon forces return to Earth on a mission to take Sam Witwicky prisoner, after the young hero learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers. Joining the mission to protect humankind is Optimus Prime, who forms an alliance with international armies for a second epic battle. -imdbRelease Date: June 26th, 2009Rating: N/AStudio: Dreamworks SKG

BOOM!: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl Spot

Monday, February 2 by

We are living in exciting times people. EXCITING TIMES. When Rutherford B. Robot invented the first robot, I doubt he had the foresight to visualize just how far things would come. But today, with Rutherford's dream realized, we stand perched on a new world of fighting machines. We now enter a bold  era of metal on metal destruction. And we have people like Michael Bay bearing the standard on our march. Awesome. BOOM!

How the Other Half Lives

Sunday, February 1 by

It was a bad week for Panther Nation. And after a loss like last week’s, you have to start asking questions about the abilities of Coach Taylor. The annual coach’s barbecue was not held at the residence of Coach Taylor this year, rumors swirled about his relationship with the booster club, and Matt Saracen succumbed to stress all week. Things looked pretty bleak from his standpoint; there were many crises, challenges as well as victories this week as the eternal search for a state championship wore on.     After hearing the news of Smash’s future tryout with Texas A-M, Mrs. Williams tried to get another job to pay for his education. This was met anxiously by Brian, because he didn’t want to be a burden, financially or otherwise, on his family. His second thoughts about football crept back after he was offered a corporate promotion with the Alamo-Freeze. After conversing with his mother, however, he decided that football was his true love, and he realized his mother would not let him stop playing until someone told him he could not play anymore.