2009 Oscar Liveblog

Sunday, February 22 by

We would like to thank all of our readers for joining us on this incredibly special night.  Here are some final thoughts on the evening, particularly the dominance of Slumdog Millionaire.  @Michael_bay:  Highlight of the evening? My Hummer has Lamborghini doors.Philip Buster: It's clear: Oscars finally outsourced as economy crashes.Matt Sears:  Mickey Rourke is gonna choke-slam someone at the Vanity Fair Party.Max Powers:  The academy is cleary Lactose-Intolerant with their snub of 'Milk.'GOODNIGHT.

Funny People Trailer

Friday, February 20 by

Aside from the obvious Seth Rogen one-liners, this movies seems to be a little more serious than Apatow's others. A few of my friends caught the cast around town rehearsing for their roles at various comedy clubs. The verdict: Awkward. Stand up ain't easy.

Scheduling Your Weekend Preview

Friday, February 20 by

Friday. The new, much cooler breed of 'TGIF' television is ready to blast you lightspeed from a highschool football field, to a Space Opera, and back in time to get Terminated by a foxy cybernetic robot. Wash it all down with Conan O'Brien's final Late Show Appearance. Saturday. Maybe go outside a little? Sunday. Get all your friends together, throw down on a tub of potato salad, check out our LIVEBLOG and start making easy $$$ off your movie snob buddies on who's gonna win those gold plated brittanium statues. Here's your ace in the hole. Your preview after the jump.

17 Oscar Categories We Would Like To See

Friday, February 20 by

We firmly believe that the Oscars would benefit from adding a few wild-card categories every year. You know, mix it up. Keep it fresh. Here are a few possibilities, including  nominees. If you have more, post them in the comments section. And don't forget to download your ballot and follow our Oscar liveblog HERE starting 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Sunday. 

Our Daily News

Friday, February 20 by

Once again, I am faced with a deficit of TV recaps to post. Im temped to post rerunrecaps, but that would go against every principle of the internet. Luckily, there is a nice slew of morning news on this Friday, Feb 20th, the Year Of Our Lord, 2009.Screenjunkies Will Be Liveblogging the 2009 Oscars HERE. Slumpuppies Will Go To The Oscars (Filmdrunk)Twilight Two Has A New-New Title (MTV)Linda Hamilton To Crawl Out Of Cave, Voice Terminator Salvation (Filmonic)Mel Gibson To Crawl Out Of Cave, Yell About Jews (Pajiba)Early Buzz For Watchmen (/Film)

Random TV Thursday

Thursday, February 19 by

  This rather lazy week of television continues with reruns of The Office and 30 Rock, or a whopping 4 hours of straight Frak on the SciFi. While there are some solid movies on (Part II of The Godfather on AMC, two screenings of Happy Gilmore on ABC Family, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls on CMT), tonight's preview will instead explore the awesome world of random TV. Your preview after the break. 

Miss March

Thursday, February 19 by

A young man awakens from a four-year coma to discover that his sweetheart has since become a Playboy centerfold.Title: Miss March Director: Trevor Moore Cast: Raquel Alessi, Molly Stanton, Holly Hindman, Craig Robinson, Alexis Raben Release Date: March 13, 2009

Miss March Red Band Trailer

Thursday, February 19 by

The studios make us age-gate these puppies, so check it out HERE. Seriously, it's worth watching for the pre-roll intro by two of the Whitest Kids You know.Synopsis: A young man awakens from a four-year coma to discover that his sweetheart has since become a Playboy centerfold. In Theaters Everywhere March 13!

Did Someone Leak The Oscar Winners?

Thursday, February 19 by

Word on the internet street is that someone spilled the beans or opened the letters or whatever and published the Oscar winners. Im actually more interested in watching them just to see if the leaked list is actually legit. It's after the jump, so only click through if you are like me and the main reason you watch the ceremony is for all of those beautiful dresses and ad-hock Jack Black musical numbers, and not the suspense.

Lost Recap: 316

Wednesday, February 18 by

The episode opens with Jack, Hurley, and Kate meeting up on the island. We flash back to Eloise as she explains to Jack, Sun, and Desmond how the Dharma Initiative discovered the island, giving instructions to Jack to collect something that belonged to Christian to take back with Locke’s body. There’s no sign of the islanders in this episode, which is kind of disappointing because we still didn’t get to find out what happened to Locke right after he righted the wheel, but there are some other pretty cool revelations, and it’s all in another great Lost, right after the jump.

RIP Loki Links

Wednesday, February 18 by

Wednesday means its time for a hump dump. There's a few things that have been happening, but nothing more earth-shattering that the death of Mickey Rourke's dog Loki. He was 18, and has been pawing on heaven's door for a while. TMZ had a very informative question and answer session with the actor while he chain smoked around other peoples dogs on the streets of NY. Here's the rest of your (poop) scoop.Screenjunkies is all UP in that Twitter. Follow us.Paul Dano Adopts An Asian Baby (Film School Rejects)

Bart Got A Room Trailer

Wednesday, February 18 by

I enjoyed this trailer. And now, so can you. Synopsis:  Nerdy high school senior Danny (newcomer Steven Kaplan) has spent six hundred bucks on the hotel room, the limo and the tux for his prom. He’s only missing one thing—the girl. Hampered by well-intentioned but clueless advice from his newly-divorced parents (William H. Macy, Cheryl Hines) and unsympathetic mocking from his best friends (Brandon Hardesty, Alia Shawkat), Danny battles peer pressure, teen angst and his own raging hormones as he desperately searches for a prom date.

Big Hair Wednesday TV Preview

Wednesday, February 18 by

Another Wednesday, another brilliant episode of the labrynthian land of Lost. Also tonight, Demetri Martin examines the subject of 'power,' while Robert De Niro becomes a Godfather. One noteworthy tidbit-it's Conan O'Brien's last week before he gives Leno the boot, and not a moment too soon. Jimmy Fallon gets his shot at Conan's slot. Did that sound weird? Your TV preview after the break.

DTV Conversion: Where Did My Stories Go?

Wednesday, February 18 by

This is normally the time of day when I would publish all the TV recaps from previous night. But there really wasn't anything on, so no recappage. Instead, I thought I would take a moment to offer a bit of important info regarding a topic that will affect absolutely none of us. Yes, that's right. The conversion from analog to digital television signals that began to occur for many providers and stations last night. It is an historic occasion that future humans will see as one of the biggest leaps toward utter and compete domination at the hands of robots. Here is a very informative video that details the simple move from some sort of sine waves to some sort of ones and zeroes.

Tuesday TV Preview

Tuesday, February 17 by

 Unfortunately, TV is taking a longer than expected President's Day hiatus, leaving few good viewings for tonight's lineup. Scrubs has reruns for an hour,  and at the time of this post, Fringe isn't back until for another 50 days, 2 hours, 31 minutes and 28 seconds. That's alright, just skee-daddle over to your local movie rental establishment and scope out some hot new releases. Your TV-less preview after the jump.