The Office Recap: Heartbreak in Nashua

Friday, February 13 by

Michael and Pam continue their quest to Nashua, while back at the office Dwight and Jim are still trying to figure out Kelly’s party. Jim and Dwight seem to keep on finding ways to screw stuff up, from getting the cake wrong, to coming up with a theme, and Michael is devastated to find out that….*dramatic music*…Holly has a boyfriend in sales in Nashua named AJ.  Oh yeah, and some weird shit goes down with Angela and her cats.  Check it out after the jump, junkies.

Thursday TV Preview

Thursday, February 12 by

'Tis Thursday, the night of laughter and merriment. Catch the conclusion to the cliff-hangered last Office episode, and a 30 Rock haunted by the likes of Saint Valentine himself. For God's sake, you've been on the internet too long. Turn on the television. Your preview after the break.

Inglourious Basterds Trailer

Thursday, February 12 by

Can Tarantino redeem himself with a film about scalping Nazis? I'd say he has a pretty good shot at it, unless the film is four hours long and released in two parts. This trailer looks pretty bad ass.Director: Quentin TarantinoCast: Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Mike Myers, B.J. Novak, Samm LevineSynopsis: In Quentin Tarantino's newest, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as 'The Basterds' are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis in Nazi-occupied France.Genre: Action & AdventureRelease Date: August 21, 2009 

8 V-Day Movies You May Be Forced To See

Thursday, February 12 by

If you're having horizontal relations on a regular basis, chances are pretty good you're busy Saturday night. But fear not you coupled soldier you, there is no reason your bro-ness has to be sacrificed in the name of Saint Valentine. I know I'm planning on dinner for two and a movie in the comfort of my apartment, but if you're just starting down the road of monogamy you're going to be expected to leave the house. So when it comes to what movie you're going to see at the multiplex after your romantic dinner, keep in mind February 14th is her day. Which means unless your GF is crazy awesome, My Bloody Valentine 3D is out. So here's a run down of what you'll need to sit through if you want to see her naked later.

Bizarre Joaquin Apperance on Letterman

Thursday, February 12 by

The hardest thing about this whole charade that Joaquin is pulling on the world has got to be keeping a straight face during the parts that are really funny. He does a good job not laughing until the end. But Dave gets him. I really wonder if he's making tons of enemies with this stunt?

Lost Recap: Jungle Jin

Wednesday, February 11 by

Jin has a mini-adventured with Danielle Rousseau, meeting up with Sawyer and the gang later, and having an encounter with the good old smoke-cloud monster along the way.  On the mainland, Ben’s still trying to get everyone together, despite Sayid and Kate both walking off, and how he has a hook:  he knows Sun’s husband is alive, and he can prove it to her. Find out how, just after the jump.

That Guy Is A Jerk

Wednesday, February 11 by

There isn't really a reason to watch the show Wife Swap. But it's provided the internet with a few characters over the years who we can enjoy in videos like this. I cant watch without wanting to drive to San Francisco and punch this guy right in his stiff-upper-lipped monocle. His shirts are amazing. They say things like 'Tree-Hugger' and "Sus-Tain-Ability." They might be homemade. ARRRGH, it's infuriating. More on Mr. Fowler, and some other links. Stephen Fowler Is A Jerk Face (Gawker)ALERT: You Need To Watch Joaqin on Letterman Tonight (AICN)Look! It's Tom Cruise. And he's Running! (Unreality)

Wednesday TV Preview

Wednesday, February 11 by

Unlike last week's rather unexciting lineup, tonight's chock full of TV goodies. Lost continues to unhinge from the boundaries of time, Demetri Martin premieres his new show (haven't you seen all our ads?!), and crazy Joaquin Phoenix guests on Letterman, where you know he's going to continue his questionable hi-jinks. What a night! Your preview after the jump.

The 18 Best Rockumentaries of ALL TIME

Wednesday, February 11 by

After paying an exorbitant fee on Ticketmaster just to print your tickets out (convenient and immediate), you still have to scour for parking, only to wait in line behind whatever flannel print happens to be popular at the moment, to stand in another line to show your I.D. for foamy, overpriced draft beer in a plastic cup. After securing that perfect spot, to the left of the guy in the stovepipe hat and respectfully buffered from the fledgling larva of a mosh pit. The band lumbers onstage.They rush through eight songs, including that one that your girlfriend recognizes, “I know this! I didn’t know these guys sang this! I like this song.”Through the miracle of home DVD, you can now enjoy your favorite bands in the coolest of dive bars, “Your Couch”. These magical discs carry backstage interviews, a biography, and occasionally a sound check. These are rockumentaries. And they rock. Enjoy them at your leisure at home, where the bathroom isn’t blanketed with an inch of urine.

Fringe: The Case Of The Melting Face

Wednesday, February 11 by

"Me and Mr. Jones" should be Olivia's song of choice. It's pretty obvious that the evil teleporting Mr. Jones has an infatuation with her. Why else would he be drawing pictures of her in his German cell? We may think that he is crazy, but maybe Mr. Jone's obsession with Olivia is not just because she's blond and carries a gun….. It maybe because Olivia is an x-file herself. Here's the recappage and decide for yourself.

Scrubs Recap: My Comedy Show

Wednesday, February 11 by

J.D. and Turk prepare the interns for the annual comedy sketch which turns on them and nearly ends their bromance.  Janitor begins to question his own mental stability after (possibly) witnessing Carla pluck a monstrous boob-hair. All in Episode 160: My Comedy Show.Workaholic

Scrubs Recap: My Absence

Tuesday, February 10 by

Episode 159: My Absence Elliot copes with J.D.'s absence from Sacred Heart while Turk tries to get everyone excited about the arrival of his second child. You Say Potato… While doing rounds, Cox tells the interns how to treat Mr. Fancone- a comatose patient- who he affectionately refers to as a 'potato'.  He tells them the best thing to do is to smother him in sour cream, chives, and bacon bits.  Put simply: Cox doesn't want to be bothered by patient's whose conditions are beyond his control. Round Two

Face Melting Tuesday Night Preview

Tuesday, February 10 by

An hour of Scrubs, where J.D. and Turk stage a comedy show with their interns, and then a deadly toxin is melting peoples faces off/killing them on an very very very special new episode of Fringe. Your preview after the jump.

Land Of The Lost Trailer

Tuesday, February 10 by

Land Of The Lost was one of my favorite shows as a kid. But from a mix of too much beer, some head trauma, and the fact that I was very young when it was on, I can not remember anything other than the intro song. Which means that if this adaptation misses the mark, I wont be able to tell. And I'll be too busy laughing at Danny McBride. The man is a genius. Director: Brad SilberlingCast: Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Danny R. McBride, Pollyanna McIntosh, Michael PapajohnSynopsis: Three adults inadvertently stumble into a mysterious land populated by dinosaurs and other creatures, including the mysterious and dangerous race of Sleestak.Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Release Date: June 5, 2009 

TONIGHT: The Whitest Kids U’Know On IFC

Tuesday, February 10 by

Sketch comedy is kinda dead, and the millions of people who can upload unfunny videos to the internet are the ones who killed it. The Whitest Kids U'Know are one of the few troupes that still seem to be able to do something with the format. They moved to IFC last year and have been putting out solid content ever since. The show is only 15 minutes per episode, defiantly NSFW, and damn funny. New show tonight at 7. More vids at their IFC Site. Their first movie, Miss March is coming out March 13th.