Friday Night Lights

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A series detailing events surrounding the Dillon Panthers, a high school football team based in fictional Dillon, Texas, with particular focus given to the team's coach, Eric Taylor and his family. The show uses this small-town backdrop to address many issues facing contemporary Middle America.Airs: Friday, 9/8cStation: NBCBabes: Connie Britton, Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, Aimee Teegarden

Battlestar Plot Refresher

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Welcome to Earth. Please ignore the radiation.  Please ignore the fact that you are standing amongst the ruins of a great civilization. Please ignore the fact that getting to Earth was your goal since the fleet was cobbled together in the wake of the Cylon sneak attack.  Please ignore the fact that Earth was a made-up lie by one William Adama just to give you some kind of hope until, suddenly, it wasn't a lie any more.  Welcome to Earth, the legendary Thirteenth Colony.  How was your journey?

Tuesday Night Preview

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Tonight we have another full hour of new Scrubs on its new network, the most enjoyable aspect of Amerian Idol (the tryouts) and some Will Smith in I, Robot. Here's your daily digest of what's worth watching.

Best Audition For Anything Ever Period

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Those kids in Norway LOVE that death metal. So much that they can almost scream to the point of making themselves puke their lunch (herring salad) onto their knee high lace up leather boots. I give the dude an E for effort. I would give him an A if the competition was to sound like a half-retarded cat caught in a wood-chipper.Thanks to Stan for the tip.

To Catch a Predator Rap

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A few weeks back our fellow inmates at Holy Taco posted the Predator Rap. Now, as a followup, here's the official To Catch A Predator Rap. Kudos to these MC's.

7 Rappers Who Need To Act

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Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg and Queen Latifah are just a few of the rappers who have spun gold records into box office gold. But what about those emcees that haven’t had the same opportunities? Here are a few hip-hop stars that never made the leap to the silver screen and the roles that they were born to play.

An Orchestral Doogie Howser (SNL Digital Short)

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It's cool that Neil Patrick Harris is able to poke fun at himself. I'd imagine it came from a meeting with an agent sometime in his early twenties where an Ari Gold type said "Listen. You can either die being known as a pussy little boy genius douche on that shit storm of a crap show or you can listen to what I say and let the world know how much you love hookers and blow. It's your career, jerkwad."


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Agent Walker is pissed that she got played Bauer, and promises Larry Moss that she'll find him and bring him in. Tanner, the sniper, is about to wake, and will be interrogated for more answers. President Taylor gets on the phone with Larry Moss, and she's not happy that they let Bauer and Almeida out. But theres still a decision to be made about whether or not to pull out of Sangala.Bill leas Tony and Bauer into the CTU batcave. There's some explaining to do. Tony was injected by Emerson with a compound that kills you, but makes you able to recusitate. He was employed Emerson because of grievance aginst the U.S. gov't. And now he has to be put back undercover to investigate the 'pervasive' corruption thats exists. The team is back together, and Bauer insists they are his only trusted friends. Tony calls up Emerson, and they agree to meet up with him and Bauer.Back to the white house. Henry convinces his unwilling Secret Service agent to secretly drive him to the meeting with Samantha.Sean gets a phone call from his wife who's on the airplane. She's worried as hell and it makes Sean even more on edge.


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The 3rd hour begins with Ike Dubaku sending a personal threat to the President Taylor. He threatens Madame President with thousands of innocent lives, while he wants the President to hold back on invading his country.Meanwhile, an angry Larry Moss, Renee Walker and an aviator clad Bauer take Almeida into custody, and agree there's a traitor amongst them. "From now on, keep me in the loop!" a jealous Moss proclaims. Janeane G. awkwardly asks to lift up Almeida's shirt while she affixes nodes to his chest to prepare for the interrogation. A stone-faced Almeida looks ready for anything Bauer brings at him.Back with Dubaku and Emerson in their high-tech hideout. Ike is getting antsy to stretch his terroist muscles against the Americans, for the invasion is still on.

Monday Night TV Preview

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The 24 premier-a-thon continues with 2 more hours of Jack Bauer tonight. The people over at FOX have also started a Terminator:TSCC blog that will be releasing weekly video podcasts about production of the show (and tons of other nerdy crap for us to chew on before the show premieres Feb 13th). Man vs. Wild premieres tonight, or poop your pants to a screening of the The Shining. 24 2 Hours starting 8/7c on FOX Jack Bauer (24) kills a terrorist vampire style on – Watch more Movie Trailer

The Devil’s Tomb Trailer

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Synopsis: An elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab encounter an ancient evil in the facility.Cuba Gooding Jr: Probably has some gambling debt to pay off.

Part 2:9-10

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After Schechter was blown awa, Bauer gets his gun taken away by Renee before he can organize a team to take down the sniper in the Columbia Building. Meanwhile, Tony gets on the phone with the head of Air Traffic Control. Almeida asks him to watch the runways at JFK as he coordinates two planes to land on a collision course with eachother. As they are about to ram into eachother, Tony tells the pilot in GSA 117 to pull up. "This was only a warning shot," he says. Close call.A sleek man in sunglasses named Emerson exits his car with an entourage to enter Tony's hideout, a boat! Tony shows him the module for controlling airplanes, and lets him take away Latham. He asks Emerson what the hell is going on, but Emerson leaves him the dark, saying that he doesn't need any more information than necessary, yet he assures him that after it's done, they won't ever need to worry about money again. Oh yeah, and they both agree that having Bauer on their ass isn't good.

Part 1: 8-9

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Finally, after seemingly 24 years of not having a new Episode of 24, Jack Bauer is back in action saving the the world from emminent destruction one day at a time.The episode begins with a father and daughter in a car heading towards school in Washington D.C. After a bit of squabbling about cell phone texting, the father gets a cell phone call with no one on the other end. Then, as he drives through an intersection, a black mini-van t-bones the car, leaving Mr. Latham and his daughter shaken, but not seriously injured. 5 seconds later, another black van crashes into the back of the car, propelling it up and over another car. Masked men with assualt rifles cut Mr. Latham's seat belt and drag them into their van, and speed away from the scene. "I've got money" Latham wimpers, with a masked man retorting "we don't want your money, we want you to do something for us."

Review: Gran Torino

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I didn't get the point of Gran Torino. I also don't get the point when racist old people ramble about how discontent they are with what the world has become. But much like Gran Torino, I enjoy the every-loving hell out of watching them do it.


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24 is an action drama set in real time over the spand of a day. The show stars Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, a Counter Terrorist Unit agent who knows how to kick ass.Network: FOXAirs: Mondays 9/8c