Heroes Recap: Angela’s Story

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Angela Petrelli is front and center this episode,  as she relates to her family the terrible events that led to the destruction and death they see at Coyote Sands, including her relationship with the sister Alice no one ever knew she had. It's a Heroes episode that's a little bit light on the action, but heavy on some great Petrelli family moments, and it's after the jump.

24 Recap: 1am-2am

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While Tony's sneaking around the base, he sees a truck pull in. He gets a call from Bauer telling him that the President has called off the air strikes for some reason, and that he's got to get out of there. Then Almeida takes a closer look at the truck, and sees that it's is a gas tanker holding would-be fuel for surface-to-air missiles. Bauer says he'll get in contact with the President.Madame President admits that Hodges is blackmailing her with the missiles. Bauer explains how Almeida can get inside the bunker and blow up the fuel tanks with C4 he's got in his utility bag. At first she is ardently reluctant. "How long did they give you to live?" she asks Bauer. "They don't know."–"Then there's not much I can do to stop you." She hangs up.Bauer takes that as a indirect order to go ahead with the plan to have Almeida go in, and so he transfers the order to Tony, who has the utmost confidence in himself that he can complete the mission and blow up the missiles and bio-weapons. He holds up one Hodges' goons, and heads down into the fuel tanks.


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Today, a new sizzle reel for Angels & Demons was released and got us very excited.  In it, composer Hans Zimmer talks about his wanting to create a soundscape that the film can own.  Here's a peek that Screenjunkies has exclusive-ized because we can, and because we had some success the last time we exclusive-ized an Angels & Demons clip. Angels & Demons & Hall & Oates & Farts – Watch more Funny Videos Okay okay… if you want to see the real sizzle reel with Zimmer's real score – that sounds pretty awesome, in all honesty – look no further than the jump.


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According to MTV Movies Blog, Star Trek's Chris Pine has spoken with A-Team movie director Joe Carnahan about the possibility of playing "Howling Mad" Murdock.  "Murdock is my man,” said Pine to MTV.  If it happens, Pine and Carnahan would be reuniting for the first time since Smokin' Aces back in 2006 – Pine's first big role.  He played a Neo Nazi assassin.  Who would be your Dream A-Team to back up Pine'sMurdock?  Here's who we think could be more than serviceable members of this crack commando unit.  If you have a problem.  If no one else can help and you can find them, maybe you can cast these guys:

Monday TV Preview

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Now that you capped those horrendous 40 days without footlong hotdogs, sit down and indulge with your old pal TV. Tonight, there's only 3 episodes left before the Heroes go on summer vacation, and 24 promises you a clock stopping episode replete with Jon Voight's killer Congolese virus. Your preview after the break.   Heroes 9/8c on NBC


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Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes is set to begin filming of their A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot at the end of this month. Fans everywhere rejoiced recently when it was announced that Jackie Earle Haley would don the sweater and glove of Freddy Krueger. Still no news about which young starlet will be playing Nancy, the film’s protagonist. We’ve compiled a list of sweet dream girls that we think should go toe-to-toe with the iconic dream slayer.  LEIGHTON MEESTER


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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse has been hired on to write the adaptation of "Battling Boy" for Brad Pitt's Plan B and Paramount. "Battling Boy" is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Paul Pope, and is due to be published by First Second Books in the spring of 2010.  It is the story of the "son of a god who comes down from the top of a mountain… to rid the giant, continent-sized city of Monstropolis of a plague of beasts."  Check out some original artwork from the world of "Battling Boy" here.Tse has been the king of big screen adaptations recently…


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CNN reports that actor and hemp spokesman Woody Harrelson recently attacked a member of the paparazzi. Harrelson, star of the upcoming film Zombieland, had this to say about the incident:"…Still very much in character, I was startled by a paparazzo, who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie," Our advice to Woody when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi (zombie or not), aim for the head. Kill the brain and you kill the ghoul. More morning news…Eliza Dushku, Chelsea Handler and Padma Lakshmi are totally naked. (Allure) Real Michael Bay joins Twitter;  Internet explodes shortly thereafter. (/film)Megan Fox's body. (Dread Central)Spike announce Pirate Hunters show. Think COPS on the high seas. (Variety) Seth Rogen wants to climb back aboard Pineapple Express. (MTV)Break the lock on Scott Pilgrim's diary. (AICN)Get to know the mutants of Wolverine. If you haven't already. (Coming Soon)

Terminator: TSCC Recap: Born to Run

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The Sarah Connor chronicles comes to a chilling conclusion tonight, but doesn’t fail in explaining major pieces to the origins of a story conceived 25 years ago. Watching the NewsAgent Aldridge reiterates Sarah’s rights, but it’s a speech she’s heard many times before.  He then lists the details of her incarceration; the murder of Miles Dyson, the destruction of a Los Angeles Bank, and a firefight resulting in a young girl’s kidnapping and five dead, two of which are law enforcement officers.  Sarah’s crimes cover a range of time extending from ten years into the past up until this Monday, just before her apprehension.  Aldridge wants20to know where John Connor is.  Sarah is adamant that her son is dead: he died in the bank explosion. 

FNL Recap: Tomorrow Blues

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Breaking Bad Recap: Peekaboo

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Jesse wants Spoog and he’s got murder on the mind. So he goes to Spoog’s shotgun shack. Jesse’s more scared than Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. He breaks into to this roach infested room and a creepy little red headed brat walks in and turns on the tube. But the cute little guy is the only one home. Jesse who dubs himself Diesel (#32 to all the Shazam fans) will have to wait to get revenge on Spoog. In the suburbs, Skyler calls Walt’s old friend Gretchen and thanks her for helping with Walt’s medical bills. Gretchen’s confused and they plan to meet up. Meanwhile, Walt busy at work, has a little talk with the principle Carmen who’s about a 12 on the babe meter and seems to have a little interest in our cue ball hero Walt. When Walt gets home there’s a hot ass Bentley sitting in the drive way. It turns out Gretchen showed up at Walt’s place but held up Walt’s lie about his medical pay. This is awkward.

Dollhouse Recap: Spy in the House of Love

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When Topher learns that there’s a spy in the Dollhouse, Echo and Sierra are imprinted as spy-hunters and deployed on separate missions in order to flush out the mole.A Spy in the House of LoveThe episode begins with Echo and Sierra wandering through the halls of The Dollhouse. There are screams from behind one of the doors on the floor above and a gunshot rings out, blood splattering against the glass on the other side.  Echo’s dominatrix uniform indicates that her next mission is going to be something naughty.  She talks about trust, pain, and her dungeon.  After her mission, she is wiped.Dominique and Dr. Saunders speak openly about the Dollhouse in front of Echo.  The two discuss the pros and cons of what they do here, dwelling mostly on the cons.  Dr. Saunders thinks that the system is flawed, but not for the same reasons as Dominique.


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Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you can't deny the holiday is up there with Halloween and Valentine's in terms of the sheer amount of holiday-themed crap you can buy.  And who better to celebrate with than filmmaker Michael Bay, who got his start hawking products left and right (and blowing some up, occasionally) as a commercial director.  Michael Bay basically invented the "sheet metal porn" subgenre of car ads.  But what if he crossed his eye for drama with his eye for product while staring at a box of Kellogg's High School Musical cereal?  Well, you'd get Screenjunkies reader Chris Capel's short film, entitled "Michael Bay Eating a Bowl of Cereal.  Let it blow your mind after the jump.


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Hey kids!  Dragonball Evolution opened nationwide today.  And if you didn't know already, it stars Emmy Rossum!  Well she's just adorable – so adorable, we're willing to bet that her adorableness rubs off on not so adorable surroundings.Case in point, just look at this still from Dragonball.  Adorable! Now look at it again without Emmy Rossum.