Strike A Robo-Pose Morning News

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There are new Transformers 2 one sheets up over at Yahoo. The posters feature battle-damaged Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream. Coming soon to a movie theater lobby or nerd's bedroom near you! Big Dork has a big dork in MTV's new Hard Times. (Hollywood Reporter)Dom DeLuise has shuffled off this mortal coil. (Empire)Deadpool spin-off! A spin-off of a spin-off? That's the movie equivalent of thinning the gene pool. (Latino Review)Sam Rockwell is the brains. (The Playlist)Will Ferrell is watching you. (First Showing)


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Well, it was inevitable, really.  The Punisher is teaming up with Eminem in an all new Marvel comic book.  Read more about it at FilmDrunk, who actually had something insightful to say about it, unlike us.  We just laughed like a schoolgirl thinking of the inevitable in which Eminem can get challenged to battle lyrically, then win because the guy with the twin uzis, trenchcoat and the skull painted on his shirt is standing behind him without his knowlege.  Crowd pleaser!!!And while you're at it, check out these other peoples' insights about stuff and things and more stuff.Supreme Court Listens To Janet Jackson (MoonDogSports)The Best Of Keyboard Cat (SickPigs)Kate Beckinsale Is Hot (Manofest)RP Dom DeLouise (Pajiba)A Corset like Pirates of the Caribbean, but on a dude, and on ice (With Leather)Abby M's Spank Bank (GorillaMask)Homemade Wolverine Claws (IAmBored)Instruction Manuals For The Enterprise (Cracked)More on Wolverine 2 (Filmofilia)Unborn Official Art (DreadCentral)Celebrity Autobiographies We'd Like To See (Holytaco)Celtics Fans Can't Hold Their Booze (BustedCoverage)Charity Hodges Is Also Hot (Uncoached)Trekkies Bash New Star Trek (Unreality)


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A new extended scene from Rian Johnson's upcoming The Brothers Bloom has hit the 'Net, and we have it.  Watch carefully as star Rachel Weisz shows how to deliver a compelling monologue while demonstrating the sort of card trickery reserved for hustlers and extremely talented birthday party magicians. Brothers Bloom – Card Trick Scene – Watch more Funny VideosIf you liked that, check out our Brothers Bloom image gallery after the jump.  The film opens in NY and LA on May 15, then wide on May 29. 

Samberg! Arnett! Hader! ‘Slaughter Shack!’

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Andy Samberg and Will Arnett in Slaughter Shack – Watch more Funny VideosI generally stay away from the MTV Movie Awards as much as possible, but their promo videos and interstitials during the show keep pulling me back in time and time again.  This time, it's a Road House-inspired fight scene with Andy Samberg, Will Arnett and an amazing cameo by – dare I say it? – someone carrying Phil Hartman's torch… Bill Hader.   


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The reviews are rolling in for JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot, and they're glowing like a phaser set to "kill."  And boy, does Abrams knows how to cast killer lady actors.  For the rest of this week, Screenjunkies will be singling out a Star Trek starlet each day and giving you a few tidbits of their career history before opening night.  Set loins to "aroused."Today's girl is Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura in the film. Where you've seen her: As Anamaria in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, as Dolores Torres in The Terminal, and as Angie Jones in Vantage Point.  She'll also be in the film version of the second coming of Jesus, James Cameron's Avatar. Pointless Quote: “You need 100% commitment; you have to be willing to wake up every morning knowing you're going to practice eight hours straight.”See the photos of Zoe after the jump:


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The new trailer for Michael Mann's 1930s Gangster flick Public Enemies hit the 'Net earlier today.  So far, so awesome.  It sort of pulls the old A Knight's Tale gimmick of putting contemporary music in a period piece, albeit not quite to the same obvious degree.  But then someone thought golly gee, this movie looks so authentic, we'd be nuts not to give it the ol' newsreel treatment, see!  Watch more Funny Videos We think it fits right in there with some of the old talkies.  Except for the steadicam work, the real car stunts and the lack of horrid compositing. 

Turning Japanese Morning News

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Hugh Jackman will be heading to Japan. After kicking the hell out of Matthew McConaughey and the swine flu this past weekend, a Wolverine sequel has been announced. Empire reports that the sequel to the spin-off will focus on the Yakuza storyline from the comics. But I would much prefer to see Wolvie square off against a penis monster or a chimpanzee on a Segway. Ha! Ha! Ha! That chimp thinks he's people!!The nominees for the coveted 2009 MTV Movie Awards have been announced. (Cinema Blend) Nicolas Cage runs over New Yorkers. (MTV) NBC unveils more crappy shows. (Reuters) A child rapping? That will be the day! (The Playlist) Fringe renewed for second season. (TV Guide)


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This trailer just might satisfy your thirst for LOTR until Del Toro's double header Hobbit comes out… Trailer 2 – The Hunt For Gollum [2]by HuntForGollum  Who knows where the hell all these nerds got the money for helicopter shots and decent makeup, or where they picked up the hot Arwen who's down to kiss said nerds, but these guys (actually 160 volunteers) put together what looks to be a surprisingly good fan film that might actually get off those Simarllion-reading fanboys out there. Check out it out in it's entirety, all 40 minutes of the film (which was released world-wide just two days ago) right after the break.

Zoe Saldana

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The NBA Playoffs are (finally) into the second round and at long last we have gotten over an unbelievably uneventful NCAA Tournament. So, needless to say, we’ve seen some good basketball lately (apart from the Utah Jazz – jab!). Why not take a look at some of Cinema’s darker basketball moments? You know the ones – super-leaping little children tomahawk-dunking on some white doofus’ face when the glass shatters at the buzzer and the crowd goes wild. Those are the moments when people realize, and movies preach, life is not all about basketball. It’s about love, friendship, hard work, and sweat. Lots and lots of sweat.   It’s all still about basketball, though. That’s why the hero gets carried off the court on people’s shoulders. No one gave a damn about anyone learning a lesson, they cared that their team won the game at the last friggin’ second! Not only that, the team showed those jerks over at Opponent High (Fighting Muskrats) that they were the better basketball players and therefore the better people. 


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If the studios ever run out of comic book properties to adapt, maybe they should take their creative execs on a retreat to Cincinnati for inspiration.  Check out this video of "The Shadow Hare," the Queen City's resident masked vigilante.  "Since when has Cincinnati had one great hero?" asks Shadow Hare.  I don't know.  Maybe Neil Armstrong.  Maybe Steven Spielberg.  Maybe Ulysses S. Grant.  All crime fighters in the Cincinnati area before they were famous.  Only Spielberg was captured on film, though. See more at SickPigs Other junk you will like if you are into movies or learning something new whilst masturbating: Giant Gallery o' Kate Beckinsale (Manofest) Megan Fox ogles own cleavage in mirror (Film Drunk) This is how you celebrate Star Wars Day (Holy Taco) Scarlett Johanssen directs Kevin Bacon in "This Film Will Never See The Light of Day" (Pajiba) Rebecca Miller has inordinately large fake breasts (Gorilla Mask) The Ball of Yarn That Attacked San Francisco (I-Am-Bored) Angels & Demons Poster Will Not Have Fart Sound FX as Planned (Filmofilia) Avatar rehearsals in the rainforest?  Add $10 million to the budg, Fox! (Filmonic) Kevin Costner should make biopic about this gold diggin' baseballer (BustedCoverage) The porn version of Stallone's 'The Expendables' has been cast (Uncoached) Please don't let this be Sam Worthington in Avatar (Unreality Mag) Man dies attempting idiotic stunt (Nothing Toxic) Hottest Crazy Women on Film (Chickipedia)

Monday TV Preview

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Tonight, a ballerina's lungs implode during a performance and then the skin on her body starts falling off (House), Jack Bauer gets closer and closer to thwarting a secret society of CEO's hell bent on terrorizing their own country (24), and the Discovery channel gives us thorough insight into the military 'Juggernaut.' Your extended preview and an awesome video of a tank jumping from a mound and firing it's main weapon mid-air.


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This past weekend, after a second screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I came to terms with the fact that, from time to time, I have an insatiable appetite for comic books.  Maybe I just got wrapped up in Fox's full-on marketing assault this time?  Check.  Maybe it's a feeling of desperation to recapture my youth?  Oh god… check.  I got so into it, I belabored over the contents of a piece on X-Men stories that should be on film… and in doing so, I found myself needing to revisit a bunch of the classic Marvel back-issues.  One problem.  All my back issues are stowed away, carefully bagged and boarded  in my grandparents' basement back in the Midwest.  And as much as my grandfather would probably be willing to ship every single one of them to me via UPS ground – god bless him – I needed them at my fingertips, and pronto.And then I discovered Marvel Digital Comics, which was an experience I can only imagine as akin to the first radio, television, or downloaded porn mpg…

Best Worst Movie News

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Below we have the new trailer for Best Worst Movie, a documentary that tells the poignant tale of a movie that sucks nards. Enjoy! Best Worst Movie Trailer from Best Worst Movie on Vimeo.via CinematicalKatie Cassidy and Clancy Brown move to Elm Street. (Latino Review)Ben Stiller adopts Nigerian. (Cinema Blend) The Tarantino Mixtape. (/Film)Hugh Jackman sees dead people. (Coming Soon) Save Sarah Connor or we all get robo-fragged. (io9)

Breaking Bad Recap: 4 Days Out

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Walt’s cancer is getting worse. He realizes that he’s gonna have to cook like crazy to make sure his family is provided for. After the cost of laundering his money, orchestrated by good old Saul, he’s only got 9 grand. So he and Jesse lie to their respective women and head out to the desert with plenty of Funyons and drinking water for a weekend long meth cook off. After a nice little drug making montage they come out with about 42 pounds and they stand to make over half a million bucks each. They’ve still got a little methylamine left so they decide to take a break and head into town for a grand slam at Denny’s. But it turns out old Jesse left the keys in the ignition and the battery died. So they try to jump the Methmobile with a generator. But the generator catches fire. And then Jesse dumps their cooler of drinking water on the flames. The fire’s out but they are fucked. They call Skinny Pete who agrees to come pick them up. After waiting for hours they decide to call Skinny again and it turns out he got lost, then Walt’s phone dies. Oh crap.