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The newest trailer for the Will Ferrell comedy Land of the Lost debuted today, adn we have it after the jump.  The opening classroom scene is a nice little twisted spin on the classic Kindergarten Cop kids-say-the-darnedest-things conceit, setting up Ferrell's character as a failing scientist a bit more than we've seen in the Superbowl spot.  After that, it's pretty much two minutes of Ferrell running around and scream-talking at special effects, all underscored by The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again."  The he gets to make out with Anna Friel.  Typical.


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Crank writing/directing duo Neveldine & Taylor’s next movie (shot prior to Crank: High Voltage) is a futuristic thriller called Gamer, and features everyone's favorite Spartan Gerard Butler as a "star player" in a game called "Slayers," in which humans – like Butler – control other humans in online gaming environments.  Such a meta-actioner.  A metactioner.  I just coined it.  Send me money!!!Royalties aside, I think the new interactive poster for the film is worth showing you guys.  You can move your mouse over Butler's face and, instead of drawing a mustache like normal, you get to peel away layers to show the mastermind controlling him in the film.  Actually, he doesn't look super authoritarian, so maybe he's more of a middle managemind.Get to playing with Butler's face after the jump


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Directors: Mark Neveldine/Brian TaylorCast: Gerard Butler, Milo Ventimiglia, Alison Lohman, Michael C. Hall, Efren Ramirez, Terry CrewsSynopsis: Set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments, a star player (Butler) from a game called "Slayers" looks to regain his independence while taking down the game's mastermind (Hall).(Formerly known as Citizen Game).


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Here's the last Star Trek starlet to get you prepped for Abrams's sexed up reboot, if you haven't seen it three times already.  Our featured girl's roles have gotten smaller and smaller each day, and we're ending on a girl who's character is basically the equivalent of an Original Series red shirt, minus the expendable part.  Yes, it's siren Rachel Nichols as "Gaila," the green Star Fleet Cadet! Where You've Seen Her Before: Rachel's familiar with Abrams and company, having guest starred on the fifth (and final) season of "Alias" as CIA Agent Rachel Gibson.  She also showed up in the remake of The Amityville Horror, in Charlie Wilson's War as one of "Charlie's Angels," and in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, which you have secretly seen and enjoyed on a lonely saturday night.  You're going to be seeing a lot more of Rachel this summer, as she's also starring as Scarlett in G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra.Random Quote: "I am smarter than you, and I am better looking, and I have an accomplished career, and I’m not even thirty."Well then.  See how accomplished Rachel is in these racy photos after the jump.


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Detective Salinger’s gun is stolen by gang bangers and the detectives launch an off-record investigation to relocate the weapon.  Their search takes them a bit deeper than they had anticipated. Worst NightmareSalinger removes himself from the driver’s seat of a vehicle he’s managed to wrap around a pole.  All that remains of the hood is warped metal and smoke.  He crumbles to his knees and spits blood.  We learn that a cop’s most commonly recurring worst nightmare is one where they lose their gun.  For Sal, the nightmare has become a reality. Everybody’s Doing ItTammy sneaks a joint in the bathroom she and Detective Bryant share.  Sam is lying in bed, calling to his wife who won’t respond.  The dog is going ape-shit, clawing at the door.  Sam bursts in to find his wife getting high.  He tells her to flush it which she does, but not before reminding him that he used to love doing it, too. Cat Lady


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Parks and Recreation: The BanquetLeslie begins the episode by regaling the camera crew with the tale of William Bixby Mark, who traded a baby to a tribe of Native Americans for what is now Indianapolis. She then goes on to say that these same Native Americans cut off Mark’s face and crafted a dream-catcher out of it, before making rain-sticks out of his legs. After she praises the resourcefulness of these Natives, who use “every part of the pioneer”) the credits roll, and we’re off!


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Of course the big news this weekend is that the J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Trek is playing in wide-release. Reviews have been glowing so far and the movie is sure to rake in the Earth bucks and be a smash hit. Finally! Thanks so much for making Trek sexy and cool. Now I can wear my Spock ears in public without the fear of getting a front-wedgie. Here are more morning headlines…WEREWOLF: THE SERIES finally coming to DVD!!! (Dread Central) Bruce Willis is Obsessed with Beyonce and lawn care. (NY Mag)District 9 teaser poster is not welcoming. (Yahoo)Mike Tyson sings! Please auto-tune. Kthxbai. (The Playlist) Sin City 2: City Of Sin in the works. (Latino Review)More MAD TV. God. Please, why?! (TV Squad) Happy Mother's Day! (THR)


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One Eyed Monster Trailer – Watch more Movie TrailersThis is the trailer for the film, One Eyed Monster starring Ron Jeremy, available on DVD right now.  It's a horror movie about Jeremy's detached penis going on a rampage, and an adult film crew banding together to stop it, natch.  Somewhere, a Gender Studies professor is already beginning her dissertation on the film as a biting media satire, but I'm pretty sure it's just about a giant dick killing people.  At about 1:59 in the clip, an actor pretty much sums up the movie, and his line delivery is so earnest, he should win an award or something.    Check out the links from some other huge dicks that we fear & respect. Favre's Agent Wants To Win Another Superbowl (MoonDogSports) 10 Hilarious Movies That Got Awful Reviews (UnrealityMag) Mike Tyson Sings Phil Collins (FilmDrunk) Images of Robert Downey Jr. in his Iron Man 2 Suit (Pajiba) '12 Months' In Estonian (Manofest) The Keyboard Cat Should Have co-starred in Garfield 2 (SickPigs) Carla Morgan Is Spankin' Hot (GorillaMask) This Guy's The Life Of THe Party (IAmBored) Star Trek's Most Ridiculous Alien Races (Cracked) Awesome District 9 Trailer (Filmofilia) Manny Ramirez's Steroid Storyboards (Holytaco) Eyes Wide Shut Orgy, Arizona State-style (BustedCoverage) Hotties In The Wild Internet (Uncoached)


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It's Mother's Day on sunday, and Screenjunkies is saluting the top ten movie moms from whom we wouldn't mind receiving a spanking.  Deciding this was difficult.  We pored over days' worth of DVDs…  held focus groups in top secret testing facilities underneath Beverly Hills… and even phoned our Dads to get their opinions.  What resulted is this list – a virtual who's who of cinematic MILFage from the past twenty years.  You may not agree with them as your personal ten, but you can't deny that if any of them were your mother… then you probably have/had a lot of friends ask to spend the night at your place in high school.Send in the MOMS!!! HALLE BERRY as Leticia Musgrove in Monster's Ball


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Star Trek officially opens tonight and Mother's Day is Sunday.  How appropriate, then, that we introduce you to Jennifer Morrison, who plays Winona Kirk, the mother of Capt. James Tiberius Kirk, in JJ Abrams' film.  There are several different backstories associated with the character, but no matter what reality you buy into as a Trekker, you can't deny Jennifer's practically playing the mother of god. Where you've seen her before: She's probably most familiar as Dr. Allison from Fox's "House" series, but she's also played Jamie in Grind, Amy in Urban Legends: Final Cut, and Chris in a small 2004 film called Mall Cop, whose makers probably hate their lives right now.Random Quote: "My resume for Cameron has me graduating medical school the year I graduated junior high.”See pictures of Jennifer after the jump:


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In the Scrubs series finale tears are shed, laughs are shared, confessions are made, disputes are resolved, and hugs that should have been distributed years ago are finally given. Morning SexJ.D.’s finale begins in the same place his career with Sacred Heart began eight years ago.  He wakes this morning next to Elliot and thinks back to his first day and all the things that happened then.  He remembers hiding with Elliot in the supplies closet, Kelso’s first unkind words to him, and the time Janitor accused him of sticking a penny in the door, sealing it shut.  J.D. tries to use the fact that it’s his last d ay to score some morning sex, but Elliot isn’t having it.  She tells him that she moved her bed into his apartment, and J.D. realizes that she’s been “sneak-moving” into his new place.  Eventually, J.D. gets his morning sex. Bitter Roast


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“Star Trek” has been lying on the emergency room table for a good 10 years now, finally flat-lining with the ultra-flop “Nemesis” back in 2003, and then being confirmed dead when the pitiable TV series “Enterprise” was cancelled in 2005.  After having overcome cancellation, diminishing box office returns, and an increasingly maligned mythology only taken seriously by hardcore fanboys, “Star Trek” looked like it had finally breathed its last  Enter JJ Abrams, who has retooled, rebooted, and re-energized this franchise into a slick, hip, action-packed and character-driven summer blockbuster that will bring in much-needed new fans and please plenty of hard-to-satisfy Trekkies.  The hardcore fans won’t be happy, but then again, are they ever?


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  You want to see the new Star Trek, don't you? Don't you?!?! Ok then. Just Google 'star trek showtimes,' and pick from the lot. In the 25 mile radius of theatres around my house, Star Trek is being shown 89 times tonight between it's premiere at 7pm and the midnight screenings. Oh look–There's even a theater playing it every minute! Heck, why not avoid the costumed drunken Klingons and just see it at 3am tomorrow morning on IMAX? And what about you, Enterprise, AL? Or even you, 'Captain' Kirkland, WA? Bottom line, it's playing everywhere, all the the time. And it's going to kick ass. So get your damn tickets already (they're going fast).KHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!In preparation for tonight's festivities, read our review of the film, or check out some Trek video delights after the jump:

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io9 has uncovered a few clips from the awfulsome direct-to-DVD movie, Lockjaw. I've embedded one of the scenes below. It features DMX fighting a voodoo-created snake-alligator using only his wits and a bazooka. That synopsis is pretty much the tattoo that I was planning on getting. Just watch it already.Lockjaw – Watch more Funny VideosBill Maher uncovers the Susan Boyle sex-tape. (TV Squad)   Kiefer Sutherland probably still drinking. (National Ledger)   Rambo shirt will get you killed everywhere except Mexico. (Cinematical) Ninja trailer looks pretty all right. (Cinema Blend) Whatever Works poster highlights LD's junk. (First Showing)


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Mothers Day Card 03 – Watch more Funny Videos