Mickey Rourke Comeback Continues

Monday, November 17 by

Killshot is the second movie that will feature previously dead actor Mickey Rourke. People are already talking Oscar for his role in The Wrestler. Although you'll have to wait until Jan 16th to see it, Joblo has a new poster.

Entourage ‘Play’n With Fire’

Sunday, November 16 by

 Schadenfreude is a noun meaning satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune. Every time you watch TMZ, or a dumb kid on the internet falling off his skateboard, or your jerk of a boss getting subpoenaed for sexual harrassment–that little smirk you get in all of those situations qualifies for that very German word.

Olga Kurylenko Throws Off Her Bonds

Friday, November 14 by

Quantum of Solace opens today and its expected to smash the weekend box office.  In that case I might just stay home tonight and watch this video of Olga Kurylenko's Maxim magazine photo shoot over and over again and wait for the lines to die down. Check it out.

10 Craziest Elisabeth Hasselbeck Moments

Friday, November 14 by


30 Rock ‘The One With The Cast Of Night Court’

Friday, November 14 by


Hot New Watchmen Theatrical Trailer

Friday, November 14 by

Call me CRAZY, but I’m going to mix things up a little bit and start the day off with a trailer. Everyone is excited about this one. And not without good reason. Watch, and you shall see.

SNL Adds 2 To The Cast

Thursday, November 13 by

Abby Elliott and Michaela Watkins have been added to the SNL cast. Elliot is the daughter of Chris Elliot, making her a second generation SNL performer. I gotta be honest, she doesn’t seem that funny. Video evidence after the MORE button.

Joaquin Phoenix Op Ed

Thursday, November 13 by

The enigmatic Joaquin Phoenix clears up some common misconceptions about his recent decision to quit acting, as well as his career in general. 

The Office ‘Business Trip’

Thursday, November 13 by

Michael travels to the land of Can-a-DA on a business trip and nearly hooks up with an exotic Canadian concierge, while Oscar and Andy bond over drinks at the bar. Back in Scranton, some Jim/Pam trouble starts to brew once Pam realizes she’s failed one of her classes, and Ryan tries to win back Kelly.A Foreign Land

CSI ‘Say Uncle’

Thursday, November 13 by

It’s a wonderful day in Korea Town. People are laughing, drinking, smiles all around! And then people get shot. Happiness turns to panic as bystanders flee from gunfire. A young boy donning blue sunglasses and blood splatters stands out from the crowd.

South Park ‘Elementary School Musical’

Thursday, November 13 by

  The South Park boys come face to face with the school's obsession with the High School Musical craze. Recap

2012 Trailer

Thursday, November 13 by

Awesome Trailer. By the way, did ya'll know the world is going to end in 2012? Just FYI.

Arrested Development Movie In The Works

Thursday, November 13 by

It’s being reported that Jeffry Tambor told Collider that the Arrested Development movie is a go.

CSI: Miami

Wednesday, November 12 by

A drama series based off of the widely popular CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series, CSI: Miami follows a team of forensic investigators as they use high- tech equipment and old fashion detective work to solve cases. Horatio Cane is a former homicide detective that now leads a team of investigators to find out the truth from the evidence.Network: CBS

Paris Hilton and Pee Wee In ‘Happiness’ Sequel

Wednesday, November 12 by

This is a nice fit for the You Cant Make This Stuff Up category. I’m still only partially recovered from the first installment. Which I watched 8 years ago.  I hope there’s a Paul Reubens Paris sex scene that involves lots of crying and something having to do with stuffed animals and childhood.