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Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you can't deny the holiday is up there with Halloween and Valentine's in terms of the sheer amount of holiday-themed crap you can buy.  And who better to celebrate with than filmmaker Michael Bay, who got his start hawking products left and right (and blowing some up, occasionally) as a commercial director.  Michael Bay basically invented the "sheet metal porn" subgenre of car ads.  But what if he crossed his eye for drama with his eye for product while staring at a box of Kellogg's High School Musical cereal?  Well, you'd get Screenjunkies reader Chris Capel's short film, entitled "Michael Bay Eating a Bowl of Cereal.  Let it blow your mind after the jump.


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Hey kids!  Dragonball Evolution opened nationwide today.  And if you didn't know already, it stars Emmy Rossum!  Well she's just adorable – so adorable, we're willing to bet that her adorableness rubs off on not so adorable surroundings.Case in point, just look at this still from Dragonball.  Adorable! Now look at it again without Emmy Rossum. 


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By Jay Riotta


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Reuters reports that Rick Deckard's (Harrison Ford) gun from Ridley Scott's Blade Runner will be up for sale at an upcoming Hollywood memorabilia blowout held by auctioneer Profiles in History."The blaster, with an estimated sales price of between $100,000 and $150,000, comes from Hollywood marketer and producer Jeff Walker, and Profiles in History called it the 'holy grail' of sci-fi weapons."Now, don't get me wrong.  The gun that "retired" Zhora and a few of the other Replicants is no slouch.  But calling it the Holy Grail of Sci-Fi weapons is the sort of stuff the gets you killed by this guy:

Weekend TV Preview

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We hate goodbyes! Two of our favorite of shows are culminating their seasons tonight. Terminator:TSCC promises a climactic face off with a T-1001, and Friday Night Lights ends with a majority of the cast moving on to college (but don't worry, the show got picked up for another 2 seasons). Don't start going outside or anything, Breaking Bad is still goin' strong, and the absence of one show means the emergence of another. Here's hoping for summer long Knight Rider series. Your preview after the break. 


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ANGELS AND DEMONS with Tom Hanks opens in theaters May 15, and a new film clip has just been released!  It's very dramatic.  The tension is compounded by all of the alpha males posturing in the room and looking like they're trying to hold in hot farts.  See for yourself in this exclusive Screenjunkies clip!!! Angels & Demons & Farts – Watch more Funny VideosThis clip is dedicated to Noah "Gold Dust" Griffith.

30 Rock Recap: Cutback

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This episode starts with the team celebrating after their 50th show. 50 hours of  dynamite comedy. Instead of arriving backstage to full wine bottles and a party, the crew finds empty wine bottles that are supposed to be used as paperweights. Jack pulls Liz aside and says there are going to be drastic cutbacks; the economy has hit the company hard. The entertainment division will face some of the most severe cutbacks. Jack tells Liz she has to put together a presentation that will be given to a group of cutthroat outside consultants, justifying her budget. Liz tells Jack not to worry, she has some tricks up her sleeve. Jack becomes worried when he finds Lemon means, “Trix up her sleeve”, as in the literal candy cereal up her sleeve.

Southland Recap: Unknown Trouble

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Southland kicks off it's series premiere by informing the viewer that there are only 9,800 police officers patrolling our streets here in LA.  The rest of the episode is spent proving that if Los Angeles is indeed the City of Angels, then the LAPD are the only ones we've got. Unknown Trouble It's the end of Sherman's first day on the job.  Police lights bathe the scene in waves of red and blue, exposing a bullet torn body slumped on the ground in a widening pool of blood.  Not too far away, a wounded officer is being hauled off by the paramedics on a stretcher, and a mob of girls is crying behind them.  Sherman steps up to the body on the ground and drops to his haunches.  The look on his face can mean anything; indifference, sorrow, regret, confusion… perhaps he needs to vomit.  He squats there for a moment before a voice calls out, "You ok, son?"


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From Emmy Award winners John Wells, Ann Biderman and Chris Chulack comes a raw and authentic look at a police unit in Los Angeles. From the beaches of Malibu to the streets of East Los Angeles, "Southland" is a fast-moving drama that will take viewers inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims and their families.Airs: Thursdays 10/9cNetwork: NBC

“IT’S KARATE KID ON A ______ !!!”

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In 1984, a seminal film in my life (and many others of my generation) was released. It was a little flick about an underdog wiener kid from New Jersey with a major chip on his shoulder who wanted to prove the the world that he could kick his own height. So with help from Arnold from Happy Days, the wiener kid finds his way to Karate glory – which means he got some plastic trophy from the local Prize Emporium Dealership. But, for us kids, Karate Kid wasn't about the karate, per se. We didn't all want to grow up and be ninjas (although that would explain the brief success of Michael Dudikoff), we just wanted to be able to kick a douchebag in the face. That and we figured if Ralph Macchio could score Elisabeth Shue, heck, surely we could.


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 South Park skewered Kanye West this week by portraying him as an arrogant, angry, slow on the uptake, spoiled beeyach. Kanye has since responded on his official blog by saying, "SOUTH PARK MURDERED ME LAST NIGHT AND IT'S PRETTY FUNNY. NOT AS FUNNY AS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I HAD WROTE IT THOUGH. AND THE ANIMATION WASN'T AS DOPE AS I WOULD DO IT. I WEAR WOOL SCARVES IN THE SUMMER AND UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES. I EXUDE GREATNESS. I INVENTED THE SNUGGIE."  The episode marks the first time since Mr. Hankey that the show has animated a singing piece of sh*t. (KANYE WEST BLOG) Observe and Report or Paul Blart: Date Rapist? (Cinematical)Has FOX foreclosed on Dollhouse? (io9)   VENOM MOVIE FTW!!! (I was being sarcastic.) (Latino Review)  Spongebob Square Pants shakes ass, ruffles feathers. (CCFC)   The Simpsons immortalized on junk mail. (TV Squad)


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IGN posted the new trailer for Moon, starring the kickass Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones, the son of David Bowie, who knows a thing or two about space travel, and has apparently bestowed his passion upon Ziggy Stardust Jr. The trailer explains all you need to know, but this looks like it has some definite ties to 2001 and especially the iconic HAL.  Only this time, HAL is sort of a talking emoticon.  Check out the trailer after the jump, as well as another clip courtesy of io9.  Just don't jump too hard because of the whole gravity thing.  Somewhere… in space… a physics teacher is laughing… right… now.

Parks and Recreation Recap: Pilot

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The show opens with our star Amy Poehler awkwardly interviewing a young girl about the exact level of fun she is experiencing at the moment in a public park (“would you say you’re having a moderate amount of fun and somewhat enjoying yourself?”), at which point she is interrupted to roust a homeless from the slide by forcing him out with a broom. And thusly we are introduced to the relentlessly enthusiastic Leslie Knope, a woman who’s clueless-ness is rivaled only by her indefatigable love for her job.She has a definite Michael Scott-esque quality to her, but dialed back about 15% on the stupidity, incompetence, awkwardness, basically everything that makes him such an insufferable doofus. Instead, she comes off as a more relatable, if still pitiable, character. Someone we come to love to cringe at. And cringe we do, as she makes an ass of herself for 22 extremely pleasant minutes, setting up what will hopefully be a good series, judging from the first installment.


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