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Just about everybody enjoys watching a goose-stepping kraut get his head blown off… Whites & blacks, Christians and Jews, liberals and conservatives; hell, even hardcore racists can find things to hate about the tenets of National Socialism (although say what you will, at least it’s an ethos).So, in honor of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, we here at Screen Junkies have complied the Top Ten Nazi Killing Movies of all time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of films that are guaranteed to put those filthy Huns where they belong: in the ground.


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You may remember that back in July we alerted you to RoboGeisha, the only film brave enough to broach the subject of stabbing people in the eyes with shrimp tempura. Noboru Iguchi's crazy Geishsploitation splatterfest is back with a second trailer and the awesome poster above. This movie just looks better and better all the time. Not only do the Geishas rock out to bad Paul McCartney covers but they can also continue to battle despite being sliced in two. Let's see Tony Jaa pull that off. (Dread Central) Peep the trailer and stick around for our morning links… ?????? / Robo-geisha (Trailer Two) – Watch more Funny Videos TV Host accused of killing for ratings. (Variety) Robert Downey Jr to play Lestat? (Empire) Sony rolls out plans for Spidey 5 and 6. (Cinema Blend) Hellboy talks Bubba Nosferatu. (First Showing)


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LAW ABIDING CITIZEN Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers Why is it that criminals always manage to kidnap or kill the family members of trained killers?  Have they not seen TAKEN? Crap, even Kevin Bacon, the "mild-mannered" executive in DEATH SENTENCE managed to get pissed enough to come back and kill off the ne'er do wells who murdered his kid.  (Okay, criminals, you get a pass on that one.  No one saw DEATH SENTENCE.)  But now we have LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, which stars Gerard Butler as a family man whose – gasp – wife and daughter are killed by criminals, and Jamie Foxx as the prosecutor who is forced into giving the bad guys a light sentence.  But here's the twist: Butler's character goes out for revenge SAW-style, and becomes the film's villain… while Foxx has to clean up the mess.  I don't know about you, but I have trouble buying Butler as someone to root against, at least based on this trailer.  Then again, I'm still waiting for Pixar to come out with their dog revenge fantasy where Dug from UP violently picks off Michael Vick and his cronies one by one after finding out Vick just got reinstated in the NFL. Here are your weekend links: Mandy Ashford Looks Good In Green (Gorillamask) Rick Pitino's Press Conference Doodles (Holytaco) Inglourious Plummers Would Be The Best Video Game Movie Ever (Filmdrunk) How To Beat A Speeding Ticket (Manofest) Boba Fett Plush Toy Most Adorable Bounty Hunter Ever (Walyou) The 5 Most Bangable Aliens Of All Time (Pajiba) How Indie Music Fans Pick Their Favorite Band (Cracked) 5 Reasons You're Not Dating Someone Smarter (Coedmagazine) Full House Alternate Intro (Sickpigs) Star Wars As Classic TV (Maxim) Larry King Is Hot (Celebjihad) Why Girls Cheat (Mademan) BJ Penn Won't Take On Diego Sanchez (Cagepotato) Funny People Cast Members Do Standup (Unreality) TV's Best Fictional Ad Agencies (Asylum) John Daly Drops Out Of PGA Championship, Releases Ballad (Bustedcoverage) Awesome Double KO's (Uncoached) The Most Awesome Rope Swing Ever (Regretfulmorning) Drink Like A Mad Man (Bachelorguy) Police Arrest Man With Gator Strapped To Back (Moondogsports) Why Did This Man Get Tased?  (Nothingtoxic) Pitch A Star Wars Fan Film To Olivia Munn (Atomfilms) More Wall Street 2 Casting News (Filmofilia)

Law Abiding Citizen

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Director: F. Gary Gray Cast: Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Leslie Bibb Synopsis: An everyman takes justice into his own hands when one of the murderers of his wife and daughter goes free after a plea bargain.  He sets his sights on tormenting the prosecuting lawyer that enabled this. Release Date: Octboer 16, 2009


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Let's get you squared away for the weekend. Tainted meat, spoiled pets, college hijinks, plane crashes, Neil Diamond, and Lucy Liu: Vampire Hunter round out what you should be watching. I should also note that you don't want to miss the return of Battle Whale.CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMPNOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN AND PACIFIC!!!


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The girls from The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard are back today, which means I am officially screwed on the title-related joke front.  But that's alright, because today's girl, Kathryn Hahn, is funny all on her own.  The talented comedienne has been a bit player in tons of comedies like Anchorman, Step Brothers, and… um, Reservation Road.  That was supposed to be funny, right?  On the small screen, she is well-known for her time on "Crossing Jordan," where her role Lily was created specifically for her by the show's creator, Tim Kring.  I guess Kring saw that Kathryn had "The Goods."  COUNT IT!A word from Kathryn: "To be worked into a show that was in production and on the schedule, is an amazing stroke of luck."It's not luck if you have the looks and humor on par with Ms. Hahn.  (I struggled to not repeat "The Goods" joke just then; it's too easy) Check out more hot photos of Kathryn after the jump!


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In honor of the very violent District 9 [Check out our review here] we'd like to salute the films where extra-terrestrials make first contact… upside yo' head (and then you die). Below are 10 grotesque clips of the goriest instances of alien-on-Earthling violence throughout cinema.CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO VIEW THE VIDEOS  "WATER MY ASS! BRING THIS MAN SOME PEPTO BISMOL!!!" — ALIEN (1979)  JASON LEE VS. THE SH*T WEASEL — DREAMCATCHER (2003)  BILL DUKE CAUGHT IN THE CROSS HAIRS — PREDATOR (1987)


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CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE COMICPlayboy and Quentin Tarantino have teamed up to create a comic strip adaptation of a scene from Inglourious Basterds with reports that the director hand-picked and edited the piece. Here's the scene in the director's own words, "Okay, so. The Basterds come upon this Nazi and he's like this real bad Von Trapp-hating motherf&*%er, y'know? So. And then Brad Pitt's all like, 'Listen David Hasslehoff. I's Aldo Raines and I didn't come all the way to Germany for the strudel. We's in the Natzi-killin' business and we's here for your scalp. Today the hills ain't alive with the sound of music, Colonel Clink-looking motherf%$^ker. They's alive with the sound of killin'.' So. Y'know? (*pause; grows quiet*) May I have another Orangina please, Scott?"SIDENOTE: It wasn't until just now that I realized comic book Brad Pitt closely resembles loveable drunkard Andy Capp. And enjoy these glourious morning links…Get your tickets for Avatar's sneak peek. (THR)Brett Ratner directing Youngblood, wants Robert Pattinson. (MTV)Zombieland poster, err.. posted. (Empire)Saw scribes return to television. (/Film)Hottie Abbie Cornish talks Sucker Punch. (First Showing)Build your own Batman tumbler. (Cinematical)


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GENTLEMEN BRONCOS Trailer – Watch more Movie TrailersGENTLEMAN BRONCOS looks to be a bizarre but good time. The third film from Jared and Jerusha Hess of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and NACHO LIBRE fame sets its sights on home-schooled children and fantasy sci-fi authors this time around with a couple of very funny people in the cast. Which features flying Conchord Jemaine Clement as a dickish author who plagiarizes his young ward. Clement's Ronald Chevalier is the ultimate hack. His advice to his students is that one "can add '-ainous' to anything and it becomes magical." Remind me not to sample his beef stew. Check out these afternoon links. They won't make your mother cry… Karli Madeline Operates Heavy Machinery…Kinda (Gorillamask) Email Exchange Between Somali Pirates (Holytaco) The Neverending Story Van Fight Story Never Ends (Filmdrunk) The 10 Hottest Boob-Flexing Videos Of All Time (Manofest) Transformers Cakes More Delicious Than Revenge Of The Fallen (Walyou) The 5 Best Salesman Characters In Film (Pajiba) 6 Cheap Acting Tricks That Fool The Critics Every Time (Cracked) How Men And Women Argue In Flowchart Form (Maxim) The Longest Crash In Star Wars History (Sickpigs) 5 Kick Ass Baseball Fights (Coedmagazine) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Twitpics (Mademan) Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant, But Who's The Father? SATAN?! (Celebjihad) Cris Cyborg Is Sick Of The "Beauty And The Beast" Fight Talk (Cagepotato) If Fictional Characters Became Real (Unreality) Swine Flu Was Anticlimatic For One Man (Asylum) Alabama-Virginia Tech Preview, As Told By Drunk Cowboy (Bustedcoverage) A Gallery Of Freaks Of Nature (Uncoached) Deer Tries To Jump Over Fence, Doesn't Really Work Out (Regretfulmorning) Cuba Failing-There Is No Toilet Paper (Moondogsports)


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Death metal, explosives, corny jokes, and injections. Tonight's TV preview reads like a night in the life of Jackass star Steve-O.CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMPNOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN AND PACIFIC!!!

Gentleman Broncos

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Director: Jared Hess Cast: Jemaine Clement, Sam Rockwell, Mike White, Michael Angarano Synopsis: A teenager at a fantasy writer's convention has his idea plagarized by a world-famous fantasy writer.Release Date: October 30, 2009


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While we gave her the nod in our hot female grifters feature, we felt Spread actress Margarita Levieva deserved her own gallery because, well, she's ridiculously good looking.  The Russian-born beauty spent her early life as a competitive gymnast on the Communist Russia payroll before moving to New York at 11.  There, she went to NYU and worked as a fashion buyer for Assets London (we don't know what that is either, but for now let's just assume it's something important).  She's got few film credits to her name at this point, with her only notable role being that of Lisa P in the awesome Adventureland.  However, she's hot and her name is the same as a delicious drink, so we feel she's going places.A word from Margarita: "I’m not an insecure person, per se, but I just never saw myself as the girl who walks into a place and everybody goes, ‘Wow.’"Rest assured, if she ever walked into the Screen Junkies offices, we would let out a collective wow.  Then, we'd awkwardly stammer through directions to the office she should be in.  It's obviously not ours. Check out more photos of Margarita after the jump!


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If you’v taken a second to stop touching yourself to thoughts of seein DISTRICT 9 this weekend, you may have noticed that there’s another movie opening Friday called THE GOODS:…


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Bryan Singer is in talks to bring a big screen version of Battlestar Galactica to theaters. Originally he was set to develop the television series reboot in 2001 but was c-blocked by the Taliban. The gig later went to Ron Moore and the rest is history. No word yet on the creative direction of the feature but let's hope it wraps up a little tighter than the new series did. I find it kind of odd that Universal is already rebooting a franchise that practically just completed its successful run. If this is the new norm, can we get a do-over on Transformers 2? (Hit Fix)Check out these morning links before they get remade…The Goods character posters are good. (Cinematical)Poltergeist remake actually coming to theaters. (/Film)New Dexter promo artwork. (Dread Central)Check out a clip of Timothy Olyphant in Lawman. (Cinema Blend)Facebook gets Ed Helms in over his head. (Latino Review)


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LEGION Red-Band Trailer – Watch more MOVIE TRAILERSThe new red-band trailer for LEGION hit the nets today and it looks like a winner so far.  Paul Bettany stars as a loose-cannon version of Michael the Archangel, who comes down to Earth against God's wishes in order to ensure the savior of humanity currently incubating in his mother's womb survives an onslaught of evil demons.  Phew. It's like the Catholic church rewrote the script for TERMINATOR 2 and managed to keep the badassitude.  If only the Bible had calculating-ass, glock-wielding angels and demon grandmas dropping F-bombs before tearing off people's faces, maybe I would have stayed Catholic. Maybe after Monopoly, Candyland and Battleship, a studio can give the Bible a much needed cinematic update (with a cameo from Brendan Fraser and music by Kid Rock, of course.)Here are your decidedly most unholy links of the day: Ashley Smith Appears To Not Own A Bathing Suit (Gorillamask)How To Get A Bartender's Attention (Holytaco)Neverending Story Van Lady Vs. Filmdrunkards (Filmdrunk)25 Funny Misspelled Tattoos (Manofest)Duck Hunter Minus The Classic Game Console (Walyou)The Worst Book To Film Adaptations Ever (Pajiba)23 Movie Plots That Could've Been Solved In Minutes (Cracked)Town Hall Internal Memos (Maxim)Jude Law's Baby Mama Photo Album (Celebjihad)The Cost In US Dollars To Fall In Love (Mademan)Brock Lesnar Ruins Bud Light (Cagepotato)When Video Game Characters Turn To Acting (Unreality)How To Properly Torture An Alien (Asylum)Amanda Is America's Hottest Community College Student (Bustedcoverage)The 15 Ugliest Soccer Players In The World (Uncoached)Rally Car Drivers Vs. Lake (Regretfulmorning)Zipline Tree Collision Prevents Man From Reproducing (Nothingtoxic)New Ninja Assassin Photos (Filmofilia)