The Informant

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Director: Steven SoderberghCast: Matt Damon, Scott Bakula, Patton Oswalt, Joel McHale, Tony HaleSynopsis: The U.S. government decides to go after an agri-business giant with a price-fixing accusation, based on the evidence submitted by their star witness, vice president turned informant Mark Whitacre.  And it's a comedy.


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On Monday we showcased the French dish that is Public Enemies' starlet Marion Cotillard.  But she's not the only babe we think is the bee's knees in Michael Mann's old timey gangster pick-chaaa.  Meet Emilie de Ravin, who plays Barbara Patzke, a bank teller taken hostage by John Dillinger and company in one of their Illinois heists.  You may remember her from Rian Johnson's cult hit Brick, but she's perhaps more known for her role as Claire Littleton, the Aussie baby mama on "Lost."  A Word From Emilie: "Becoming a prima ballerina requires a lot of work."  Pfffft.  So is putting up a picture gallery of YOU, Emilie!  Just ask our intern, Spencer.  You can check out his handiwork after the jump. And don't forget you can see Emilie starting today in Public Enemies! 


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In honor of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs opening this weekend, we decided to feature a picture gallery of sexy cavewomen wearing skimpy loincloths.  You might interject, "ScreenJunkies, despite what the Flinstones depicts, humans weren't around during the time of the dinosaurs!" to which we'd respond – and haughtily, we might add – "Would you rather see a gallery of wooly mammoth ass?"   Above: Queen Latifah telling us to "Talk to the trunk."If you answered "yes" then you're into Furries and should be reading Holy Taco.  If you answered "no" then get get ready for some B.C. T&A. 


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This one's kind of out of left field but there are rumors over at Daily Stab that Hollywood is interested in bringing the life of Billy Mays to the big screen. You can and should take this one with a grain of salt. I'm taking it with an entire shaker. Steve Carell is being looked at to play the lead with Owen Wilson in consideration for the role of his best friend, Anthony Sullivan. No word yet on who is playing the Sham Wow Guy but my money's on Danny Glover. That and Nelson Mandela are the roles he was born to play.Take a gander at these news links…Final season of Lost will be longer than originally planned. (THR)The Life and Death of Jeff Goldblum. (TV Squad)Couple's Retreat trailer. (First Showing)Matt Damon's The Informant trailer. (Apple)How To Determine Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster. (Holy Taco) Chris Klein is an ACTOR. (Latino Review)


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WATCHMEN Blu-Ray Clip in MAXIMUM MOVIE MODE – Watch more Funny Videos Above is a clip of the "Maximum Movie Mode" way of watching Watchmen when it comes to Blu-Ray on July 21st.  As long as you're a Zach Snyder enthusiast, it looks like a pretty kickass feature, as the director literally gives a direct presentation during the film.  Snyder's sorta like Al Gore if he worked out and used a camera to no-touch fondle Malin Akerman. Of course, what Warner Bros. home video isn't admitting is that, while this technology has certainly improved… it wasn't the first time Maximum Movie Mode was used.  Nay, atribute that to R. Kelly's über-meta commentary for his piece de resistance, "Trapped in the Closet."  "See, now I'm in the closet," says R. Kelly seated on the couch watching the picture in picture of R. Kelly in the film singing, "I'm trapped in the closet." Groove to it after the jump:


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INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS International Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers "We in the 'Killin Natsee Bidniss,'" says Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) in this new International trailer for QT's Inglourious Basterds.  International, you say?  Why, yes.  And that means subtitles and title cards in other languages.  Here's what the title cards say: There was a time… a France occupied by the Nazis… A New Film By Quentin Tarantino… If you look for heroes… You are going to find them… Those twelve years of French I took are finally paying off.  *smiles wryly, adjusts cravate, then swishes cognac snifter while flipping on Maury Povich* Here are Today's Top Links IN ENGLISH, PEOPLE!!! Angelica Dynasty Is Very Attractive (Gorillamask) Children's Letters To God About Dead Celebrities (Holytaco) Yoostar Lets You Act Onscreen With Dane Cook! (Filmdrunk) 15 Animals Armed With Lightsabers (Manofest) Wall-E Cake Is As Delicious As The Movie Is Adorable (Walyou) The Greatest Hits Of Pajiba's Guides To What's Good For You (Pajiba) 6 New Personality Disorders Caused By The Internet (Cracked) Miss Coed: The Lovely Brittany Hawks (Coedmagazine) And Exclusive Interview With Joe Jackson (Celebjihad) Fedor's New Ad Campaign Is Rather Dumb (Cagepotato)Final Destination Trailer: Nightmare On Asphalt (Allleftturns) The 6 Best Meals On The Planet (Mademan) 10 Awesome Various Slow Motion Water Videos (Unreality) Who Is The Biggest Musical Icon Of The Century? (Asylum) Unlucky Phillie's Fan Immortalized As "Kid Who Picked Nose On Jumbotron" (Bustedcoverage)A Collection Of Shaq's Personal Photos Prove To Be Very Funny (Uncoached)6 Movies That Were Glorified Commercials (Regretfulmorning)Support Your Old School Stadiums With These T-Shirts (Bachelorguy)A List Of Atheletes Dealing With Social Anxiety Disorder (Moondogsports)

Daily Scream Queen: ‘Gossip Girl’/Sex Tape Star Leighton Meester

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Where You've Seen Her: If you are a man that has had a girlfriend within the past two or so years (or are just particularly interested in scandalous primetime soap operas), you've probably seen Leighton Meester on TV's "Gossip Girl."  If you are a man that has had no girlfriend or affliction for girly shows recently, you might remember her as the smoking hot virgin pop star Justine Chapin on "Entourage."  Soon most every guy will probably know her from her highly touted sex tape, which reportedly features her using her feet in creative ways.  What a novel concept!  A Word From Leighton: "I don't feel guilty at all if I'm just lying around, one of my best guilty pleasures is doing absolutely nothing"Check out a screenshot of the sex tape itself, and other hot (yet less seedy) photos of Leighton Meester after the jump:

10 Best Billy Mays TV Appearances

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The past week has been a tough one for celebrity grovelers like myself. First, Ed McMahon (sidekick of sidekicks) passes, then Farrah Fawcett, then Michael Jackson, and perhaps the most surreal, Mr. “As Seen on TV” Billy Mays. Not to sound crass, but Farrah and Ed were quite past their primes and neither passed suddenly (Ed was old and Farrah had battled cancer for a long time). So really, it’s a race to who was the biggest Celebrity death:  


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Film School Rejects has posted the first pics of Megan Fox in Diablo Cody's latest Jennifer's Body. In the film, Fox stars as a high school cheerleader turned blood-thirsty, demonic cannibal after she is improperly sacrificed to Satan. This information just helps to reinforce my theory that Satan is a total dick.The photos below show her in both sexy cheerleader and battle-damage mode.Sink your teeth into these stories…Let The Right One In to be unnecessarily Americanized. (Dread Central) Robert Downey Jr saves background actor from killer robots. (Cinema Blend)A Couple Of Dicks adds a couple more. (Empire)American Werewolf in London to be remade, possibly ruined. (Variety) Amy Adams joins The Fighter. (/Film)


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Daybreakers Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers Oh, Isabel Lucas… only you can elevate Transformers Revenge of the Fallen to the level of "serviceable," even if your Decepticon character was the most misguided Transformer ever.  You're also the shining ray of light in this otherwise dystopian trailer for the new vampire film Daybreakers.  It's got dark, moody lighting… music by Placebo… and hissing.  Throw in a couple Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell and you've got every night every overweight single forty-something spends living in his parents' basement. Put Down the Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation Rope And Check Out These Links: Melissa Buhl Is Quite Attractive (Gorillamask) 6 Ridiculous Products Only Billy Mays Could Have Sold (Holytaco) Michael Bay And Steven Spielberg Produce James Frey's Number 4 (Filmdrunk) 10 Female Child Stars Who Became Mega-Hotties (Manofest) iPhone Icons Reveal Narcissistic Traits (Walyou) Alan Cumming Is The Green Goblin In Broadway Adaptation Of Spider-Man, Plus More Music News (Pajiba) 6 Items You Touch Everyday That Are Filthier Than Your Toilet (Cracked) A Preemptive Obituary For Alan Thicke (Sickpigs) A Comprehensive Guide For SFW Boobs (Coedmagazine) Tito Jackson Found Alive At Age 55 (Celebjihad) 6 Tips To Survive Couple's Game Night (Mademan) Limp Bizkit Will Not Peform At UFC 100… Does Anyone Care? (Cagepotato) 5 Ways To Make The Office Much Better (Unreality) Meet Pabst, World's Ugliest Dog 2009 (Asylum) A Message To Fat Streakers At Baseball Games (Bustedcoverage) In Case You Didn't Notice, Perez Hilton Is Annoying (Uncoached) 42 Unfortunate Product Labels (Regretfulmorning) Rum In American History (Bachelorguy) The 5 Most Underrated Players In The NFL (Moondogsports) You've Probably Drank Too Much When This Just Randomly Happens (Nothingtoxic) The Most Disturbing Animals On Earth (Atomfilms) Havana Nocturne Is Being Adapted By Some Prominent Producers (Filmofilia)


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Director: Michael and Peter SpierigCast: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Isabel LucasSynopsis: In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind. 


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Where You've Seen Her: The très, trés French starlet Marion Cotillard doesn't have a ton of American flicks under her ceinture just yet, but she's already won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance as chanteuse Edith Piaf in 2007's La Vie En Rose.  In Public Enemies, she plays Billie Frechette, John Dillinger's (Johnny Depp) lady friend.  Look for her in The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan's upcoming mega-budgeted sci-fi Inception, where she'll be one of the more reasonably priced special effects.   A Word From Marion: My parents always told me that if you want something, you can do whatever you have to do to get it. As long as it's not against someone else. Check out the hot photos of Marion "Fair Play" Cotillard after the jump:

10 Hottest Female Newscasters

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There are times in recent years when I am not sure if I am watching the News or "Access Hollywood."  The reporting is as equally superficial and shallow for both nowadays.  Nancy O'Dell should be a news correspondent for FOX, CNN, or MSNBC; she looks the part and can clearly read a teleprompter as good as the other "women journalists" at these corporate news channels. Which one is Nancy O’Dell from "Access Hollywood" and which one is a "serious journalist?" I have no idea, either.


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Television's ultimate pitchman has passed away. Billy Mays, the charismatic and clamorous infomercial host died in his sleep after sustaining a head injury during a rough plane landing this past weekend. The very likeable Mays is currently co-starring with Anthony Sullivan on the Discovery Channel show Pitchmen. This really is such a shame. It's always sad to see someone cut down while their star is on the rise. His contributions to the tapestry of television will be sorely missed. (Variety)And on a side note, can we please put a stop to all of these recent high profile deaths? Keyboard Cat's paws are gonna fall off at this rate.Here are some other morning headlines… GI Joe's newest character poster: Scarlett. (Film School Rejects)Warner Bros announces their Comic Con line-up. (/Film)Picard and Sisco look-a-likes to open Star Trek restaurant. (io9)80's Movie Montages That Make No Damn Sense. (Cracked)Michael Bay to Megan Fox: I made you. (The Playlist)

Watch This Tonight: ‘Hitler’s Stealth Fighter’ on Natgeo

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Tonight, National Geographic Channel is airing an all-new documentary called "Hitler's Stealth Fighter."  Apparently in the final months of World War II, American troops discovered a top-secret facility in Germany with an advanced, jet-propelled aircraft like no one had ever seen before.  It was called "The Horten Ho 229." It was shaped like a massive bat wing… like something out of Star Wars.  But its wooden body was most definitely man-made.  So what did Uncle Sam's army do with it?  Well, they brought back to the United States to be studied, of course.  And everything that they learned about the Third Reich's mystery plane stayed a mystery… until now. Screen Junkies had a chance to check out an advance screener of the doc, and it's definitely worth watching.  Aside from showing you this prototype of airborne insidiousness inside and out, it also makes you think about what might have happened had Hitler and the Nazis gotten their plane manufactured en masse and into the skies.  It's some scary scheisse. "Hitler's Stealth Fighter" airs tonight at 9PM ET/PT on National Geographic Channel.  Check out some more images and clips after the jump: