Friday Porning News

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There is a misconception that porn actors don't get to flex their muscles or show their chops in the traditional sense. I disagree. It takes a certain amount of talent and self-awareness to appear in a porn parody of a popular television show. These are always hysterical. Though I draw the line at Everybody Trains Raymond and anything Mr. Ed related.5 Pornos Based On Beloved Sitcoms (Huffington Post)Crank 2, the tweets are in. (/film)Tron Guy weighs in. (io9) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer. (Apple) Stephen Dorff to appear in non-video game based film. (Cinematical) Terminator Salvation pics. (Latino Review)


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Tomorrow night, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim are debuting "G.I. JOE: RESOLUTE," a hard boiled reenvisioning of the G.I. JOE we know and love (unless you're a He-Man guy like me).  The micro-series is directed by Joaquim dos Santos (Justice League Unlimited, Avatar: The Last Airbender), and is written by Warren Ellis, of the Transmetropolitan, Planetary and Global Frequency comic book series (amongst a ton of others).   According to Ellis, via his website, "It’s an hour long, broken into ten 5-minute episodes and one 10-minute final episode."  The first episode will air Friday 4/17 during Adult Swim, with new episodes running every weekday and the finale airing on April 25th.  You can check out the promo for it after the jump, along with every G.I. Joe-themed Robot Chicken sketch ever made.


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Hey now!  Hey nooooow!  Don't dream it's over! If you loved the music in Adventureland but want the 30 or so songs that aren't on the official soundtrack, The Playlist has has tracked them down for you, with the help of iTunes and director Greg Mottola.More Adventureland Music (ThePlaylist)WIN TICKETS TO UFC 98 ( Halo 3 Actually Looks Pretty Bad Ass (Unreality)Something Something A Porn Star (FilmDrunk)Armored Trailer w/ Posters (Filmofilia)McG Likes To Be Confusing (Pajiba)Hulk Hogan Pulls An O.J. (MoonDogSports)The Best John Mayer Fan Ever (Manofest)Marie Allison's Spank Bank (GorillaMask)Star Trek Gets Redubbed (IAmBored)6 Superheroes Who Lost It (Cracked)International Mutants Rock (DreadCentral)7 Awesome Cartoon Intros In Foreign Languages (Holytaco)Kristin Kreuk Likes Boys (BustedCoverage)Julia Alison Is F&#*ing Hot (Uncoached)

Thursday TV Preview

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TV's famous peacock owns the Thursday night airwaves. The ultra-reliable duo of The Office and 30 Rock is complimented well by two promising new shows. One has Michael Scott in female form (Amy Poehler) and I Love You, Man babe Rashida Jones, while the other has O.C.'s 'Ryan' trying his hand as a rookie cop in LA. So pull up a chair, prop those feet up, and let the NBC peacock blow your mind for 3 straight hours. Your preview after the break.


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Armored, the new film from Nimród Antal (Vacancy) has a trailer out, and with it comes a lot of hardcore explosions and gunfire and ambiguously homoerotic camaraderie that I'm sure are all very in tune with the lives of real Armored Transport Officers.  In other words, I'm there opening night. According to the filmmakers, the movie is about "a crew of officers at an armored transport security firm that risk their lives when they embark on the ultimate heist….against their own company. Armed with a seemingly fool-proof plan, the men plan on making off with a fortune with harm to none. But when an unexpected witness interferes, the plan quickly unravels and all bets are off." Someone should have told Matt Dillon.  Check out the trailer and some extra still images from it after the jump.


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With the much anticipated BRÜNO coming out this summer (July 10th to be exact – MARK IT!!!) we thought we'd tease you with a few more photos from some of BRÜNO's personal, private collection.  Ogle the rest after the jump.


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Tomorrow, Crank: High Voltage opens in theaters, and Jason Statham's Chev Chelios will reunite with Eve, played by Amy Smart. No word on whether or not she'll reprise her gratuitously open-air sex scene from the first film, but the pasties above are more amenable to our tastes than the image of Statham grinding on Amy like a pirate on shore leave.Where else you can Get Smart:  Amy had a bit part in Starship Troopers, did a short stint on 'Scrubs,' played opposite Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect, played Holly, one of the love interests in the Starsky & Hutch remake, and more recently can be seen screaming in Mirrors.  She also has repeatedly voiced Strawberry Shortcake on 'Robot Chicken.'  Pointless Quote: "As a kid, I loved being surrounded by mountains, creeks and animals.  Check out the photos of Amy as nature intended after the jump.


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For many movie lovers out there, Michael Bay is like the Santa Claus of summer.  We wait 12 months and then BOOM, Bay arrives with a sack full of goodies, heading back to his factory where the ILM elves toil to make the following year's gifts even more bombastic than the last. We at Screenjunkies have a very special "in" with Mr. Bay, as we help manage his Twitter account.  So, naturally, people contact us all the time to reach him via email, letters, bouquets of explosives, etc.  What follows are letters written to Michael Bay from some very special children, and we felt that they should be shared.Click on each image to enlarge. Sam Huntington – Age 9 – Orlando, Florida  Steven Blomquist – Age 8 – Aurora, Illinois

Turkish Morning News

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Variety reports that Turkish satellite broadcaster ATV plans to create their own version of The Golden Girls starring an entirely Turkish cast. The show will center around four older women living together, helping one another, and thanking one another for being a friend. If it's any bit as awesome as Turkish Rambo then I'm moving to Turkey immediately. I'll send for my things. Watch that phenomenal trailer below. Will Ferrell to go feral on Man vs. Wild. (Huffington Post) Mitch Hurwitz's Sit Down, Shut Up promos. (Pajiba)  Kevin Smith at Carnegie Hall (Kevin Smith)  Watch the first four minutes of Mystery Team. (Dan Eckman) Megan Fox runs afoul of Border Patrol. (EW) 

Temporary Lost Recap: Dead Men Talking

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About time we got a Miles episode. In this one, we dive into more of his background and exactly how he came to the island.  He and Hurley also form an unexpected friendship back in 1977, as they discuss Miles and his father. Meanwhile Roger Linus isn't resting easy over the loss of his son, and Kate makes a blunder that could cost her and her friends their preciously kept secret. This week's Lost is right after the jump.

Scrubs Recap: My Soul on Fire Part 2

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Last week’s friction comes to climax with our favorite doctors, while the guy who cleans up after them gets hitched. Yup, She’s Still PissedKelso gets himself set up at the bar by handing the bartender his travel bag and ordering a Bahama-mama.  He’ll be at this bar for most of the episode.  Things are still heated amongst lovers from last week’s episode, and not in a good way.  Elliot is pissed at J.D. for not telling her how much he loves her, Jordan is pissed at Cox for pretending to have had work to do in order to prove to her she’ll miss him, and Turk is mad at Carla for refusing to take a break from her role as mommy. Sea Creatures


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The trailer for Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience starring adult film actress Sasha Grey has just debuted on Hulu.  The trailer has no dialogue – just a drum track and some title cards.  But it tells you everything you need to know about the film, which looks like a lo-fi, down n' dirty little gem (is that an oxymoron?  I don't care) from the man who brought us Sex, Lies & Videotape. Check it out after the jump. 


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This Fall, STEVEN SPIELBERG & MICHAEL BAY are teaming up to take on the criminal underworld… one take at a time.  It's obvious from the photo that Spielberg is the brains behind the operation and Bay is the muscle.  You can tell from Spielberg's glasses, wisened mien and argyle sweater, plus Bay's wavy hair and leather jacket.[Image courtesy of the oft-brilliant and never boring Film Drunk]Spielberg Screens Transformers With Michael Bay (FilmDrunk)Hilarious Banned Sprite Commercial (Manofest)Parks And Recreation Disappoints (Pajiba)Jennifer Anders' Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)Kid Spikes Teachers Coffee (IAmBored)10 Cool Sci-Fi Stories about the Titanic (io9)11 Practical Zombie Strategies (Cracked)The Ugly Truth Posters (Filmofilia)Stills From Wrong Turn 3 (DreadCentral)Chillin With Somali Pirates (Holytaco)Teleprompter Readers Are Hot (BustedCoverage)Dana Allen Leads Todays Hotness (Uncoached)Miramax Uses Twitter Now (Unreality)Chris Cunningham Back At It (ThePlayList)Take My Dog, Eric (TomOatmeal)Cute Couples Moment Destroyed (NothingToxic)


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On April 21st, Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller's original Sin City is getting a double helping of Blu-Ray, with the release of a special edition 2-Disc set that includes 2 cuts of the film plus eight hours of bonus with two new interactive bonus features developed exclusively for Blu-ray.  No matter what you thought of the movie, it's got the sort of visuals that Blu-Ray was made for.  And for a small taste of what makes Sin City so Blu-riffic, check out a Break Media exclusive remix of Jessica Alba's notorious stripping scene… after the jump.

Wednesday TV Preview

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Bill Lawrence, writer/creator of Scrubs, guests on his own show tonight as a goofy pastor who marries the Janitor and Lady at a ceremony down in the Carribbean. The trials and tribuluations on Ben continue on Lost, everyone's favorite character on South Park goes to great extents to make sure his son wins the Pinewood Derby. Your preview after the break.