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 THE HURT LOCKER examines the dangerous duties of three members of the Army’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) squad.  Bombs are their business, and they know their business extremely well.  They have to because each roadside stop could mean their lives.  Stars Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Brian Geraghty, director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal broke down for us how you tackle a movie about an elite unit that goes in when everyone else is running away. It’s as meticulous a task as disarming an IED (That's an Improvised Explosive Device for you civilians).     

‘University of Andy Webisodes’ Featuring Weeds’ Andy Botwin

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Ian, please write some copy about these shorts here.  Just include some info about what they are, and how they fit into Showtime's agenda… maybe make some light joke about them, but don't be too critical because we're being asked to promote them.  And they're kinda funny anyway.  Make sure you change the time and date so that this doesn't get buried under anything it shouldn't. 


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Fans of sexually-explicit, brooding Danish horror and computerized escapism had better warm up their joysticks! /Film has alerted us that Lars Von Trier's controversial film Antichrist is getting the video game treatment. The game, Eden, will be a continuation of the film that tells the story of a grieving couple who struggle to repair their marriage after the death of their child. So yeah, sounds pretty much like Super Mario Bros. 3. Except in this version instead of growing a raccoon tail, Mario ejaculates blood.Here are some less bizarre morning headlines…Transformers 2 took 16,000 years to render! (Michael Bay) New trailer for The Stepfather. (Dread Central) Teen Wolf remake will not skip a generation. (Movie Hole) Adam Sandler is a Merman. (Latino Review) Dale Cooper wants to return to Twin Peaks. (Cinematical) The most epic Keyboard Cat video yet. Featuring Hall and Oates!! (Warming Glow)


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Network: ABCCast: Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Courtney B. VanceProducers: David S. Goyer, Brannon Braga, Marc Guggenheim Synopsis: When a mysterious event causes the entire world to black out, humanity is given a glimpse into its near future, and every man, woman and child is forced to come to grips with whether their destinies can be avoided of fulfilled.


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According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Michael Bay really pissed off some devoted fans in Seoul.  They were waiting in the rain for over two hours for Bay's arrival at the Transformers 2 premiere, and he showed up late with Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox in tow.  Rumor has it he didn't even bring a corsage, kept reminiscing about his ex girlfriend, and seemed completely ignorant to the fact that fans had been looking forward to the event for weeks.  After the premiere, fans spent the rest of the night sobbing into their pillows and wishing the whole night had never happened.  Bay tried to save some face by issuing a formal apology, but that's not going to stop the kids in the cafeterias and cubicles from snickering at the Transformer's fans' misfortune.    


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George Simmons in "Re-Do" from Justin LongThis clip from a movie inside a movie features Adam Sandler playing George Simmons as Craig the workaholic in the high-concept comedy Re-Do.  In an effort to start over, a wizard turns Craig into a baby with an adult head.  I don't know who this wizard is but I certainly hope he gets his wizard license revoked for such blatant and inexcusable wizard malpractice.  I guess we'll never know since the film isn't really real. And just in case you're interested in purchasing the first season of 'Yo Teach' you can get it at the NBC Store. Today's Top Links:It Seems Erica Underwood Doesn't Like Wearing Her Bikini Top (GorillaMask)Flowchart for Giving a Best Man Speech (HolyTaco)Red Dawn Remake (Sigh) Picks Up Peck and Palicki (FilmDrunk)A Penguin-Shaped Wireless Mouse?  Brilliant! (Walyou)Protestors Lobby To Fire David Letterman (Pajiba)Shady Agendas Behind Conspiracy Theories (Cracked)Tennis Star Or Porn Star? (CoedMagazine)Spending Some Time With "The Pitbull" (CagePotato)8-Bit Videogame Quilts (UnrealityMag)Happy 50th Birthday, Ultimate Warrior (BustedCoverage)15 Hot Prime Time Soap Opera Actresses (Uncoached)Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom (RegretfulMorning)If US Sports Adopted The Transfer Fee System (BachelorGuy)Who's Leaking The Names On The MLB's "104" List? (MoondogSports)People Falling Down With The "Benny Hill" Theme Playing is Funny, Right? (NothingToxic)The Weirdest Japanese Videogames Ever (AtomFilms)Angelina Jolie Coming Back For Wanted 2? (Filmofilia)


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WHITEOUT Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos Above is the new trailer for Whiteout, starring Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht (The Spirit).  The film is based on the Eisner Award-winning graphic novel of the same name written by Greg Rucka (available from Oni Press).  Not sure what to think about this yet.  At about the 1:30 mark, the trailer totally shifts gears from an action-adventure flick to a murder mystery, when Macht reveals to Beckinsale that "this is the first murder in Antarctica."   I think Macht is forgetting the grisly gun down of Polar Bear Face Nelson in the 1920s. There's enough fish in the ocean.  No need for bear on bear crime.  Just sad, really.


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Director: Dominic SenaCast: Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht, Tom Skerritt, Alex O'Loughlin, Columbus ShortSynopsis: U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko tracks a killer in Antarctica, as the sun is about to set for six months.


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People may not be aware that Harold Ramis was the Judd Apatow of the 1980s. In addition to his landmark acting roles in Ghostbusters and Stripes, he penned and directed some of the all-time greatest comedies – National Lampoon’s Vacation and Caddyshack (just to name a couple). Judd Apatow, on the other hand, has had just as much influence on the producing side, and it’s his role there that teams him up with Ramis on the Jack Black and Michael Cera history vehicle Year One (opening Friday).  


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I'm A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here!! (the show where Lou Diamond Phillips was eaten by rats) has sparked quite a few controversies in the last few weeks. The latest of which is the escalating feud between Spencer Pratt and Al Roker. After an interview on NBC's The Today Show where Spencer was a dick and Roker asked him why, the uber-arrogant Pratt went on to say that he would have ripped Roker's head off if he hadn't been saved by Jesus. Roker responded by saying he would, "drop Spencer like a bag of dirt." Now THAT would be some must see TV. Check out these morning headlines… Shia says Indy 5 is on the way. Dammit. (First Showing) Sean Penn taking a breather. (NY Mag) Human Target script review. (Bleeding Cool) David Cross reveals the ugly truth about "nice guy" Paul Rudd. (MTV) Every week on Entourage. (College Humor) Palin and Letterman are brosefs again. (Reuters)


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H2: HALLOWEEN II TV Spot – Watch more Movie Trailers I'm a huge fan of the first Halloween 2.  I thought it was just fine and didn't need reinterpreting.  So I have nothing to say to you, TV spot for new Halloween 2.  Go sit in the corner think about what you did. Today's Top Links: Leslie Spring Is Wearing Very Little (GorillaMask) Michael Bay's Transformers 2 Set Doodles (HolyTaco) There's Going To Be Another Indiana Jones (FilmDrunk) A Look At The New "Burn Me Elmo" Toy (Manofest) Pac-man Lights Make Any Room Smell Nice (Walyou) 10 Of Hollywood's Sexiest Voices (Pajiba) 10 Things That Will Not End Well (Cracked) The Eight People You'll Meet In Your Hometown Bar This Summer (CoedMagazine) A Plethora Of MMA Girls Performing Submissions (CagePotato) The 10 Best Horror Films Of The Past Decade (UnrealityMag) OJ Simpson And Other Celebs Who Incriminated Themselves (Asylum) Lingerie Football Feud: Krystal Gray Vs. Hemi Girl (BustedCoverage) 10 Great Movies Written By John Hughes (Uncoached) The Five Stages Of A Cross Country Road Trip (RegretfulMorning) Father's Day Gift Guide: Sports Edition (BachelorGuy) The Best (Ugliest) Retina-Burning Sports Uniforms (MoondogSports)


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Today, posted several images of Russell Crowe on the set of Ridley Scott's new Robin Hood flick.  Above, Crowe (playing Robin Hood) drives Scott Grimes (playing Will Scarlet) in a Mule 9010.  This is from the scene in which Robin and his Merry Men take a break from stealing from the rich for a round of golf cart polo, set to Kenny Loggins music.  Good for team building.See some more pics after the jump. 


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Nowhere else can you get hard hitting political updates from actor Rainn Wilson and baby penis news in the same, concise and easily digestible format.  Say goodnight, Reuters.


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In an interview with CHUD, Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller mentioned that if a Friday the 13th sequel were to be greenlit they would try to bring a fresh take to the series. For instance, the ultra-literate Fuller had this to say, 'We also want to bring things [the fans] haven't seen before and one of the things that they haven't seen before is Jason in the snow. They haven't seen that before.' It's true! We haven't seen that. I can picture it now. And I don't like it.Here are your other morning news bits… Speaking of machetes, Robert Rodriguez begins filming in five weeks. (The Playlist)Gemma Arterton in Clash of the Titans. (Cinema Blend)Live-action Akira ain't happening. (io9)Moon Director interview. (Movie Hole)Early Comic-Con buzz. (First Showing)


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Two new T:ROTF (yes, I'm sick of typing out the whole thing) TV spots hit YouTube today.  Only one shows us anything new, so fast forward about 30-seconds in to get to the goods.  Probably the most interesting thing about it is at the end, where we see several small kitchen appliances come to life and wreak havoc on the Witwicky home.  It's like Michael Bay's homage to Batteries Not Included.  Slow-mo shot of Wilford Brimley with the camera flying in between his legs as he opens fire with two shotguns… oh the sound and the fury… signifying that the Decepticons are eating his diabeetus pills…  Today's Top Links:    Stacie Sullivan              Bad Dad's Day Gifts       Scientology Blamed… Again           Best Paparazzi Attacks!    More Father's Day Gifts         Akira is Dead              Science Douches                 Big 2010 Movies            Shaq Challenge!            Embarrassing Films      Looks Small, Rocks Hard      New Megan Fox Pics            Kickass Starcases      Truthful Condom Packaging    More Dad's Day Gifts                   Olivia Wilde                   Skaters v. Security           Sucker Shelley          Warriors Remake News