Year One

Saturday, February 28 by

Director: Harold RamisCast: Jack Black, Michael Cera, Olivia Wilde, June Diane Raphael, David CrossSynopsis: When a couple of lazy hunter-gatherers (Black and Cera) are banished from their primitive village, they set off on an epic journey through the ancient world.Genre: ComedyRelease Date: June 19, 2009

Weekend TV Preview

Friday, February 27 by

Fantastic TV Friday is patiently waiting for your gaze. Do what you can to drink up the !@#$ out of Battlestar–only 4 more episodes! What are we dorks going to do without the Cylons and the frak and the spaceships and the space drama and the Caprica 6? (I guess wait for this?) On the other hand, Terminator and Friday Night Lights are in the prime of their seasons, and as Sunday Special Treat, the How's Your News crew of intrepidly unique reporters visits the Mardi Gras capitol of the world. Your preview after the break. 

30 Rock Recap: Larry King

Friday, February 27 by

 This episode starts with Jack and Elisa on the street buying a hot dog. Jack spots a man juggling with his change and his baby. Jack is disgusted, saying, "that used to be a man."  Elisa gets mad at Jack and confesses to him she wants kids someday.

Funny People

Friday, February 27 by

Director: Judd ApatowCast: Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill, Eric Bana, Leslie MannSynopsis: When seasoned comedian George Simmons learns of his terminal, inoperable health condition, his desire to form a genuine friendship cause him to take a relatively green performer under his wing as his opening act.Genre: ComedyRelease Date: July 31, 2009 

Locke and Eko Watch a Movie

Friday, February 27 by

This was just sent to me by special correspondent Matt Sears. It's exactly what it says it is. Its Locke and Eko watching a movie. A totally awesome movie. It also raises a really important question. Why don't we have more artificially intelligent robot friends yet? We have the technology. I'm guessing it's just an issue of political will.

The Top 7 Heroes who Need to Die

Thursday, February 26 by

Surprise!  Daphne’s not dead!  Surprise!  Sylar’s not dead!  Surprise!  Some dude who you absolutely wished had kicked the bucket is not dead!  If there’s one thing the Heroes writers have proven themselves to be incapable of, it’s killing off a character. 

Kung Fu Thursday TV Preview

Thursday, February 26 by

Perform a karate chop (or a nunchuk) to turn on that TV of yours, and then pull a flying jump kick onto the couch for a solid night of comedy from NBC. Jack Black is back and totally wack as Po, the overweight kung fu master Panda, and Tracy Jordan gets interviewed by Larry King, which somehow makes the city of New York go into chaos. Hiiiii-ya. Your preview after the jump.

Never Ending Thursday News Roundup

Thursday, February 26 by

The just don't make movies like The Never Ending Story these days. Kid flying around on a magic BFF dragon dog. That was a FILM. What? They're remaking it? Please, PLEASE tell me that George Lucas is not involved. He's done enough damage to all of us. Here's your news.If the Story is Never Ending, How Can There Be A Remake? (Cinematical)Total Recall is Recalled Back to Theaters (/film)Samuel L. Jackson Is On Board For Iron Man 2 (Filmonic)A Glowing Review of Watchmen (Reel Movie News)

LOST RECAP: Old Friends and Older Enemies

Thursday, February 26 by

Locke, back on the mainland, three years later (hint: where the Oceanic Six are, dumbass), finds himself soon face to face not with Ben or Eloise Hawking but Charles Widmore, who soon introduces him to his old friend Abaddon, who will help him convince his friends to go back with him, and by help he means “chauffeur.”  Locke goes to meet several of the Oceanic Six, and some others too, including one teenager who has an older but very familiar face.  Check it out in another jaw-dropping Lost, after the jump.

This Is How I Open My Champagne

Wednesday, February 25 by

This video serves as yet another bit of proof as to the absolute superiority of Japanese TV shows in the realm of 'finding people with amazing and bizarre skills.' How does this guy brush his teeth? Nunchucks. How does he do his taxes? Nunchucks. Change a baby's diaper? Nunchucks. Everything. Nunchucks.  

Brains Explained Wednesday TV Preview

Wednesday, February 25 by

Another Wednesday for you to glue your face to the TV screen for the next installment of Lost. Also, Demetri Martin comdecially expounds the topic of "brains." Your Wednesday movie treat has the guys who won't let you remember. Your preview after the jump.

Observe and Report Trailer

Wednesday, February 25 by

The term Zeitgeist is a German word that means "when two people have the same idea to make a movie about a mall cop at the same time." Seriously, look it up. Blart did really well. In a money making sense. I never saw it. I skipped my screening because I had the intuition that another, far superior mall cop movie would come out. Germans have a word for that type of intuition. And that word is Blart.Director: Jody HillCast: Anna Faris, Seth Rogen, Ray Liotta, Patton Oswalt, Michael PeñaSynopsis: Bi-polar mall security guard Ronnie Barnhardt is called into action to stop a flasher from turning shopper's paradise into his personal peep show.Genre: ComedyRelease Date: April 10, 2009

Wednesday’s News Roundup

Wednesday, February 25 by

Wednesday. The Middle of the week. A week where we are all totally not reeling from the devastatingly-predictable Academy Awards. An academy awards where a gay man beat a wrestler and Hollywood got outsourced in the best possible way. Here's some news from this week. Danny Boyle Buys houses for Slumdog Kids. AWESOME (/film)Really? Gondry? Green Hornet? Rogen Speaks (MTV)Amenabar’s Epic AGORA In Trailer Form. With Rachel Weiss (Twitch)Avatar Shot on 197 Cameras. At the same time (Filmonic)

Tuesday TV Preview

Tuesday, February 24 by

While Barack, AGAIN, takes over the TV waves to talk to Congress about stimulation, Animal Planet strikes gold with the premiere of Dark Days in Monkey City. Seriously, watch the preview–CGI and real monkeys starring in a fictional story with blood spraying everywhere and monkey rebellions against monkey empires. (!) Check out Stanky Snoop too, you know he's chayyyllllll. Your preview after the break. Seriously,  I bet the NY Post is loving this line-up. Because they are racist jerks.

24 Recap: 5PM-6PM

Tuesday, February 24 by

"I got you into this, and now I'm going to get you out." Sean tells his blonde mistress. She's in on the aide of Dubaku from the inside, and she looks a little stressed out. Sean assures her that he'll take care of it.