Adam McKay Talks “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”

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 A few months back we told you about the upcoming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters project that Gary Sanchez Productions had picked up from Dead Snow director Tommy Wirkola. Now Sanchez honcho Adam McKay spills a little bit about where the production is at. No casting has been announced (though he mentions Will Ferrell will sit this one out) but it does seem the film will be an effects-driven, monster slaying good time. Think of it like MiB meets Shrek. Random sidenote, Susan Boyle would be PERFECT for a live-action Shrek. (MTV)  Morning links… Spike Lee and Robert Deniro venture into Alphabet City. (Latino Review) X-Men: First Class ready to shoot in 2010. (Superhero Hype) Bill Hader aggrandizes Greg Mottola's Paul. (Cinema Blend) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Live! (Vulture) Seacrest almost got the happy knife. (WENN) The Five Best Slow Claps Of All Time (Pajiba)

Obama Has a Lightsaber: A Gallery

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It's a known fact that President Obama is a bit of a sci-fi nerd, and any doubt was obliterated this week when he jousted with a lightsaber on the White House lawn during an announcement for Chicago's 2016 Olympics bid. The story blew up so big, even the guy picking his nose in the background of the photo became a bit of a celebrity on Digg (ironic, considering he was only digging himself).

‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ Red Band Trailer. Now with Boobs. [NSFW]

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I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Red Band – Watch more Movie Trailers Yep… uhhhh… The title of the post pretty much sums up what you get with the trailer.  If you're interested in just how this film came to fruition (i.e. you're more of an ass man), you check out our in depth interview with Tucker Max and co-writer Nils Parker). Otherwise, subtly turn your monitor toward a corner, check there are no mirrors, and laugh/fap away. Less talky, more linky:  5 Things It's Always Sunny Should Sell In Their Store (HolyTaco) David Lynch's Art Show Sounds Awesome (FilmDrunk) Ligers Really Do Exist (SuperTremendous) 5 Best Slow Claps Of All Time (Pajiba) Olivia Wilde Gettin' Wild In GQ Magazine (CelebJihad) Possibly The Greatest Megan Fox Interview Ever (Unreality) Heeb Best Of 5769: Television (Heeb) Panamanian Kids Beat Gollum With Rocks (Asylum) Tim Tebow Gets Carved Into A Tree (BustedCoverage) 7 Reasons Glenn Beck Would Have Rape/Murdered (RegretfulMorning) Charles Rogers Charged With PUI? (TotalProSports) What NOT To Say To A Cop (MadeMan) Menard Takes Flopper Lead (AllLeftTurns)


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Network: ABC FamilyCast: Jacob Zachar, Jake McDorman, Spencer GrammerSynopsis: A Freshman arrives at his sisters college (much to her dismay). He decides to pledge a fraternity on campus. After catching his sister's boyfriend with another girl, he ends up at his rival fraternity trying to go from geek to Greek and grow up in the process.

What’s On TV Tonight: Thursday, September 17th, 2009

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NBC unveils its new Comedy Thursday, Survivor sends its castaways to certain death, your grandma gets some action, and Danny Devito is on the loose again. In other words, goodbye Summer. CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP NOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN & PACIFIC!!!

‘Community’ Actress Gillian Jacobs

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Gillian Jacobs stars as Britta in the new sitcom Community, which starts tonight on the network that took away five blocks of scripted drama time so they could give Jay Leno his own show because they were afraid of losing his massive chin.  Anyway…the sexy blond plays opposite "Talk Soup" dude Joel McHale and, drum roll please…Chevy Chase!  That's right, folks, he's back!  I know this post is supposed to be about Gillian, but come on, Chevy Chase is back, and he's supposed to be funny again.  NBC should give HIM his own show five nights a week.  Oh wait, FOX already did that back in '93…  A word from Gillian: "I was actually watching a rerun the other day, and I was like, ‘I recognize that place! I've seen that swing before!'"Ah yes, the swing.  It brings back so many fond memories.  Memories of never having anyone to push you on it because you're a poor, ugly little orphan who's addicted to smack.  Thanks for ripping that one out of a deep, dark place, Gillian!Here's some pics after the jump that'll get you swingin'!

7 Awful Prequel Ideas & Their Posters

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If there's one thing Hollywood loves to do, it's run an idea into the ground. And when it comes to squeezing every last dime out of a concept, sequels are the studios' weapon of choice. But what happens when your film's main characters are dead, or your actors refuse to return for part two? A prequel. That’s what happens. From X-Men Origins to Van Wilder: Freshman Year, Hollywood has proven that all you need for a prequel is a loose back story, an established title, and a willingness to crap all over the memory of the original movie. On that note, here are seven awful prequels that are currently in production (in our minds). Shawshank Origins: Brooks Haven’t you always wondered about the mysterious origins of Brooks Hatlen, the librarian and resident "bird man" of Shawshank? No? Well screw you. That's what you're getting.    

MTV Developing “Greg The Bunny” Spin-Off

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 MTV has announced they are developing a spin-off to one of our favorite cult shows, Greg the Bunny. The new series, Warren the Ape, focuses on Greg's puppet counterpart Warren T. Ape DeMontague as he attempts to pick up the tattered shreds of his acting career. Failing to win any roles, DeMontague agrees to appear on a reality show as a last ditch effort. He's just like Trishelle. Both will do anything for attention and neither mind having fists stuffed up their butts. (THR) These morning links have been translated from Puppish to English… Nicolas Cage suddenly cares about character in his portrayals. (Cinema Blend)Scarlett Johansson needs a date for the Iron Man 2 premiere. (Superhero Hype)Red band I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell trailer. (Trailer Addict)Mark Millar teases Kick Ass 2. (/Film)Josh Olsen and Harlan Ellison will not read your f***ing script. (Cinematical)Jay Chandrasekhar holds a Shotgun Wedding. (Pajiba)Ray Wise is joining Dollhouse. (TV Squad)

1950s ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Trailer Remake

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Some clever fellow by the name of 'whoiseyevan' created this homage to the very 1950s pulp adventure flicks to which the Indiana Jones films paid homage as well. It's like Indiana Jones and the Search for Some Crazy Ass Meta Sh*t. The mash-up pulls from so many sources we can't list them, and features a pre-militant, rifle-carrying Charlton Heston as Dr. Jones, and a bevy of '50s film stars… all coming together for some uncannily similar action to Spielberg & Lucas's action hero. Impressive stuff. [via BoingBoing] No time for love, Dr. Jones? Make time for these links at least: Does Kanye Have Asperger's Syndrome? (HolyTaco) Forgotten Classics: Swayze Edition (FilmDrunk) 10 Funniest Fat Guys Of All Time (SuperTremendous) New Trailer For 'Paranormal Activity' Looks Freaky (Pajiba)  Obama Calls Kanye West The N-Word (CelebJihad) Giant Gallery Of Gorgeous Girl Gamer Tattoos (Unreality) Dungeons and Dragons Soda Slays Nerd Thirst (Asylum) Missouri Hooters Bikini Car Wash: The Final Hosing (BustedCoverage) Pick Up Lines From The 80s (RegretfulMorning) Andrew Quarless Has College Football's Worst Tattoo (TotalProSports) The 10 Commandments Of Online Gaming (MadeMan) Why Your Driver Will Lose: Carl Edwards (AllLeftTurns) The New Kid Has A Bad First Day On The Bus (NothingToxic) Kanye West Apology Generator (Atom)

Indiana Jones

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All Indiana Jones related stories swing with their whip onto this landing page.

What’s On TV Tonight: Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

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Bikinis, babes, beaches, explosions, and multiple partners. Tonight's TV Preview is like Girls Gone Wild as directed by Michael Bay.  CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP   NOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN & PACIFIC!!!


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Network: NBCCast: Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, Danny PudiProducers: Dan HarmonSynopsis: Focuses on a band of misfits, at the center of which is a fast-talkin' lawyer whose degree has been revoked, who form a study group and end up learning a lot more about themselves than they do about their course work.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Actress Nina Dobrev

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Nina Dobrev stars as "Elena Gilbert" in the new show The Vampire Diaries, and guess what? Her character's in love with a vampire.  Dammit, what is wrong with women?!  Why do they find fanged bloodsuckers so damn attractive?  Twilight, True Blood, and now intimate journal entries on the subject.  Most of the girls I know don't even like hickeys on their necks, let alone pustulating fang punctures.  Fine, go fall in love with your vampire, Nina. Take the ridiculous ratings that come with it.  I'll cry salty tears like the mortal I am. Your new boyfriend is incapable of crying, you know.      A word from Nina: "There is something about a man who lurks in the dark."Way to invite the stalkers, Nina.  Like seriously, you can't say stuff like that because stalkers pay very close attention.  Then they pop out the dark, naked; you run away screaming; they get arrested and testify that you…ASKED FOR IT.  And they might have a case.Here's some more of what you're sure to ask for.  Pics after the jump!  

12 Geeky eBay Items Really for Sale

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  If you're into Movie and TV arcana as much as we are, you know there's only one place to find the weirdest, geekiest, most fantastically obscure memorabilia collecting dust in someone's closet. eBay: the auction house for the modern fanboy. We at Screen Junkies decided to investigate some of the cooler/weirder/geekier finds currently available for purchase on the site (at least at the time of this post), and are showing them off to you, the fans.  Consider us your new secret shoppers.  

Giraffe Dies On Set of Kevin James Movie

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Celebricide '09 continues. News has broke that the giraffe that starred in many Toys R Us commercials and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective died unexpectedly on the set of the new Kevin James film, The Zookeeper. Tweet the Giraffe's death came as a shock as the animal was believed to have no known health problems. A federal probe is being conducted to find out if any mistreatment took place. The Zookeeper tells the story of a rotund zookeeper who gets some advice in the romance department from the sassy animals he cares for. Think of it as a more furry Hitch. It's a shame to see another noteworthy actor join the Raul Julia Club of Actors Who Died With Crappy Final Films. (WHDH)40 Bear wants you to read these morning links… Jessica Biel joins A-Team. Rampage puts on his dry humping pants. (Cinema Blend)Galifianakis institutionalized. (Empire)Night of the Living Dead prequel IN 3D. (/Film)Solomon Kane featurette. (Dread Central)Silent Hill 2 coming together. (Latino Review)