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If you didn't know, it's the 25th anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  You can send all of your gifts made of silver to Mirage Studios.  Might I suggest this lovely pendant?Now of course, the big announcement this past week was the new live action feature film.  But you don't have to wait for 2011 to get your dose of Turtle Power. On May 12, Lionsgate is releasing Season 7 of the original TMNT animated series.  Season 7 includes classic episodes like, "Rust Never Sleeps," where the Turtles save the Eiffel Tower, and "Elementary, My Dear Turtles," an offbeat team-up with Sherlock Holmes in London.  It's like a virtual European Turtle Travelogue.  In "shell-ebration" (yes, that's trademarked) of the DVD release, the official site has posted a TMNT sound board widget…


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Indy Mogul posted their new episode of 'Hollywood FX,' which takes us behind the scenes of a company called Amalgamated Dynamics.  A.D.I. is a company formed by a some of Stan Winston's protegés, and they were kind enough to allow Hollywood FX a pretty damn in-depth exposé.  And with that last sentence, this may be the most amount of co-opted French words with accents I've ever posted.  Check out the clip after the jump which includes, as the post's title touts, glimpses at creature FX from Wolverine, Aliens… and a mind-blowing animatronic Gorilla head that will blow your mind all over your face.  Bring handy-wipes for your computer monitor.


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Some new behind-the-scenes footage from The Expendables popped up on the film's official production blog.  It gives us a cool glimpse at Sylvester Stallone as a director.  Marvel as he waves a gun around during a scene's rehearsal, while key crew members cringe for fear of having their heads blown off by a (presumably) prop gun.  There's some 1st A.D. looking fellow who literally drops to the floor at one point.  This reminds me of that great story about Kubrick randomly shooting off a shotgun during the filming of The Shining to keep Shelley Duvall on edge so that it bled into her performance.  That's an epic win for Kubrick.  But that sort of thing is probably frowned upon by SAG these days.  Way to go, unionized labor. *sarcastic celebratory firing of shotgun into the air* Watch the video, which also includes a nice moment in which Stallone refers to an airplane as "sex" incarnate, after the jump.

Sword Fightin’ Morning News

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Michael Bay and McG have been feuding these last few months over who's robot movie will rule the box office this summer. But now /film reports that McG has taken it to a new level. He wants to measure one another's ding-dongs in a public forum. Really, McG?? I expect that kind of thing from Brett Ratner but not from you. Reached for comment, Bay responded, "My boom stick is legendary. Sometimes I use it to floor the accelerator on my Hummer. Talk about horse power! BOOM!" Transformers 2 trailer leaks online and probably on John Turturro as well. (Cinematical) Steve Carrell is being blackmailed. (Cinema Blend) You will not be laughing at Marlon Wayans on purpose this time around. (Latino Review) Ridley Scott is out of ideas. (IESB)Expendables set footage. (Empire)

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Thanks to twitter, we now get more updates about cinematic arcana faster than we could ever dare to dream.  Danny from Totally Rad Show brought this video to the Twittersphere's attention moments earlier. It is a REAL trailer for a REAL movie from 2003 called Tiptoes, starring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale and… well… originally when I started watching this trailer, I got about ten seconds through and, in complete jest, shot back a tweet to @DannyTRS saying 'Gary Oldman plays a convincing dwarf.'  But then I kept watching the trailer and here's the thing: IT IS GARY F**KING OLDMAN AS A DWARF.  The real Gary Oldman.  Commissioner Gordon.  Dracula.  Sid Vicious.  Sirius Black.  That Gary Oldman.  I don't know how they did the effects, but holy crap.  Just watch this trailer after the jump.  It'll warm your heart, but then blow your mind.  Also, it starts out with a scene in which Kate Beckinsale offers to blow Matthew McConaughey, followed by some awesome rock music kicking in to intro the rest of the trailer.


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What Goes Up (formerly Safety Glass), starring Hilary Duff, Olivia Thirlby, Josh Peck (the very under-watched The Wackness), Steve Coogan and Molly Shannon… has a new trailer out today.  Aside from the grating voiceover that makes it sound like a straight to DVD Disney flick, I'm intrigued, thanks largely in part to the solid cast, and the weird looking girls who tell Steve Coogan that they go to class in a shed. WHAT GOES UP opens on Friday, May 29.  Watch the trailer after the jump. 


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When I'm not writing on ScreenJunkies, I write scripts, which means I write scripts about never.  But when I used to have time to write scripts, I became avid reader of successful scribe John August's Blog.  If you don't know John August, he's the dude who wrote Go, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Corpse Bride, the Frankenweenie feature, and others.  I think my favorite thing he's ever written, though, is his blog.  Sort of like how my favorite thing that Stephen King's ever written is his non-fiction On Writing, an exposé into the inner workings of King, the writer.  Anyway, John August has really made his blog into a database of invaluable knowledge for aspiring screenwriters, and he's now started toadd what he's calling a "scriptcast," which is basically an instructional video installment.  His most recent example is called "Entering a Scene," and teaches you how to make a character's entrance more engaging.  More specifically, he chooses to describe a character as having a bolo tie and a walrus-like mustache." A little research will probably uncover that John August and Wilford Brimley share the same agent.  Watch and learn some screenwriting after the jump, if you ever want to work in this town again.


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In a breaking Variety story, 20th Century Fox has brought Oliver Stone back to direct the sequel to his 1987 Wall Street.  Also, there are strong rumors that one Shia LaBeouf is also involved.  Variety says: "LaBeouf is negotiating to join Michael Douglas, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Gordon Gekko in the original pic.  The sequel will once again involve a young Wall Street trader, and the recent economic meltdown spurred by rampant greed and corruption will fit prominently into the plot." All the way back in October, Wall Street Fighter actually called LaBoeuf out as the potential neo-Sheen (that sounds like a leather upholstery cleaner, doesn't it?).  Head on over there for more about that spot on prediction, and some other rumors about the film, pre-Stone.  And if you're feeling greedy today, check out the infamous clip of one Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) preaching the me-first mantra that got us into this economic clusterf**k in the first place.  Yes, I blame the shitty economy on one Michael Douglas.


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Well, we only have a little over a week before JJ Abrams' Star Trek beams into theaters.  The reviews have started rolling in already and critics have cuddled up to the movie like a herd of Tribbles that just don't wanna let go.  But for those of us who haven't seen it yet, the film's marketers are still keeping us alive with drops from the Trek I.V.  Here's a dose, courtesy of the good nurses at IGN:Our focus will be on the following clip, in which Kirk teaches us all how to pick up space chicks, all while having an ugly bar patron acting as uncomfortable intermediary.  We've seen the tail end of it in another clip that's been floating around since early April, but this tells you how Kirk even got to rub shoulders with Uhura.  Watch and learn, ensigns. 

24 Recap: 3am-4am

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Bauer, fresh from a seizure, is getting pumped with drugs to get him back to normal. He barely manages to tell Agent Walker to get an APV out on Tony Almeida, and she puts one out. Cut to Almeida, who walks up to an FBI vehicle, shoots two guys in it, and steals the whip.Bauer returns to a bit of normalcy. "Tony was working with Galvez all along."–"Are you saying that Tony killed Larry?"–"…Yes." Bauer then goes into a self agonizing rant about how it was his fault all this happened. Almeida pulls up to an undisclosed motel. Knocks, and Galvez lets him in. Galvez hands over the canister for money. But as Almeida looks into the backpack with virus box, Galvez pulls a gun. "Who's the buyer?"–"You don't want to do this." Then Almeida chucks the bag at him. A fight ensues. Alemida manages a pretty awesome kick to Galvez's teeth. And then starts suffocating him with the shower curtain, yelling "Where's the canister!"


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This morning, Summit released the new official one-sheet for its upcoming military drama with explosions, The Hurt Locker.  If you haven't seen the trailer, we suggest watching it here.  If you have seen the trailer, check out the still images below.  There's some new stuff, including a look at actor Guy Pearce, who didn't get much screen time in the trailer.                                 

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The Daily Mail reports that armed robbers recently bound and terrorized Dolph Lundgren's wife after breaking into the family's home. However they fled once they realized exactly from whom they were stealing. It is unclear if the thieves left due to fear of ice cold vengeance or due to the almost non-existant resale value of Dolph Lundgren movie memorabilia.Clues surface about Wolverine leak. I think those responsible live in a cold climate. (io9)Mr. T vs. The Nazis. Nice knowing ya, Hans. (Cinema Blend)Baxter Stockman and his Mousers might make their big screen debut. (/film) King of Auto-Tune returns to Soundwave role (UGO) Titans begin their Clash. (Latino Review)


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Yep, it's a bad pun, but I made you look.  The next issue of Italian Vogue has a racy spread with several photos of a very topless Eva Mendes (who they make out to have some kinda foot fetish, too).  Leave it to Italian Vogue to get the scoop over their American counterparts.  It's the sort of twist that really makes me want to see Italian Hitch, Italian Stuck On You and Italian We Own The Night.  You couldn't drag me to Italian Ghost Rider, though.  Not with all the naked Eva Mendes in the world.  Check out the photos below, and while you're at it, visit some of Screenjunkies' link friends.                              Trailer for The Skeptic is why Inside the Actors Studio airs (FilmDrunk)Spike Lee Denies Rift With Kobe (MoondogSports)Whoopie Goldberg Talks To Dinosaurs (SickPigs)Tony Danza Is Just Way Too Cool (Manofest)Plenty Of Hustle And No Flow (Pajiba)Keira Knightley Is Hot (Filmofilia)Heidi Watney Upskirt Pics (BustedCoverage)Christa Cavelli's Spank Bank (GorillaMask)Susan Boyle Makes South Park (IAmBored)The Saddest World Record Attempts (Cracked)Zombie Marriage Counseling (DreadCentral)The Difference Between Swine Flu And A Trip To Mexico (Holytaco)Allison Stokke Is A Hottie (Uncoached)Terminators PG-13 Rating Isn't So Bad (Unreality)Alexander Desplat Scores Twilight Sequel (ThePlaylist)The Molls Show (TomOatmeal)The Hottest Movie Fighter Girlfriends (Chickipedia)Punched In The Skull (NothingToxic)