Whoa. Someone's been tanning!

HBO Is Pursuing Bill Simmons For A TV Show And Other Media For HBO Now

Wednesday, June 17 by

Just keep him away from the programming, unless you want wall-to-wall 80s movies.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.28.20 PM

‘Coach’ Will Return To NBC With All Those Dudes From The Original

Wednesday, June 17 by

Yup. Dauber, Luther, Coach…THE WHOLE GANG.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.25.12 PM

Emma Stone Passed On That Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie

Wednesday, June 17 by

She had franchise burn-out from the recent ‘Spider-Man’


IFC’s ‘The Spoils Before Dying’ Trailer Reveals A Twisty Murder Mystery

Wednesday, June 17 by

Ya dig?


Aaron Paul To Star In Hulu Series Completely Unrelated To ‘Breaking Bad’

Wednesday, June 17 by

Will he be able to shake Jesse Pinkman?


‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ Trailer: The Truth Comes Out

Wednesday, June 17 by

Every dog has his day.


Marvel Congratulates ‘Jurassic World’ With The Best Gift Ever

Wednesday, June 17 by

Now this is a comic I could get into.


Eli Roth Could Direct Giant Shark Movie ‘Meg’

Wednesday, June 17 by

Based on the batsh*t novel of the same name.


Keith Hernandez Is Still Cashing Checks From His ‘Seinfeld’ Appearances

Wednesday, June 17 by

Pretty, pretty good.


Woody Harrelson To Play A Pretty Chill LBJ

Wednesday, June 17 by

President Woody Harrelson. That’d be cool.


Honest Trailers – Toy Story

Tuesday, June 16 by

Pixar’s latest film Inside Out is about to hit theaters, so it’s time to relive the very FIRST Pixar film ever – Toy Story!


Lifetime Giving ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ The Tell-All Treatment

Tuesday, June 16 by

This is going to be creepy and also great.


Waze Now Voiced By ‘The Terminator’

Tuesday, June 16 by

Ah-nold is my co-pilot.


Disney’s Pursuit Of More Money Leads To ‘Maleficent 2′

Tuesday, June 16 by

Will Angelina Jolie return?


Watch Out, Sexy Teens! ‘Halloween Returns’

Tuesday, June 16 by

Get ready for some more of this.


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