Mel Gibson Eyes Mexico for ‘Summer Vacation’

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Last week there was news that Mel Gibson was renting a prison in Veracruz, Mexico for a film project. There were no details at the time but today comes news that film is titled, How I Spent My Summer Vacation. The film will star Gibson as a man who can hear what Mexicans think after an accidental electrocution. Just kidding. They don't have electricity in Mexico. Anyhoo…Gibson will not be directing this one. He will, however, be credited as the writer of the film that is actually about a criminal (Gibson) who is sent to a run-down, dirty Mexican prison where he meets and bonds with a nine-year-old boy. Hold on. They have children in Mexican prisons? Does Roman Polanski know about that? Seems like he could have saved himself a lot of belly aching with that knowledge. (Empire)

Nic Cage Gives It to His Daughter Good in ‘Kick-Ass’ Clip

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  A new character poster and clip from Kick-Ass has been released with Nic Cage as Big Daddy. No, I swear to you he's Big Daddy and not an earless Batman. I don't want to ruin the clip, but Cage engages in a questionable parental practice. However, I'm a firm believer in what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so bring on the violent life lessons! Then bring on these kick-ass links! The Hottest Babes in Christmas Movies (HolyTaco) LeBron James Grabs Quick Snack in Stands (TotalProSports) Hot Facebook Girls Abound (TheChive) '09 Hometown Hotties Winner! (Maxim) WB Cuts Kevin Smith's Dicks Off (FilmDrunk) Underwater Jet Takeoff (SuperTremendous) 10 Best Sci-Fi Flicks of the Aughts (Pajiba) Tiger Woods Diagnosed with Restless 3rd Leg Syndrome (CelebJihad) 12 Memorable Subway Scenes in Movies (Unreality) A Loss in 3D is Still a Loss for Dallas Cowboys (BustedCoverage) Don't Rush in to Marriage (RegretfulMorning) The New Leaked Google Phone (MadeMan) Denny Hamlin's Girlfriend (AllLeftTurns) Man Tasered at Crime Scene (NothingToxic) Find Out the Dirty Secret Behind Avatar (Atom)

What’s On TV Tonight: Monday, December 14th, 2009

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Tonight on TV, embarrassing parents and strippers. In other words, smoke and fire.CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMPNOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN & PACIFIC!!!

‘Gears of War’ Producer Talks Casting

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Screen Junkies caught up with game developer Cliff Bleszinski at Spike's Video Game Awards to discuss Gears of War's jump to the big screen. Len Wiseman has hopped on board to direct the man vs. alien film, but no stars have been attached yet. CliffyB has his own casting ideas that involve a rising action star in the lead and "anyone who can act" as his sidekick. Sorry Rampage Jackson. I guess that discludes you. Check out Bleszinski's dream casting… Cliff Bleszinksi on Casting Gears of War Movie – Watch more Funny VideosWant more video game news? Visit Break's Game Trailer Channel to get your fill of footage.

DVD Review: Inglourious Basterds

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I sat down this weekend to watch Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds again, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time around, I have to say the second time made me love it on a whole new level. Maybe it's because in between chapters I could pause to get a snack, check my email, or shout at the people loitering outside my window. Whatever it was, the film was ultimately more enjoyable. It's even perfectly structured for these kind of A.D.D. breaks. You can watch a self-contained segment, do your thing, and then return to the movie with a full stomach and/or an empty bladder.You can read the original review of the film here, and check out my review of the Inglourious Basterds Special Edition 2-Disc DVD after the jump.

‘Men of a Certain Age’ Actress Patricia De Leon

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After being crowned Miss Panama (1995), Patricia De Leon's career started blossoming, getting breaks hosting Corte del Juez Franco on Azteca TV (a break?), and the Billboard Latino. From her work on Univision, Patricia snatched roles on American TV, including, Lincoln Heights, Cold Case, and Crossing Jordan. Now she's Ray Romano's dream girl on Men of a Certain Age. She's my dream girl in my dreams.A word from Patricia: "I'm Latina."I can see that. Thank you for being Latina, and a damn sexy one at that.Check out more pics of the Latina after the jump.


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Network: TNTCreators: Ray Romano & Mike RoyceCast: Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, Andre BraugherSynopsis: A group of college buddies keep their friendship going long after they've graduated.

MTV Casts ‘Teen Wolf’ Pilot

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Thanks to the maximum abage in New Moon and ironic t-shirts, werewolves are so hot right now. MTV knows this and they're getting in on the trend with their bastardization reimagining of Teen Wolf. Now we have word of the show's casting. Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed and Dylan O'Brien have been cast in the pilot written by Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds). Posey will play a high school dork who develops bizarre transformative powers after being attacked by a wolf. O'Brien is playing his best friend and Reed will play the hot piece barking for his bone. Seventh Heaven's Hoechlin is signed on to play a d*ckhead/evil werewolf. That's all well and good for them but what of Teen Wolf Pug? He should have nailed it in auditions.That's it, fatboy. I'm getting you into the gym. You clearly don't have the abs to be a star… yet. (THR)

‘Prince of Persia’ Sneak Peek

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Last night on the Spike 2009 Video Game Awards, Jake Gyllenhaal stepped out on stage to introduce a one minute sneak peak of his new movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. If you've seen the first trailer, the footage isn't all that exciting. It seems like it was intended for an audience that wouldn't watch or attend the Spike 2009 Video Game Awards because that audience would have most likely seen the first trailer, and they wouldn't appreciate Jake showcasing old footage like it's something to sh*t your pants over. Just saying. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time blows into theaters May 28th, 2010. Don't let any of it get into your butt crack. And check out the sneak peek below.

Will ‘Tron Legacy’ Teaser Be Attached to ‘Avatar?’

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Rumor around them Internets is that we'll be seeing a Tron Legacy teaser sooner than expected. This week, actually if the reports are correct. Here's what a far from credible source had to say on the Tron Sector forum:"I work as a projectionist for a theater and Disney sent us a message that we will be receiving both "new" Alice in Wonderland and Tron Legacy trailers to be played with Avatar."You can't always believe what you read online so take this one with a grain of salt. He could be the same guy who tried to convince me that Samuel L. Jackson's Jedi name was going to be 'Retardo Assman.'It does seem like Tron Legacy is beginning its push. Especially when you consider the images released last week, and AICN's report that a new Tron Legacy image will be unveiled on a West Los Angeles street corner today. Let's hope it's quality. Lord knows that enough unsightly images are unveiled on Los Angeles street corners everyday. (via Cinema Blend)

New ‘The Crazies’ Trailer Looks Certifiable

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I don't know about you, but I think that off-screen guy looks crazy. The new trailer for The Crazies, starring Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell, has mixed into the web like tainted drinking water, and I'm digging the funny taste. We showed you the first trailer a couple months back of the Breck Eisner remake of the cult George Romero film. The new one has plenty shots of Olyphant offering stupified looks and zombie people jumping at the camera while the music goes DUM! As you may or may not choose to remember, Breck Eisner directed the film Sahara starring Matthew "Shirts Iritate My Skin" McConaughey, so while The Crazies may not live up to those terrifying results, it looks scary nonetheless. The film is about the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply. Overall, it sounds like an amalgamation of Erin Brockovich and Christmas dinner at my mom's house.The Crazies infests theaters February 26th. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Photobomb Fridays: The Quick and the Dead + Strippers

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The exotic dancers hid in the covered wagon until the most inappropriate time. 25 Bad Santas (HolyTaco) Soccer Goalie Scores Crazy Goal (TotalProSports) Collection of Things That Are Totally Awesome (TheChive) Hanukkah Hotties (Maxim) The Woman Who Cries After Star Wars (FilmDrunk) 25 Cat Glamour Shots (SuperTremendous) 10 Best Comic Book Movies of the Aughts (Pajiba) Latest Tiger Woods Adultery Stories (CelebJihad) 10 Hilarious 80s Action Movie Villains (Unreality) 5 Greatest Sports Car Crash Videos (Asylum) I Slept with 50 Guys, BF Should Get Over It (RegretfulMorning) How to Start a Winery (MadeMan) Milka, Danica Attending ARCA Test (AllLeftTurns) Angry Chick Keys Ex-Boyfriend's Car (NothingToxic) Celebrity Kung-Fu (Atom)

What’s On TV This Weekend: Friday, December 11th – Sunday, December 13th, 2009

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 My eyes are up here, kid.This weekend, will Dexter Morgan get his man? Will Deb discover her brother's secret?? Will we get more "oh sh*t!" moments???CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMPNOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN & PACIFIC!!!

Stanley Tucci Murders Children! …In This Featurette for ‘The Lovely Bones’

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I love Stanley Tucci, in a completely plutonic way. Would I gently rub his bald head? Of course, but just so I could write the headline "Screen Junkies Rubbed Stanley Tucci's Head!" not because I would gain any sexual pleasure from the act. His performance as Mr. Harvey absolutely MAKES The Lovely Bones worth seeing. I was not a fan of the film overall, as it lacked in story depth and fleshed out character arcs, but I would recommend seeing it solely based on Tucci's chilling performance as Susie Salmon's murderer and griller. He puts a little lemon juice on her, some cracked pepper, she's delicious. Because she's salmon. Get it. Yo, whateva. Check out the featurette after the jump of Tucci discussing the difficulty of emboding the role of a monster such as Mr. Harvey. Oddly enough, he didn't like to think like a child murderer/rapist, but boy oh boy does it come through those blue eye contacts of his.

Sigourney Weaver Spills ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Beans

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While doing press overseas for Avatar, Sigourney Weaver spoke a little bit about the impending Ghostbusters 3. But did she reveal too much?"I’m afraid to say it [Ghostbusters 3] is happening, I hope people are excited about that. I don’t know if I’m going to be in it, I have had a couple of calls asking ‘would you read the script.’  I might be in it; I see nothing wrong with being in it, although I don’t think I will have a big part. I think Bill Murray has a little more to do with it – he’s a ghost."Oh, thanks a lot Ms. Spoilthemovieforeveryoneelseovitch. Are you sure that Bill Murray is a ghost (or even interested)? Because I was recently promised I'd see him as a zombie and that didn't pan out as expected. If he's only wearing a white sheet in this thing, I'm getting my money back. (Channel 4 via AICN)