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Empire has released a picture from the set of Avatar featuring James Cameron and his boom-stick. We're not quite sure what context the photo was taken in. Perhaps he's setting up a shot for his crew or perhaps he's protecting his final cut clause and keeping studio execs at bay. Or… perhaps… THIS IS CGI. OMG it looks so life-like you guys!Empty a clip into these morning links…Coen Brothers serious new movie trailer. (FilmDrunk)The Frenchal Destination poster looks like a Dean Koontz book cover. (Dread Central)Spielberg eyeballs Matt Helm. (Cinematical)Judd Apatow's chick-flick. (Cinema Blend)Heroes Season 4 preview. Meh. (Pajiba)


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A brand new red-band trailer for the Will Ferrell & Adam McKay-produced, Jeremy Piven-starring THE GOODS: LIVE HARD. SELL HARD has arrived on the nets and, boy of boy does she have a f**king mouth on her.  I use the feminine to describe the trailer like one might describe a sailing vessel.  But it also makes it a lot easier to segue into the fact that this trailer has problems keeping her shirt on.  Yes, this one's got boobs aplenty on top of Piven and company's potty mouths.  There's so much big, fake mammarage that I'm forced to put the trailer AFTER the jump, so as not to scar our younger audiences, who shouldn't be watching it in the first place.  (Read: if you're under 17, lie to the computer; it doesn't know, like you're parents don't know you read this site.) Ashley Lowe, Christmas In July (Gorillamask) If State Fair Rides Were Honest (Holytaco) Mormons Fear Hollywood The Most (Filmdrunk) 50 Awesome Meat Products (Manofest) Steampunk Style Pacman Game Is Awesome (Walyou) A Couple Of Little-Known But Well-Loved TV Shows (Pajiba) 5 Things Movie Trailers Need To Stop Doing (Cracked) 12 Girls In Their Underwear Telling Knock-Knock Jokes (Sickpigs) Punchlines To The 100 Most Offensive Jokes Of All Time (Coedmagazine) The Best Celebrity Plastic Surgeries (Celebjihad) The Made Man 2009 Trailblazers (Mademan) Gina Carano Looks And Feels Good (Cagepotato) 13 Child Prodigies To Watch (Unreality) The Best Pinup Posters Of The 1970s (Asylum) If You Waste Beer At A Baseball Game, You Deserve TO Be Hit (Bustedcoverage) Items People Must Have Bought While Drunk Searching Ebay (Uncoached) The 5 Most Expensive US Military Vehicles To Date (Regretfulmorning) The 5 Most Annoying Guys To Play NCAA 10 With (Bachelorguy) Prostitutes Feeling Economic Crunch (Moondogsports) A Unicycle Destroys An Escalator (Nothingtoxic) Seeing Old School Friends, Almost As Awkward As High School (Atomfilms)


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Director: Neal BrennanCast: Jeremy Piven, Ed Helms, Ving Rhames, James Brolin, Kathryn HahnSynopsis: Used-car liquidator Don Ready is hired by a flailing auto dealership to turn their Fourth of July sale into a majorly profitable event.

‘Cleveland Show’ @ Comic Con: Recap and Interview With Star Mike Henry

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CLEVELAND FROM FAMILY GUY – Watch more Funny VideosThe panel for the "The Family Guy" spinoff "The Cleveland Show" didn’t have as much hype as the panels that were premiering big movie trailers or had anything remotely to do with either Lost or Twilight.  What it did bring, however, was laughs, and lots of them.  Instead of rambling, the group of panelists, which included Seth Macfarlane, Mike Henry, Jamie Kennedy, and the rest of the principal cast, let the show speak for itself, showing an extended clip of the pilot and a clip of an episode airing in December…


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Parasites, terrorism, beauty pageants, cat suits, and child actors. Tonight's TV viewing options sum up Florida perfectly.FIND OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMPNOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN AND PACIFIC!!!


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 Family Guy supporting character Cleveland Brown leaves Quahog with his son Cleveland Jr. for his hometown, where he reconnects with his high school flame and starts a new life with a new family. Cast: Mike Henry, Jamie Kennedy, Seth Macfarlane Network: FOX Airs: September 27th, 2009; Sundays @ 8:30 PM

Jessi Klein from ‘Michael and Michael Have Issues’

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I understand that there's a natural skepiticism when one is informed of a both funny and hot woman; theoretically, the two cannot exist together, as it defies all common logic.  But make no mistake: Jessi Klein is both hot and funny.  She's been doing standup and clip shows for quite some time, and is now not only writing, but acting as the show-within-a-show's producer, Marla, on "Michael And Michael Have Issues."  Meanwhile, I'm still trying to hire a team of scientists  that will tell me how she is biologically possible. A word from Jessi: "When I meet a guy for the first time, I have no problem with his eyes wandering south for a second to check out my rack—that’s when I steal a glance at the little slip of landscape peeking out from the collar of his shirt. Is it heavily forested, gently grassy, or just a desert-like stretch of flesh, with nary a hair in sight to provide shade?" What a very fair way to handle that situation.  Check out some classy (meaning with clothing, because she respects herself) photos and some of Jessi's standup routine after the jump!


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Over the past decade, reality shows have taken over the airwaves. Some are genuine and engaging. Others are exploitative and sink to new lows never experienced previously on television. In honor of More To Love, FOX's new big person dating show, we've put together a list of reality shows that have pushed the boundaries of good taste whether with their content or their marketing. Take a look at the tastless, mean, and misunderstood.  WHO'S YOUR DADDY?


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Astro Boy is rocket-booting its way toward an October release and I couldn't be more excited. I've been searching for an awesome robot fix since The Iron Giant and The Day The Earth Stood Still just didn't cut muster. So I say hurry up October! Anyhow, we've got 6 sweet-looking new stills that offer first looks at a few of the film's characters including Dr. Tenma, President Stone, and Dr. Elefun (voiced by Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, and Bill Nighy respectively). The official site also offers an interactive timeline which traces Astro Boy's 60 year history. Check out the pics after the jump, including one of Astro Boy enjoying the android version of a golden shower.Don Cheadle talks War Machine. (Latino Review)Rats of NIMH remake infesting theaters. (MTV)Ninja Assassin poster is all kinds of ninja-y. (First Showing)Timothy Olyphant is a Lawman once again. (TV Squad)FAN-MADE: Ghostbusters 1954. (io9) CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!


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To Whoever Shut Down The Halo Film:I had my sneaking suspicions before, but now I can safely say that you are all complete idiots.  Let me make one thing clear: I have yet to actually read why you shut down the Peter Jackson-produced and Neill Blomkamp-directed adaptation of the popular video game franchise Halo.  I believe I read at one point that it was something related to money.  I find this funny, because it seems like if you had just made the movie, it would have made tons of money.  More money than you could ever imagine…


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Channing Tatum in RTÉ.ies Exclusive G.I. Joe- Rise of Cobra C – Watch more Funny Videos A new scene from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has appeared over at Coming Soon and it's generous to say that the movie looks like a steaming pile. First up, General Hawk approaches his shirtless soldiers to remind them (and us) that they are the best except for the "comic" relief guy (hint: the one that used to be on "In Living Color"). "You scored in the top half-percent of all people we ever tested." In all fairness, we only tested you two. From there it plays out like a flirtation scene from every Saved By The Bell episode. In this version, Duke is Zack, Rip is Slater, Scarlett is Jessie, and Dustin Diamond is still a poor man's Corey Feldman.These links will not urinate all over your childhood memories… Aida Iveliz Hangs Out At The Hot Tub (Gorillamask)Mike Vick's Prison Haikus (Holytaco)Ryan Gosling Fills Gas Can, Poses For Philanthropic Photo (Filmdrunk)25 Rare (And Awesome) Star Wars Photos (Manofest)Awesome 3D Robot Greeting Cards (Walyou)Ben Affleck Squares Off Against Jon Hamm (Pajiba)7 High Tech Products And Their Cheap Ingredients (Cracked)Madonna Might Have The Scariest Arms In The History Of Arms (Celebjihad)5 Gadgets To Make You Faster (Mademan)Josh Barnett Caught With Roids For Third Time (Cagepotato)Why Olivia Munn Is An Evil Genius (Unrealitymag)How To Buy Your Lady A Vibrator (Asylum)Spilled Beer = Death For Phillies Fans (Bustedcoverage)10 Mike Vick Signs That Should Be On Television This Season (Uncoached)Scoring Chicks At  A Bar: Skill Or Simple Math? (Regretfulmorning)An Open Letter To Megan Fox About A Day Without Megan Fox (Bachelorguy)Steroids Or Gambling, Cheating Is Cheating (Moondogsports)


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Pornography, grand larceny, double-talking, dismemberment, and stretch marks. In other words, an average Tuesday for Mickey Rourke. Here's your guide to tonight's television.FIND OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMPNOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN AND PACIFIC!!!


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Fellow Junkies, Comic-Con has come and gone, as has Screen Junkies from San Diego.  It was our first ever trip down to Comic-Con and it will not be our last, but we learned a lot.  Mostly, we learned that you have to surrender to the fact that you can't cover EVERYTHING at Comic-Con.  Here's everything we DID cover:   AVATAR Video clips of James Cameron speaking about AVATAR just moments after having unveiled 25-minutes of the film to Hall H @ Comic-Con.    


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EXTRACT Panel @ Comic-Con Pt. 1 – Watch Movie Trailers After the promising SOLOMON KANE presentation in Hall H, the crowd at Comic-Con was buzzing for geek legend Mike Judge to make a return to his OFFICE SPACE form with his latest flick, EXTRACT.  He was joined on stage by cast members Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis, as well.  Comedienne du jour Kristen Wiig could not make it because of filming commitments in New Mexico.  To Bateman's credit, he was running on an hour's worth of sleep, having just wrapped on the same shoot at 5am, which, it's safe to say, is Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Greg Mottola's alien comedy PAUL…


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Alright, I'll admit, when I think of what alien-themed Summer flick our reader's will appreciate hearing about, I don't jump to Aliens in the Attic, I think of District 9.  However, having been lucky enough to have seen District 9 (review coming soon), I can note that the movie has a distinct lack of hot young Disney stars.  Aliens in the Attic, on the other hand, has the beautiful Ashley Tisdale.  The High School Musical actress seems to be keeping close to the kids movie/Disney path, so we can't expect to see her in any badass action films like District 9 just yet, but isn't her squeaky clean demeanor part of her appeal?A word from Ashley: "My agent didn`t want me on Disney because I`m older. But honestly, I`m not ready for older roles yet, or even the things older girls do. I am still young."Don't worry, we checked, and she's chronologically old enough for us to recommend that you check out more hot photos of Ashley after the jump!