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Director: Russell MulcahyCast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Vinnie JonesSynopsis: Jack Conway (Jones) and Derek Chase (Van Damme) are the two best assassins in the world — but unknown to each other. While Conway is a master sharpshooter, Chase is equally skilled with a knife. These two rival assassins form an uneasy alliance to take down the head of a drug cartel, which is backed by the DEA.

Dancing With the Stars’ Cheryl Burke

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Well, a ton of TV shows are about to cool it for the summer, but Screenjunkies wanted to heat things back up a little, so this week, we're honoring our favorite dancing girls from this season of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." Today's girl is Cheryl Burke, came to "Dancing with the Stars" in Season 2, and has never left, becoming the show's first two-time champ with partners Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith (in Seasons 2 and 3, respectively). Random Quote: "I want kids or women out there to realize you don't have to be anorexic to be beautiful. There's a lot of pressure living this Hollywood life."Let this be a lesson to everyone.  You don't have to have an eating disorder.  You just need to dance non-stop. Check out the photos Cheryl after the jump or these other Dancing with the Stars Chicks: Kym Johnson, Julianna Hough, Karina Smirnoff

MTV Movie Awards Promo With Anne Hathaway and Andy Samberg

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Andy Samberg & Anne Hathaway MTV Promo – Watch more Movie TrailersBefore, there was "Slaughter Shack."  Now, the 2009 MTV Movie Awards proudly presents Andy Samberg and Anne Hathaway in the Hallmark Movie of the Week-like™ film "Evenings with Ms. Eloise." Anne Hathaway proves herself to be a comic equal to Samberg, but looks way hotter in drag here. Like I said before, I may hate everything about the actual awards ceremony, but damned if they don't make funny promos and intersitials to go with 'em.


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This morning, posted a mega gallery of images from the upcoming Disney-Pixar already-looks-like-an-Oscar-win-is-locked feature, Up, featuring the voices of veterans Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer and newcomer Joseph Nagai.  We have a bunch of them here, so click, click, and away…         


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A new clip from Rian Johnson's The Brothers Bloom was released today.  In our last installment, we got to see Rachel Weisz's card skills.  In this one, we get to see Adrien Brody's lack of bicycling skills, as he flies down a steep decline and narrowly avoids missing Rachel and her Lamborghini.  Granted, he meant to do it.  It's all part of an elaborate scheme to grift Weisz's character. Watch the clip after the jump, and don't try this at home.  Screenjunkies is seeing The Brothers Bloom tonight and will have a full report when we're allowed.  The film officially opens May 29th.


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Down below we have the trailer for Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, the movie that dares ask 'What would happen if a giant octopus fought a mega shark?' The trailer features the colossal sea creatures attacking submarines, boats, oil rigs, jets, commercial flights, and San Francisco. And Earth's only hope is Lorenzo Lamas. *Sigh* Maybe it's not too late to strike some kind of deal with Giant Octopus.   Here are your other morning headlines: Hulu too good to be true. (NY Mag) Aziz Ansari calls out Digital IMAX. (/Film) MTV Movie Awards presenters announced. (MTV) Trek writers explain lack of Shatner. (io9) Where The Wild Things Blog (Latino Review)

Cheryl Burke

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Where The Wild Things Are Scare – Watch more Movie Trailers /Film posted this video of Spike Jonze scaring the ever loving crap out of a child while wearing a Where the Wild Things Are suit that's like the cheap department store Santa equivalent of the Wild Things from the film.  Still, I'd be scared if my Dad were running around the house wearing this.  Then again, I was scared sh*tless of Michael Jackson in "Thriller" when I was that age.  Maybe that was just good sense. Check this junk out: The 10 Coolest TV Characters Of All Time (Pajiba) Packers And Bengals On The Rebound (MoonDogSports) HumpDay Is All About Humping Chicks (FilmDrunk) London Harts Spank Bank (GorillaMask) The Tale of Ol' Stanky (Sick Pigs) 5 Bastardizations Of Wikipedia (Cracked) Call Of Duty Movie? (Filmofilia) Roger Avary Directs Silent Hill 2 (DreadCentral) Abstinence Rock Music (HolyTaco) Bert Blyleven Eats Worms (BustedCoverage) Real Girls Are Always The Hottest (Uncoached) Vicious Knockout Cagematch (NothingToxic) Bruckheimer Talks Prince Of Persia (Unreality) Here Come The Basterds (ThePlaylist) 70s Jesus Is Priceless (TomOatmeal) Sexy Babes From South Of The Border (Chickipedia)

Monday Afternoon Link Dump

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The 10 Coolest TV Characters Of All Time (Pajiba)Packers And Bengals On The Rebound (MoonDogSports)HumpDay Is All About Humping Chicks (FilmDrunk)London Harts Spank Bank (GorillaMask)5 Bastardizations Of Wikipedia (Cracked)Call Of Duty Movie? (Filmofilia)


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Not since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' "Coming Out of Their Shells" Tour has Pizza Hut delivered such a powerhouse promotional tie in.  Today, on the 'Hut's website, those bros at Warners posted a new 5-minute Terminator Salvation featurette that shows you the anatomy of a scene in which Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) and Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) blow the ever loving crap out of a combo 7-Eleven/Gas Station (and probably all the Terminator Salvation promotional Slurpee crazy straws within it). The best part is the interview with Special Effects Supervisor Michael Meinardus, who's supporting himself on crutches.  The dude looks like he injured himself jumping off his Harley to punch a T-800 in its exo-skull.  Check out the insightful and ass-kicking sequence – brought to you by Pizza Hut – after the jump.  [via /Film]


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In an interview with MTV, Judd Apatow spills the beans that his upcoming film Funny People will include scenes and "marketing materials" for a bunch of fake movies in which Adam Sandler's character George Simmons stars.  It's a conceit that worked really well in Tropic Thunder, with the inspired trailers for such high concept spoofs as Scorcher, The Fatties: Fart 2 and Satan's Alley (all three of which you can see after the jump, along with a short list of faux-films within the world of Funny People.


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The new trailer for Gamer, Neveldine & Taylor's answer to Running Man, Death Race and The Matrix is out now.  The film stars Gerard Butler as a death row inmate named Kabel, who's become an unwitting pawn in a multi-player simulation game called "Slayers," created by evil genius Michael C. Hall (TV's Dexter).  We know where this is going, but Neveldine/Taylor always seem to find a way to increase the A.D.D. appeal in ways never thought possible.  The film also stars Amber Valetta, Ludacris, John Leguizmo and Terry Crews (The Expendables & Terminator Salvation).   Check it out after the jump if you're still even reading this.


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In an effort to further remove all suspense from Terminator Salvation, Warner Brothers has released 59 new photos from the upcoming release. I swear we'll have seen every frame of this film before it hits theaters. Anyway, I've decided to post the most surprising of all.Apparently we were fools to ever have trusted Vicki the Robot.See the rest of the pics at /Film.And here are some more morning headlines.As his star rises, Joel McHale's aspirations do not. (Cinema Blend) Common to be horribly miscast as B.A. Baracus? (Movie Hole)Willie probes ALF a la David Lynch. (Warming Glow)What the world needs more than anything right now is another dull and uninspired H2 poster. (Filmofilia)A LOST movie could happen. But probably won't. But it could. (Latino Review)


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According to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily, Paramount's Star Trek pulled in $26 million on saturday, a 9% increase from Friday's box office.  The studio is reportedly confident that the totals for the film, including the Thursday night previews, will reach $75 million.  Not quite as big as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but one would have to think Star Trek's gonna outlast its mutant rival if the reviews mean anything.   In any case, it's another success for JJ Abrams to celebrate. In tribute to Mr. Abrams, here's a video from the Fine Brothers that posits what would happen if Trek met Lost.  See the rest of the weekend Box Office Estimates after the jump:

‘Motherlover’ SNL Digital Short

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Happy Mother's Day from those SNL Dicks in a Box, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake.  (Featuring Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson.)