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Sadomasochism, a dead moon, spawn, super smart horses, and Mark Wahlberg. Tonight's TV Preview contains plot elements from the next Stephen Sommers movie.   CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP   NOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN AND PACIFIC!!


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Danielle Harris has been a part of the Halloween family since Halloween 4, and this Friday she's back playing Annie Brackett in Halloween II.  Confused?  Don't be!  We're not messing with the space-time continuum, we're talking about a remake.  (That's why two precedes four in this blurb).  You may also remember Danielle as a little kid in the show "Roseanne."  She was in the episode where Roseanne said something pithy and nasally and then ate her.    A word from Danielle: "A lot of directors want you to rehearse, and I’m kind of anti-rehearsal." We feel ya.  It TOTALLY messes with the give and take between two consumate professional actors.  The best blood curdling screams come when you see the knife in the moment.  Check out the pics of Danielle after the jump.


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We're entering the dog days of summer and that means one thing, horror movie season is about to begin. Between now and late October we'll see a slew of horror flicks all featuring sweet young ladies alone in the dark.Here's a look at twelve actresses that we think have promising futures as Scream Queens… and a survey after that to determine who you guys think will rule the kingdom of horror for years to come. 


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We're entering the dog days of summer and that means one thing, horror movie season is about to begin. Between now and late October we'll see a slew of horror flicks all featuring sweet young ladies alone in the dark. Here's a look at twelve actresses that we think have promising futures as Scream Queens… and a survey after that to determine who you guys think will rule the kingdom of horror for years to come.    


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At any given time Twentieth Century Fox has at least four X-Men movies in development. As of right now they are working on a Wolverine sequel, a Deadpool spin-off, How The Blob Got His Groove Back, Yo, Juggernaut!, X-Men: First Class, and the long-rumored X-Men Origins: Magneto. Now MTV caught up with David Goyer and he mentioned that things may be moving forward with the tale of a young Magneto. He also noted that the studio is interested in bringing more Origins to the screen. This doesn't sit well with me for fear of X over-exposure. Why must Fox run everything into the ground? My only requests are that they are careful when choosing directors and no matter what, no matter how tempting it may be. Do not cast any more Black Eyed Peas.These links won't funk with your heart… Hancock 2: Hancockier. (Empire)Mila Kunis dashes our hopes and dreams. (Cinema Blend)Behind the scenes footage of The Final Destination. (Dread Central)Steven Seagal: Lawman being sued already. (Reuters)Patton Oswalt talks Big Fan. (Latino Review)The Making of The Goonies. (/Film)


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The new teaser trailer for INCEPTION, Christopher Nolan's follow-up to THE DARK KNIGHT, has hit the 'nets today after playing in front of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (for some of us).  Being that it's a teaser and all, we don't get much in the ways of plot, but we do get to see how Nolan's toying with gravity and balance, which is the same thing that a giant bowl of unfiltered sake on a Friday night in L.A.'s Koreatown will toy with as well.  But only one of these things will end with a karaoke rendition of Sisqo's "The Thong Song."  Had Brett Ratner directed INCEPTION, things might be different.   Watch the trailer after the jump.  But in the meantime, enjoy 'deeeeeeeez liiiiiinks: Ashley Gets Down Lowe (and half naked) (Gorillamask) How Ghetto Is Your City? A do-it-yourself formula! (Holytaco) Bioshock Gets New Director (Filmdrunk) 10 Hottest Celeb Side boobs (Manofest) Steampunk Xbox 360 Mod Offers Vintage Finish (Walyou) Who Wants Another X-Files Movie? Not Me (Pajiba) 6 Bullshit Facts About Psychology (Cracked) 60 Scrum-tious Rugby Cheerleaders (Coedmagazine) The Fat Albert Prison Rape Episode (Maxim) Dark Knight Behind The Scenes Exclusive (Celebjihad) Write Your Special Lady A Love Song (Mademan) From Writer To Fighter (Cagepotato) From Movies To Paperback Books (Unreality) Beer Shotgum Attempt Ends In Vomit (Regretfulmorning) Clash Over The Flick 'Commando' Gets Heated (Asylum) D-Cups And Sports Events Don't Mix (Bustedcoverage) Nebraska Themed Hot Huskers In Hot Water (Moondogsports) Two Families Pick E.R. For Convenient Fight (Nothingtoxic) Filthy Fairies And Musical Mayhem (Atomfilms) Alba And Segal Are Finally Together In 'Machete' (Filmofilia)


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 Director: Christopher NolanCast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Ken WatanabeSynopsis: A contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.


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Petty crime, murder, woman's underwear, an unbelievable investigation, and ninjas. Tonight's TV Preview reads like the final hours of David Carradine. CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP NOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN AND PACIFIC!!!


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Scout Taylor-Compton is back as Laurie Strode in Halloween II this Friday, and we have a feeling that Michael Myers is going to be pretty pissed about that.  Scout did a great job portraying an ungrateful little sister in the first, what's that bullsh*t industry term again? Oh yes, "reimagining."  And we're sure she'll have even more opportunities in the "reimagined sequel" to show her homicidal older brother just how much she hates his company.      A word from Scout: "Howie Mandel is hilarious. He’s funny even when he’s not trying. I mean he could be talking about a Hershey bar and it would crack you up." You don't have to tell us that, Scout.  We've watched Little Monsters so many times the VHS tape is worn out.  So now we have plenty of time to ogle more pics of you after the jump!


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This year marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, and the self-absorbed Baby Boomer nostalgia surrounding this “milestone” is enough to make the ghost of John Bonham vomit. To hear it described now, Woodstock was an event of biblical proportions where, somehow, almost a half-million people came together and peacefully co-existed…for three whole days! I’d like to point out that this happens everyday in Kansas City, MO, except with running water and an adequate amount of toilets. In an attempt to cash in on the anniversary, Universal Pictures is releasing Taking Woodstock, a film that chronicles the origins of this overrated historical footnote. Instead of watching this pandering nostalgia porn, I’ll be dropping acid (starting now) and watching these 5 Hippie Movies That Don’t Suck. Now, I should warn you that my landlord’s dog thinks I missed the point of most of these movies, but I think he’s just jealous because my baseball cap turned out to be rainbows. Oh God. STOP SHOUTING!  

Steven Seagal Stars in Reality Show ‘Lawman’

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Steven Seagal- Lawman- Coming Soon – Watch more Funny VideosThe gods have been kind to us today. Here we have a first look at the new A&E reality series Steven Seagal: Lawman. Now that he's run out of C-Level rappers to co-star with, Seagal has been moonlighting with a New Orleans Sheriff's Department between film roles. And this fall we get to go on a ride along. Although the show is probably heavily staged, it's still more exciting than the alternative idea they were tossing around, Steven Seagal: Catsitter. You can take these links to the bank. THE BLOOD BANK.  Zach Galifianakis goes to Dinner with Schmucks. (Empire) Supernatural Season 5 preview. (Dread Central) Shuttah Island gets pushed bahck. (Reuters) 30 Rock pornocized. (TV Squad) The many hairstyles of Nic Cage: A Celebration. (Latino Review)


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The Aikido-master holds down the law in Parish County, New Orleans.


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Hey look! A guy in a Bumblebee costume speaking Spanish.  No, not the one you're thinking of.  This is mucho, mucho mejor. [via]


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YOUTH IN REVOLT Trailer – Watch more Funny VideosI knew he had it in him.  I knew it!  FINALLY, Michael Cera stars in a movie and… plays a different character than the one he's been playing in every movie prior.  The above trailer from YOUTH IN REVOLT proves it. And not only does Cera play another character, but he plays TWO characters who interact with each other.  Look out, Hollywood!  I can see it now!  Billboards touting Cera as "the white Eddie Murphy!"  Interviews in which Cera switches dramatic personae on a dime! Pictures of Cera on with mac paint semen dripping out of his mouth!  Michael Cera, welcome to the A- List.And welcome to Screen Junkies, A-List Links below:Tiffany Selby Splashin' In The Water (Gorillamask) The Best NFL Rap Videos Of All Time (Holytaco) Five Minutes Of Heaven With Liam Neeson (Filmdrunk) Tarantino Movie Babes Collection Is Full Of Babes (Manofest) Turn Your Mac Into A Fish Tank (Walyou) Lessons From College-Themed Movies (Pajiba) Don't Travel To Places With Culture-Bound Syndromes (Cracked) Miss Universe '09 Girls In Bikinis (Coedmagazine) Police Academy's 'Motormouth' Jones Is Still Making Noise (Heeb) Jan Terri Produces Worst Music Video Ever (Sickpigs) Lindsay Lohan Looks Like Brett Michaels (Celebjihad) Pressure Point Kill Guide T-Shirt (Mademan) Caption Contest: Win Tickets To UFC 102 (Cagepotato) There's A Point When Anime Boobs Get Too Big (Unreality) She Can Hide A Hammer In Her Bra (Regretfulmorning) Stripper On A The NYC Subway (Asylum) Hooters Bikini Car Wash In The Show Me State (Bustedcoverage) Google Search Results Are Craaaaazy (Uncoached) Andrea Garcia Is Muy Caliente! (Moondogsports) The Word Of The Day Is Sh*tfaced (Atomfilms) "9" Talismans And First TV Spots (Filmofilia)

Youth in Revolt

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Director: Miguel ArtetaCast: Michael Cera, Rooney Mara, Justin Long, Steve Buscemi, Zach Galifianakis