J.J. Abrams Will Not Direct ‘Mission: Impossible IV’

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Paramount Home Entertainment put on a huge bash at L.A.'s Griffith Observatory to celebrate the release of Star Trek on DVD and Blu-ray and Screen Junkies caught up with J.J. Abrams on the black carpet. When asked if he would return for another impossible mission with Tom Cruise, Abrams indicated that he will serve as producer but has another film he's helming that will interfere with him directing another Mission: Impossible.“The one I’m directing hopefully next year, I’m just in the early stages of that or middle of that, which is probably going to preclude my availability for doing Mission,” Abrams said. “Although I so love what the script is, what the story is. Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec are writing a script and they’re doing an amazing job so I’m already sort of envious of whoever ends up directing that movie.”Don't feel too bad J.J.. I'm sure there are people out there that are jealous of Felicity. Somewhere.

At Home with English – Part 1

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This public access show out of Austin, TX was intended as an instructional video for non-English speakers. I speak English and find it confusing. And why is there a drunk man in his house?I link you to these links so you can be linked. 7 Untelevised Football Sideline Moments (HolyTaco) How To Destroy A National Anthem (TotalProSports) Jackasses Who Shave Their Eyebrows (TheChive) Twilight Fans Love Signs (FilmDrunk) 25 Funniest Kitten Photos (SuperTremendous) Movies about "The Last…" (Pajiba) What if Celebrities Were Fat (CelebJihad) Hooters Dad Goes Bust (Asylum) Sammy Sosa's Face Celebrates Birthday (BustedCoverage) Russian Guy Destroyed by Seesaw (RegretfulMorning) Foods That Slow Aging (MadeMan) Paul Medard, Your Destiny Awaits (AllLeftTurns)

Jeff Bridges Rides The Dusty Trail to Oscar Bait In ‘Crazy Heart’

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Jeff Bridges may soon be able to wipe away the stigma of "Four Time Academy Award NOMINEE" from his title and add the coveted "Academy Award Winner." The trailer for Crazy Heart gives him a role as strong as Mickey Rourke's in The Wrestler, but replaces bright spandex with a good 'ol fashioned gee-tar. The Dude plays Bad Blake, a broke down country music singer looking to find salvation with the help of a journalist (instead of stripper this time) played by I-look-like-a-sad-turtle Maggie Gyllenhaal. As Blake and the turtle struggle down the road of redemption, they learn profound things about  each other and themselves, and it changes their perception of the future. Basically.Check out the trailer after the jump.

Crazy Heart

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Director: Scott CooperCast: Jeff Bridges; Maggie Gyllenhaal; Robert Duvall; Colin FarrellSynopsis: Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer who's had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. And yet, Bad can’t help but reach for salvation with the help of Jean (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a journalist who discovers the real man behind the musician.

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7 Untelevised Football Sideline Moments (HolyTaco)How To Destroy A National Anthem (TotalProSports)Jackasses Who Shave Their Eyebrows (TheChive)Twilight Fans Love Signs (FilmDrunk)25 Funniest Kitten Photos (SuperTremendous)

What’s On TV Tonight: Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

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After tonight's episode of Melrose Place, it will be perfectly acceptable to call Heather Locklear a bitch again.  CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP NOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN & PACIFIC!!!

Bob Saget Explores Strange Things for A&E Reality Series

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A&E has just shook hands with the Devil and hired Bob Saget to host the show Bob Saget's Strange Days (working title). In the reality series, Saget will travel the country exploring strange American subcultures. Detroit isn't yet on the docket…But everything from mail order brides to a survivalist cult prepping for the end of the world is fair game. There's also mention of visiting a fraternity, which in the scheme of things doesn't seem all that interesting, but you know how Bob likes himself some young ladies. I bet he'll drink those frat boys under the table and then stick it to all their sorority girlfriends. You go, Danny Tanner. You go. (THR)

More ‘Spider-Man 4′ Bull-Hooey

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I turned out to be right when I reported last week that Rachel McAdams was definitely cast as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 maybe. Today comes word from the actress that it is nothing more than an Internet rumor:“That’s a total rumor, I have to say,” the actress, who will next be seen in the Dec. 25 action-adventure tentpole Sherlock Holmes, tells EW. “I was hanging out in Toronto the other day and someone came up to me and said, ‘I just heard you’re doing Spider-Man 4.' And I said, ‘Really? No one told me!’ It’s not true.” A rep for Sony Pictures concurs: “It’s an Internet rumor, as so many things are these days.”See? So I was totally right possibly. But wait! There's more vague rumors surrounding the picture. A casting call for an adorable red-headed toddler went out yesterday leading many to speculate that Mary Jane Watson will be a mommy in the sequel. Whether the kid has any relation to Peter Parker remains to be seen. Casting will be difficult. They want a child who has both red hair and is adorable? Good luck dudes.(Entertainment Weekly)

‘New Moon’ Actress Noot Seear

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Noot. Hehehe. What a silly name. It works in Aliens, but makes me giggle in the real world. Noot (hehehe, stop it!) is another model turned actress, and she's busting her career wide open by playing Heidi in New Moon. We'll see if she's got the goods, in an acting sense, by her ability to deliver more than a pouty expression.A word from Noot: "I think there’s something about flying that heightens emotion, because I was literally crying the whole way through each of those books."Of course flying heightens emotions. That's why (I've heard) sex in an airplane bathroom totally rocks. So put down your damn tween novel and go join the Mile High Club. Earns your wings by checking out more pics after the jump.

‘Demonic Toys 2′ Trailer

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  Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos Finally the trailer for the sequel to Demonic Toys has hit! The footage for Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons puts Avatar to shame. Who needs blue mutant cat people when you've got the dynamic duo of zombie baby and psycho jack in the box clown? James Cameron, hang your head in shame.Synopsis:

Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons

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Dr. Lorca from Hideous! (Michael Citrini) is back and is continuing to collect strange odditites, along with the help of Caitlin (Alli Kinzel) and her boyfriend David (Lane Compton).

Joe Wright Directing ‘Hanna’

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Period drama director Joe Wright is tucking away his Jane Austen boner for his next project. Focus Features is in talks with Wright to have him helm Hanna: an action-adventure-thriller that centers around a teenage assassin.Hanna is a 14 year-old Eastern European girl who was bred by the CIA to be a cold-blooded killer. After befriending a French family, she must fight to escape her grim destiny. Pffft. Teenagers. They have zero work ethic. "You are not going to the mall until you garrote the Prime Minister of Chechnya, young lady."  (First Showing)  

‘Bitch Slap’ Trailer Promises Plenty of Cleavage Blood

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Bitch Slap is Quentin Tarantino's wet dream. It's a post-modern, thinking man’s throwback to the “B” Movie/Exploitation films of the 1950’s – 70’s, as well as a loving, sly parody of the same. Basically there are breasts, bombs, and bullets. Need more? Then get out of my house. Check out the trailer. Bitch Slap Trailer – Watch more Movie TrailersThen bitch slap these links. What Your Haircut Really Says About You (HolyTaco) Elizabeth Lambert is Looking for a Date (TotalProSports) Ed Hardy D-Bags (TheChive) Best Nickelback Cover of All Time (FilmDrunk) 15 Amazing Two-Headed Animals (SuperTremendous) Greatest Villains Portrayed by Comedians (Pajiba) Carrie Prejean Has a Whole Lotta Sex Tapes (CelebJihad) 10 Kick Ass Video Game Clowns (Unreality) Viagra Desserts are Delicious (Asylum) Jets-Raiders Chick Fight Because of the Face Kick (BustedCoverage) Japanese Blowup Doll Wrestling (RegretfulMorning) The Physics of Superheroes (MadeMan) Stewart Calls Earnhardt 'No Talent S.O.B.' (AllLeftTurns) Jamaican Catfight (NothingToxic) Intercourse with a Vampire (Atom)

RIP Ken Ober

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Comedian/actor/game-show host Ken Ober has passed away. At first the news was dismissed as rumor but now reports are coming in that the 52 year old died from a heart attack over the weekend. Best known as the creator and host of MTV's late 1980s game-show Remote Control, Ober worked in recent years as a producer/writer for New Adventures of Old Christine, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and Mind of Mencia.Having had the good fortune of working for Ken a few years back I can attest to his kindness and class. Rest in peace, Ken. You were always sweet and supportive. Television and I are better for having known you. (NY Times)

What’s On TV Tonight: Monday, November 16th, 2009

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Tonight on Gossip Girl, uber-nutjob Lady Gaga cameos. I'll be so bummed if she doesn't wear her Kermit dress. CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP NOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN & PACIFIC!!!