Tom Cruise Loooves Holding Women Hostage in New ‘Knight & Day’ Trailer

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The new trailer for Knight & Day gives us a better look at Tom Cruise going batcrap crazy and kidnapping Cameron Diaz. In the trailer, he's described as being mentally unstable, violent and dangerous, and having suffered a full-blown break with reality. Yet, Cameron Diaz still eats up the attention. That's such a crock. Whenever I like a girl and cling to her windshield as she speeds down the expessway, the authorities are brought in and my parent's have to move again. But Johnny Handsome here does the same thing and it's considered a meet cute. Maybe my standards are out of whack. I should pursue someone closer to my own age. Like Katherine Heigl. Watch Cruise save Cameron from the forces of Peter Sarsgaard after the jump.

Will Smith Willingly Attached to Independence Day Sequels?

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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and DJ Jazzy Jeff before a show on the mothership. Back in November we reported that Roland Emmerich wanted to do two Independence Day sequels back-to-back. We laughed at the idea and made fun of his German accent as we reenacted his interview to MTV, but now we might have to wipe a whole lotta sauerkraut off our faces because Will Smith bitch-slapped us with his recent attachment to the projects.According to IESB, Smith is on board for both sequels, possibly titled ID4-Ever Part I and Part II, a delicious pun that I hope never changes. Emmerich stated in the previous interview that the story would again be set on Earth, and the reason for two movies is that he wants "to do a bigger story arc." If I had it my way, Part II would consist entirely of Bill Pullman shooting confused looks at the rest of the ensemble cast and then delivering one ridiculously long-winded monologue before ACTUAL Randy Quaid flies off in a jet to fight aliens. Now if we can somehow invent the technology to scoop images directly out of Randy's brain they wouldn't have to shoot even a single frame. It's practically the only thing the man thinks about these days.

Brad Fuller Talks ‘Elm Street’, Future of Platinum Dunes

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Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form have cultivated a career remaking horror films under the tutelage of Michael Bay. Remaking a film beloved by fans is always a risky maneuver, unless it's an all-child version of Scarface. Platinum Dunes has drawn the ire of fan boys and horror zealots with their take on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. They're next effort, A Nightmare on Elm Street, is already being maligned. With that in mind they've decided to change their game by stepping away from ruining childhoods and move into ruining graphic novels. Fuller tells Dread Central:"The studio has decided to move forward and look for new types of material, which is how we got involved with Existence 2.0. I love action-y type material, and these graphic novels had that feel to them. Our writers are currently working on the script for that project.”Does that mean they are done with horror entirely? More after the jump.

Sherlock Holmes Stunt School

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Stunt Schooled – Watch more Funny VideosIf you've been wondering how Robert Downey Jr. delivered those painful blows in the opening sequence of Sherlock Holmes then look no further than this video. Eric Oram, fight consultant for the film, takes you step-by-step through the process of deafening someone, jamming their windpipe, breaking their ribs, and shattering their kneecap. All fake of course, but still badass. Don't try this on your little brother.  But feel free to try these links at home.Bryan Singer to Produce X-Men: First Class (Moviefone)Junk Food May Be As Addictive As Crack (Asylum)Ricky Martin is Officially Gay (PopEater)25 Awesome Rage Guy Cartoons (HolyTaco)M. Night Thought 'Twilight' Was Perfect (FilmDrunk)5 Awesome Chatroulette Music Videos (Unreality)19 Players Ejected from Bench-Clearing Brawl (TotalProSports)The Art of the Prank (Maxim)Freak Show All-Stars (Smosh)Mila Kunis Shows Some Serious Cleavage (CelebJihad)UFC 115 May Be Headed to Cincinnati (CagePotato)5 Best Time Travel Movies (Pajiba)An Outrageous Sitcom Parody (Atom)20 Songs To Have Sex To (MadeMan)25 WTF NASCAR Photos (AllLeftTurns)

AMC Orders ‘The Walking Dead’ to Series

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Back in January we reported that AMC had greenlighted the pilot for "The Walking Dead", and now the network has ordered six episodes while the pilot is still in the casting stages. These six episodes will complete the first season, an order that might not seem sufficient for fans of the graphic novel, but we shouldn't bite the brains that feed us.The biggest of those brains belongs to Frank Darabont, who wrote and directed the pilot, and who will serve as executive producer of the series. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the graphic novel, will also serve as executive producer along with Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, and Charles Eglee, who was a writer on "Dexter." "The Walking Dead" is set to premiere in October 2010 during AMC's Fearfest (formally MonsterFest), the network's annual marathon of thriller and horror films. (THR)


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DIRECTOR: Frank Darabont; variousCAST: TBDSYNOPSIS: Zombies.

‘Godzilla’ Rises From the Depths Once Again

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Legendary Pictures is gearing up for an American remake of Godzilla, the well-known monster most famous for destroying Tokyo more times than panty-sharking. This seems like a bad idea. Roland Emmerich's attempt to bring Toho's monster to American shores was terribly goofy and has really soured the public's need to see another film. For that reason, Legendary wants to make it clear that this movie will not be a sequel to that movie. It will be a re-imagining of the Japanese Godzilla films, but I'm still hesitant to trust–Wait what's this?Oh, okay. That's adorable. I can't stay mad at him now. Post-convert it to 3D and bring it on Legendary!

‘Iron Man 2′ TV Spot Shows Off Speaking Roles

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This one's for all of you losers who went out Saturday night and missed "Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards". Your incessant need to beer bong and talk to women almost prevented you from seeing this Iron Man 2 TV spot featuring footage unseen heretofore. This new spot shows off Scarlett Johannson's talent for saying words and reveals that her character doesn't have the Russian accent she was expected to have. Up until now, I didn't even notice she hadn't talked in the previous ads. Between that and Don Cheadle's little moment, I guess the intent is to remind the public that there are actors in this movie amongst all the CGI. Also note that there is zero footage of Mickey Rourke as villain Whiplash in this spot. Test groups show that Mickey Rourke doesn't chart well with the youth demographic. Something about him being "scary" and "murder eyes." All that can be changed though by casting him as a rough around the edges babysitter who also is a spy. It's your move FOX. Watch the spot after the jump.

‘Brothers’ Caption Contest Winners!

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And the winning captions are…"It's alright, I would never tell your wife what we do to stay warm.""If this Prince of Persia gig doesn't work out I might need to crash at your place.""At least you got Spider-man. I had to settle for Aquaman on Entourage.""Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.""I was only kidding about your sister. Let go of my neck."You guys really went hard with the Brokeback Mountain jokes, obviously.The winners will receive Brothers on their choice of either Blu Ray or DVD.Thanks to everyone who posted on the Screen Junkies Facebook wall. You guys came up with some great/sick stuff. We're concerned about most of your mental conditions.Brothers is available on Blu Ray and DVD today.

‘Gossip Girl’ Actress Leighton Meester

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Leighton Meester plays a bad teen on TV's Gossip Girl, but in real life she's just your average prudish twenty-something. At least that's what all the quotes from her say. This seems perfectly believable if you forget that she has a sex tape. A word from Leighton: "When you move from Florida to New York, you're in for a big shock." I know, right?! You can get a pastrami sandwich any time of the night! But other than that they're almost exactly the same. See more of how innocent Leighton is after the jump.

Scarface School Play

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Someone sent Break this elementary school production of Scarface. I have no idea what district would allow such explicit material to be portrayed by children, or why they used popcorn instead of cocaine, but I wish my old school was this cool. My guess is some drama teacher got his pink slip and said, "F*ck it, I'm puttin' on Scarface." Then before the administrators knew it, Tony Montana was dead face down in a hot tub and parents were clapping from sheer confusion.  Check out the coolest school production ever below.

‘The Hobbit’ Delayed Yet Again

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Fantasy movie-making BFF's (big fat fatties) Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro have been been delayed further in their attempts to bring The Hobbit to cineplexes. Filming was slated to begin in June but has now been pushed back toward the end of the year. This push will probably jeopardize plans for the film's late 2012 release. cites the on-going money troubles over at the co-producing MGM as the reason for the delay and until they pull themselves out of debt, this film will not be receiving a greenlight.Personally I wish they'd hurry the hell up. I'd really like to be able to leave my house but I look ridiculous in this Gandalf costume that I was accidentally stitched into. (The Playlist)

David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen Back for ‘Eastern Promises 2′

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Citing the lack of buck naked knife fights in recent films, David Cronenberg has reteamed with his muse Viggo Mortensen once more for a sequel to the 2007 film Eastern Promises. Steve Knight, who wrote the original as well as David Fincher's upcoming Pawn Sacrifice, has finished the script and Cronenberg is scheduled to begin filming next winter after he and Mortensen wrap The Talking Cure.At this time it is unknown if Naomi Watts and Viggo's manhood will reprise their roles but we should hope that Mortensen's package makes another appearance, because it was by far and away the breakout star of the original. Perhaps there's room for a naked rake fight in the script. (Deadline)

The Long National Wait Is Over; ‘Battlefield Earth’ Screenwriter Apologizes

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We all know that Battlefield Earth is bad. Like, worse than stuff on Fox Family bad. In fact, it won the "Worst Movie of the Decade" Razzie this month. An award that screenwriter J.D. Shapiro showed up to pick up in person. In today's New York Post, Shapiro wrote an apology that's ten years overdue. Think of all the people who went to their graves without this much-needed mea culpa. He also provided some backstory to explain how the turd was squeezed onto screens. Naturally, his penis is to blame:It started, as so many of my choices do, with my Willy Wonker. It was 1994, and I had read an article in Premiere magazine saying that the Celebrity Center, the Scientology epicenter in Los Angeles, was a great place to meet women.So a grown man who refers to his penis as his Willy Wonker wanted to get some crazy tail and as a result was hired to write a $100 million movie. And that led to Forest Whitaker wearing dreadlocks and Travolta talking like a castmember of Zoobilee Zoo. Hooray for Hollywood.You can read Shapiro's full piece at the NY Post. But be warned, you'll have to grit your teeth and suffer through his jokes. They're worse than ours.

Time Runs Out for ’24′

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Jack didn't take it very well.FOX has decided to pull the plug on 24 after eight seasons. Climbing budgets, declining ratings, and writers being unable to figure out what the hell is left for Jack Bauer to save are the main reasons the show will air its final episode in May. NBC flirted with the idea of picking up 24 next season but after their accountants crunched the numbers they realized the content wasn't worth the cheddar.There's still the possibility of a 24 feature film that would take Jack Bauer to Europe, but there's also the possibility of an Arrested Development movie, and we all know how sluggishly that's been making its adaptation. I enjoyed 24 a great deal in its earlier years, but quickly got tired of the same "Tell me where the bomb is!" storyline week after week after week after week. It had a good run. I'm glad they're ending it before it jumps a terrorist shark strapped to the gills with C4. (THR)