Disney Reloads ‘Tron Legacy’ Writers for Sequel

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It took Disney 28 years to sequelize Tron and, now, negative nine months to start work on a third film. Tron Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have been hired to write another sequel with the intention to round out the story as a trilogy. At this point, it's not known if director Joseph Kosinski or the film's stars will return. It's also not known whether the movie deserves a sequel. Though that's never stopped anyone before.I'm looking at you Resident Evil. (THR)

Seth MacFarlane Brainstorming Session

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UPDATE: Apologies, but I was forced to remove this due to copyright issues. You can check out the original article at Cracked HERE, which delves deeper into MacFarlane's process.

‘Dinner For Schmucks’ Trailer

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The trailer for the Steve Carell/Paul Rudd comedic romp Dinner for Schmucks has hit the Netz. It's directed by Jay Roach of Meet the Parents/Fockers fame, and Austin Powers in Goldmember infamy. The film tells the story of a rising executive who “succeeds” in finding the perfect guest, an IRS employee, for his boss’s monthly event, a so-called “dinner for idiots,” which offers certain advantages to the exec who shows up with the biggest buffoon.

Akiva Goldsman Recycling ‘The Toxic Avenger’

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Troma's The Toxic Avenger film is a cult hit about a 98-lb weakling who mutates into a misshapen hulk after falling into a vat of toxic waste. He uses his newfound strength to rip evil-doers limb from limb and then sodomize them with said limbs. Today comes news that Akiva Goldsman has picked up the rights to remake The Toxic Avenger without including any of those good parts.The new Toxie will be a green superhero who embarks on PG-13 adventures. Which means instead of introducing a thug's head to his sphincter, he will now introduce thugs to brochures about recycling and Al Gore documentaries. (Deadline)

Death Star Memorial

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‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Trailer, Now with Quicker Cuts

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This updated trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Street played before Clash of the Titans this weekend. It has a tiny bit of new footage in it, mostly of Aaron Yoo playing the same character he did in Disturbia, Friday the 13th, and 21. The number of cuts in this trailer have also been increased, bringing about a greater sense of uneasiness. Frankly I thought the glove with the razer sharp blades gave me goosebumps just fine. The glove and Aaron Yoo. Check out the more kinetic trailer after the jump.

Hugh Jackman Works Blue with Balls in Peter Farrelly’s Upcoming Short

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Sometimes I feel like Hugh Jackman extracts his life-force from gay jokes. Between all the song and dance and now this casting announcement, it has to be the only explanation.In Peter Farrelly's upcoming anthology film, titled Untitled Comedy, Jackman will play a bachelor on a date with Kate Winslet. Kate has a hard time concentrating during the social call as Jackman's character has testicles attached to his chin. Nice work, guys. 1999 is laughing its ass off. The short segment, known as The Catch, is just one of several sketches that populate the film.Now that Jackman and "balls on chin" are forever wed in Google bliss, it's a good thing he didn't star in Brokeback Mountain. The combined might of those gay jokes could cause him to go supernova and destroy us all. FLAME ON! (Digital Spy)

Olivia Thirlby Joins ‘The Darkest Hour’

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Olivia Thirlby seems ready to break away from her moody indie roots. The star of The Wackness, Juno, and movies I rent accidentally on Netflix has just been cast in Chris Gorak's The Dark Hour. In the film, she'll play an American traveller in Moscow when aliens invade unexpectedly. Thirlby will fight for survival alongside other tourists in the sci-fi epic from the production designer turned director. Between all the random attacks and driving on the wrong side of the road, it doesn't sound that much different than a trip to Detroit.Filming will begin this summer in Moscow at producer Timur Bekmambetov's custom-built production facility where film shoots you. (THR)

‘Ca$h’ Trailer Serves Up Double Bean

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Two scoops of vanilla Sean Bean? Yes please! The trailer for Ca$h features Sean Bean as two brothers: one evil, one more evil. More Evil Bean tells Evil Bean that he dropped a briefcase full of stolen cheddar over a bridge right before the cops nabbed him. Now Evil Bean has to find the unlucky couple (Chris Hemsworth & Victoria Profeta) who thought they were pretty damn lucky when spending the dough on new couches and Range Rovers. A whirlwind ride ensues as Evil Bean forces the couple to knock over liquor stores and banks in order to pay him back the money they stole from More Evil Bean.  The film is directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson, who directed gritty South Central way back in 1992. Looks like some of that same grit worked itself into the crevices of Ca$h. Check out the trailer after the jump. Ca$h kicks theater doors in this Friday.

‘Date Night’ Actress Katie Gill

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Even though Katie Gill is fairly new to the acting game, she's been on all three "CSIs". That's a lot of hip procedural drama and Who music to have on one person's resume. A word from Katie: "CSI: NY is my favorite."You picked Sinise over Caruso?! For shaaaame. I bet Caruso would have something clever to say about this, but I have neither the time nor the patience to come up with it.Take off your sunglasses to check out the pics after the jump.

Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are The Same Person

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Square jaws, impeccable scruff, squinty eyes, and mussed hair. It's a David Cronenberg film come to life.

Ty Burrell Greases Up for ‘Butter’ Farce

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"She's anatomically perfect and she's all mine."Modern Family's Ty Burrell is in final negotiations to star in Butter, a satire about the cut-throat world of competitive butter sculpting. The movie, which also stars Jennifer Garner as his glory-seeking wife, is actually an allegory for the 2008 Presidential primaries with Burrell appearing as a Bill Clinton parody who is forced to step down from his position of butter sculpting champ.Wait. A movie that makes you look smart while you secretly daydream about the creamy taste of fresh butter? Brett Ratner is going to get soooo laid on date night. (Variety)

’12 Angry Men’ with Hot Chicks

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12 Angry Men with Hot Chicks – Watch more Funny Videos

‘National Treasure 3′ Drafts ‘Prince of Persia’ Writing Duo

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It looks like Jerry Bruckheimer has found a kinship with writers Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. The pair wrote his next two blockbusters, Prince of Persia and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and now he has them on the hook to write a third National Treasure film for director Jon Turteltaub.When reached for fictional comment, not-real Jerry Bruckheimer had this to say:"The National Treasure films have always displayed a reckless abandon for all semblance of reality. After seeing how Carlo and Doug laughed in the face of physics and history with their other works, Jon and I knew they were the d-bags for the job. It also helps that they can't capture the way people actually talk."No plot specifics have been released yet but we'll keep you posted on Nicolas Cage's hunt for William Henry Harrison's gold or whatever it turns out to be.In the interest of full disclosure, I made that earlier quote up. (Coming Soon)

The Matrix Grants Neo Dope Skillz

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